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I highly recommend this book and author. Russian mafia, human trafficking and romance. What's not to love? flew through it in one day!
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An island summer is the perfect summer read. Helena Halme is an excellent writer and I loved reading this book because it gave me all the beachy, summer feels. We are in the middle of a pandemic so this book provided the perfect escapism for those, who like me, can't go to the beach or on holidays.
Something that i really loved about this book is the mix of romance and mystery. I think it was pretty balanced and I loved both elements because they created an unique story. Alicia's character is really complex and well written and the relationship with her ex husband, Liam and her family is really good. There are some heavy topics in this book but i think the author handled those really well and the execution was perfect. The plotlines were easy to follow and the mystery was solved in a satisfactory way. I can't recommend this book enough because it was a solid installment!
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this was such a fun little read! i liked to learn about these characters . and the town! omg. so cute! i'm super pumped to read more in the future for sure!!!!!
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An Island Summer is the first Helena Hamle book I have read, but it won't be the last. It is book IV in her Love on the Island series, so I will be going back to begin with Book I.

As the book opens, Andrei has just received  a letter notifying him of the accidental death of his brother, Daniel. Daniel was recruited to work in Finland as a summer laborer; however his letters had stopped months ago. Andrei has decided to try to find the truth about his brother's death.

As he investigates, Andrei meets Frida, a young lady who knew Daniel well. He'll discover a shocking truth, and maybe find love, along with answers.

I very much enjoyed this book, and  I read it in one sitting.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves women's fiction, with a touch of romance and mystery.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received an invitation to review this title from Helena Helena Halme, as well as a free digital copy of the book from Net Galley. 

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An Island Summer by Helena Halme was not my cup of tea.  There were a lot of characters ( none of which were appealing ), the story jumped around a lot and was very hard to follow.  Since this was the first in the series that I have read I don't know if it would have been a smoother read if I had read the previous books.  I found the book very depressing including the location.  Just not my cup of tea !
Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this book.
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This is my first experience reading something by Ms. Halme, so I was not sure what to expect. This is the fourth book in the series and although from my experience it can be read as a standalone, after reading this I would love to go back and read the previous books I've missed. This book had a good storyline and kept my interest all the way through. It's a story about three women from different generations and how they deal with and overcome the various challenges that life sends their way. They deal with change, loss, and love, and become stronger for having gone through it all. The intrigue,  suspense and drama all kept me engaged and turing the pages till the end. The characters were realistic and endearing and I enjoyed getting to know them. A very enjoyable story, and I look forward to reading more by this author. 

I received a complimentary advanced reader's copy from Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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This book is the most perfect holiday read. 
I have read other books by this author and this one touches on a serious  issue of human trafficking. It is a well plotted book and still has the beauty of the Aland Islands, despite the dark thread running through it. 
It is a gripping read and I found myself just lost in the drama. I read it in one sitting and have recommended this book to my book club.
I do  think you need to read the first books of the series just to get a feel for the characters and their lives. An intriguing delightful read.
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This is the first book I have read by Helena Halme.  There are a lot of plots and twists going on in this book. I loved all the romance and stories within the 3 sets of man characters. Andrei and single mom Frida, Hilda and Leo and the love triangle between Alicia and Patrick and Liam.

The farm manager seems to always find low cost help for the potatoes farm. Now that Alicia's step father past away she is left to run the farm. The story is pretty much about human trafficking  and labor trafficking  that was going on , on the potato farm .  How it started and how it was found out about. There are times while reading this story your heart melts, hurts and anger rises.

This is book 4 in there series and while it is considered a stand alone,  I would have loved to have read the other 3 books first so I would have had a better understanding of what was going on. There is 73 short chapters in this book which bounced back and forth between the stories characters that it was really confusing for me in the beginning and took me awhile to get into the story.

To be honest I almost didn't finish reading An Island Summer as it was just a bit aggravating with all the short chapters. I would just be understanding what was going on and on to next chapter which  would bounce back to a storyline from before.

