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This was a slow burn for me, and while I truly enjoyed the book once I finished, I found the pace rather slow.

In this story, Louise is recovering from a hit and run that left her bound to her apartment and delayed the trip to Chile she had been looking forward to for months. As she recovers from the accident, she decides to fix her apartment. Her social worker puts her in touch with Edward, who comes over to paint her kitchen and help her fix up the place. As they spend time together, they build up a friendship that convinces Louise that they were meant to meet each other, yet she can't shake the feeling that something is amiss. Both Louise and Edward have secrets, and as they grow closer, they must decide if they can confide in the other and let the burden of their mistakes affect their newfound friendship.

The premise of the book was interesting, and I enjoyed getting to know Louise and Andrew. Their relationship starts as a mere business transaction and it develops into a blooming friendship as they start to spend time together. I found this part of the plot engaging, and I liked how Louise was vulnerable and open to getting to know Edward during such a hard time in her life. I found Louise likable and was rooting for her to accomplish her dreams as she talked about them. She was a great character with depth and found her as a great main character. However, I felt that the plot was disorganized. Some parts of the story we're introduced to have never been mentioned again, and at some points, the pace of the book was too slow for my liking.
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Alright...three star ratings are not something that I give out lightly. I have to have really not enjoyed something to give it that rating or lower. That was not the case with this book though. 

Lou has a terrible accident. An accident that she can't really remember, but does recall small new details daily. This accident has left her confined to her house when she's usually has a very active life style. At the suggestion of her sister she hires someone to come and give her home a lift. That's when she meets Ed. 

Ed and Lou both harbor their own potentially damaging secrets. Each carries a burden of something they feel is inexcusably their fault. Each one has lived their life repenting since and will continue to do so unless they are able to forgive themselves. Will the budding romance between them be enough to dispel the weight of these secrets? You will have to read and see.

I absolutely loved the story this book contained. I would recommend it if asked, but I am so confused and a little angry about the ending that it did change what I would rate it. I was left with a million questions not to mention the fact that I still have no idea what happened. It really needed at least one more chapter explaining how the ending came to fruition. Other than that I really enjoyed this book.
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So much suspense in this one. It had me hanging on the edge of my seat . I connected with the characters and twists I didnt know where coming suprised me.
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Excitement ebbed and flowed as some parts were more interesting than the others. 
The twist in the book was quite unexpected and was the only place that evoked a reaction in me. The characters were developed well as if they were waiting for me to read them. 
Slower than the pace I was used to, the book became more gripping in the latter half as their pasts were unfurled. An okay read
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I Let Him In was my first thriller from Jill Childs and I found it very entertaining. Although the pace is a bit slow, I didn't mind it at all because it gave us a chance to really get to know Louise and the people in her life. I was constantly wondering where this would go and did not expect the ending that came. I was not expecting the way the story turned towards the end at all and I both loved and hated it. It made me sad because it was not the ending I was hoping for but I did find it quite fitting and beautiful in a lot of ways. It was a very different ending than any other thriller I've ever read. I thought all of the characters were really great and this held a lot of intrigue for me. Overall, I really enjoyed this and look forward to more from Jill Childs.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this early release in exchange for my honest review. It was published August 2021.
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This was a great read - it kept me on the edge of my seat until the last page.  The characters draw you in and the plot is fast paced.  I really enjoyed it and looking forward to recommending to friends.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was so unique and I genuinely did not know what to expect. The ending was so unexpected but brilliant. I highly recommend this book
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This is an interesting read. The characters are good as is the premise. The pacing is a tad slow, especially at the beginning. Then we have that ending which takes the book from a domestic drama to science fiction maybe?? It’s a head scratcher and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It has me thinking though and that’s something. This was my first by this author and will likely check out the next. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and Bookouture for a copy in exchange for a review.
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Compelling, engaging and heart-wrenching, this book grabbed me from the very first page and wouldn't let go.
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I am sorry to say I was expecting more from this book. I wanted to know what was behind all secrets. But unfortunately the answers were left somewhere...or I understand evrything wrong. I immagine it works for someone better. 

Thank you To Netgalley and Bookoure for this arc.
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Following a hit and run accident, Louisa is left nursing a broken leg and the prospect of being stuck at home alone. Whilst the police try to investigate who was driving the car, Tanya, a victim support worker, visits Louisa at home. It transpires that Tanya has a good friend Ed, who is a painter and decorator and Louisa accepts the recommendation and invites him to decorate for her whilst she is off.

The pair soon find a connection when it emerges they both have secrets hidden from their past.  They begin to open up to each other but a spanner is thrown into the works when Louisa attends the court hearing of the person charged with the hit and run incident, resulting in a prison sentence.

