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Fabius Bile: Manflayer

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Most 40k stories feature some form of heroism, at least the chance for redemption, and indeed, the want for it.

Not this one, characters that are gleefully evil and have neither issue nor pause in that evil, on the one hand, it's interesting to take a walk on the other side of things, but I've always enjoyed the complexities of evil.  Something (and I do stress the thing part of that word) that has no compunction about what it does or why it does it, something that has almost scientific curiosity as to what it's doing, without any of the remorse for what it does to those that it experiments on, this is a difficult thing to get inside the head of, but this book does it.

If you're looking for a regular story of war and conquest amongst the stars, with bold soldiers willing to give everything for what they've been told is what the universe needs, this is not it.  If you're willing to take a look over the edge of loyalty and honour and see what lies on the other side....

You may find something of interest in this.
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Fabius Bile: Manflayer is everything I wanted in a story about an arch-villain of the WH40k universe - it let me into Bile's head without making him sympathetic or reasonable, showed flashes of insanity and brilliance, and was all in all a very enjoyable read.  I would recommend reading the other two in the trilogy before hand; you can solo this book, but there are enough call-backs that getting the whole picture is well worth it.
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Warhammer books always delivers big time! Such a massive universe from which you could expand and build and be creative in every possible way. I like the story of this book and the characters were great as well! I don't thing it's possible to read all Warhammer because there is so much of them, but I would recommend to read as much as you can!
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Whilst I really do enjoy books about the enemies of the master of mankind I usually find some empathy for the characters (even the night lords) but with Fabius I can honestly say I really don’t like him and keep reading the books to see the end of him, that rant aside the Fabius books are highly entertaining and an excellent read
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