I did keep pushing myself to continue and I am glad I did , as I did enjoy this book once I could keep track of the characters. I do plan on reading the first 3 books of the series to help understand the story a bit better.
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I requested this book without realizing it was part of a series. I was reading along and started to feel like there was a way bigger backstory that I wasn’t privy too.
I went to Goodreads to look, thinking maybe this was book two in a series and I might be able to get myself on track with what happened before. But this is the fourth book in a series.
I really am not someone who can just jump into a series. I feel like I’m missing something.
I read the first six chapters, about 10 percent into this book and I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure out what happened before.
It’s not fair for me to stick with this one. The fact that I can’t get into a series without starting at book one would keep me confused and unfairly affect my rating. That’s not fair to the author.

This book does sound quite intriguing. I loved the setting and was already a fan of the characters. There’s drama about a mysterious death, potential love triangles, and a heartbroken girl starting to feel something again but possibly for the most surprising man.
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I'm new to this author and series.  While I understand that this book can be read as a standalone,  it did take some time to understand who was whom and how they were related or knew each other.  The story switches perspectives often so it took more focus to figure the relationships out.  That didn't matter though as the book is very interesting and pulls you in.  The drama of the mystery and romance, along with the trafficking/slavery, keeps the reader turning the page to discover what happens next.  I look forward to reading more from this author!

A big thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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An engaging book! I truly enjoyed the depth of the character development and the ease and believability of the dialogue.
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This story will hook you from the get go. Such intriguing characters that make you want to know more.. The characters intertwined with each other and told one heck of a tale. you can read it as a stand alone, but reading the other books helps you to know all of what is going on. Worth the read!
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An Island Summer was a delight to get to read! 
Thank you NetGalley, BooksGoSocial and Helena for.the chance to read this beautiful book!.

I wished I could have read the first three books. Because its honestly a peeve of mine! 
I've got to read books in order if they are a set. But I.didn't get the chance to do that. 
And I feel like you don't have to read them in order. Or at least I feel like I didn't miss anything.

But this was such an outstanding book! I was drawn in immediately and hooked. 
The Characters were just amazing, realistic and flawed! 
When I say I read this in one sitting I literally read it in one sitting! 
Halme's writing is spectacular, and this Lamont of the reasons I enjoyed the book so much!

Now I've gotta get on the ball.and read the ones before this one. 

Thank you again for the amazing opportunity to read this amazing book!
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I absolutely love this series of stories from Aland by Helena Halme. 
This one although part of the series, seems to be a standalone and attempts to explain why things are happening and tract back to the original story to wrap up the series which basically focuses on the lives of three women, Single mom Frida, whose baby's daddy, Daniel has died; farmworker Alicia and her ongoing involvement in a love triangle with Liam and Patrick, and Romanian farmer Andrei, who wants to know how his younger brother Daniel, died. 
There is much drama, conflict, and suspense to have the reader invested from the very first word right through to the end.
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I almost have up as it took some getting into. I'm glad I didn't. A great story. I just felt cheated as, in my opinion, it finished to early!! Would read more if her books as I liked the setting and learning about a new country
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Will definitely be looking our for more of this author's books. Set on the Åland Islands between Finland and Sweden. Andrei goes there to try and find out what really happened to his brother Daniel as he doesn't believe his death was an accident. It opens up a lot of questions people don't want answered.
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This was a combo of one of those beach novel & a small town mystery book.  It was a bit fluffy with some parts I thought I could skim, but then others I really had to pay attention.  Relationships went every each way in this novel so that was a bit confusing.
 However, I just had to know what happens. Is this part of a series?
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I was drawn in in the first chapter. I haven’t read the other 3 books in this series but I don’t feel you need to (even though I will be). My only problem was some of the language that I don’t know, but I kind of skipped over and went on with the story. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. It was a great couple of hours of escape
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An interesting story revolving around 3 women in the islands up in northern Sweden and Finland. Hard to put this one down, although at times I had to struggle to keep track of who was who. Minor overall though, and highly recommend this book and author. Russian mafia, human trafficking and romance. What's not to love?
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