I loved this book for the first 85%- great suspense with twists along the way. However the final 15% really was not my cup of tea and left me very disappounted.
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This is going to be a different kind of review. And as I explain, I hope people understand why. 
First things first. I could not have read this at a timelier point. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say any of this, but I will try to keep it somewhat vague so as not to give anything away. 
Right now, there is tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan. I’m not going to get political (because it would be easy to do) but I will say that it all didn’t have to happen the way it is happening. 
The current situation makes Ed’s memories in this story all the more poignant – for so many reasons. They were actually the hardest parts to read, because those are scenes that have been replayed countless times over the past 20 years. 
For me, that added to the poignancy of the story. Regardless of what really happened to Ed and why he did the things he did, it brought home once again how dire the situation is, and always has been, in Afghanistan. 
In an odd twist of life, I also happened to finish the book just as I received word that a close friend had passed away. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, but it was sudden. 
Again, with me in that mindset, this story took on a totally different tone for me. 
Your loved ones never leave you whether you know it or not. It’s never too late to do the right thing. Closure is a vital part of any situation you find yourself in. 
I’m sure the author didn’t set out to write something that was utterly thought-provoking, so to back up a bit, this is a cracking good psychological thriller. 
Only, who is the psychological victim. Louise…or the reader?
Even taking what I said out of the equation, this was still a great book that kept me guessing. And I do think that was entirely intentional. What parts of life are real, and what parts are figments of imagination? Can you imagine something that you didn’t know existed?
The author goes some place that I’m sure several readers may find confusing. I could see where it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. 
But for me, and the mindset I was in as I read, it was a great reminder to keep an open mind to the mysteries of life. We never know why things happen the way that they do…and sometimes that is okay, because there are things that are much bigger than we could imagine. 
A different type of review, for a different type of book. I definitely recommend this one.
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A really unusual book, a bit of genre hopping and a mix of slow burn and race!

I found this really exciting to read and I really enjoyed the way I could not stop to feel comfortable with the pace before it changed again.
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Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review.

This is without doubt a unusual read where the genre seems to switch and leave you feeling confused.

However this is a great read that’s compelling original and unpredictable.

Thought provoking and makes you question what you would do.

A frank and insightful read about humans and all that makes us who we are .

Published 17th August
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Louise is hit by a car when cycling home after an argunment with her boyfriend. Her broken leg forces her to stay at home and she decides to redecorate so that she has some company. She feels a connection with Ed but both are hiding secrets about their pasts...
I Let Him In is described as a domestic drama but is so much more than that! It appears to have a mystery at its heart: who was driving the car that hit Louise? Was it deliberate? I had several theories about who could have been responsible and what their motivation was.
However this book completely surprised me...
The pace is reasonably slow as Louise recovers from her injuries and begins a friendship with decorator Ed. Things step up a gear halfway through when they both reveal the secrets that have got in the way of their previous relationships. My heart was breaking for both of them suffering alone for so long and I felt delighted that they had finally found someone to trust.
I was enjoying this book as a gentle romance and a mystery concerning Louise's accident. However, the last quarter of the book blew me away with the plot twists. My jaw literally dropped and I devoured the pages as the book raced towards its conclusion. The final pages saw me sobbing and even now writing this review my eyes are filling with tears thinking of the beautiful ending.
I Let Him In was so much more than I expected!
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When Louise is in a hit and run cycling back from her boyfriends apartment, she finds she will be laid up for quite sometime. She is then hooked up with Ed a handyman from a Victims Support Group. The story is told from different POV's and the book had a surprising end. I enjoyed it and I encourage everyone to pick this up!
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Louise had broken up with her boyfriend and is cycling home when she becomes the victim of a hit and run that leaves her with a broken leg. When she meets Tanya from Victim Support, she arranged Ed to come and paint her flat whilst she is recuperating. Ed and Lou both have secrets that they are covering up and slowly start to bond over those, much to the disgust of Lou's ex and the surprise of her sister Jo and niece Mia. As well as all this, there is still an ongoing investigation into who hit Lou that night and when the culprit is arrested, the story takes a turn that I did not see coming.
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A scary yet fascinating read about a woman that chooses to tell her darkest secret to her caretaker in the aftermath of an accident. It shows just how precarious the appearance of a stable life can be!
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Wow. I haven't been this upset after reading a book in a long time and by upset, I mean completely and utterly let down. This book was amazing at first, so much so that I couldn't put it down. Then the ending comes and completely ruins it all. Where are our answers? I'll write a better review once I've recovered from this huge disappointment.
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Decent book until the ending. Then, it just got so ridiculously stupid, I regretted the hours I spent reading. I wouldn’t waste time or money on this.
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