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As an educator, leader of staff, and parent, I was curious to pick up this book and see what I could learn, particularly about someone I know with a diagnosis and someone who is in the testing process. There's certainly a lot to learn in the book, from the history of dyslexia, through to a greater understanding of dyslexia and language, and then the creative intelligence and strengths of those with dyslexia. In this, it highlights some of the celebrities that have it, as a way of providing an understanding of the creativity of people with dyslexia. I would definitely recommend this to someone with dyslexia or the parent or boss of someone with dyslexia. Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a small book, and a very quick read, but it does pack a LOT into it! Having read COUNTLESS book on Dyslexia, as far as teaching, and helping my daughter, I feel like we know how they will be, before we open the book! But this book? Nope- totally different. It is refreshing to hear someone say, maybe what works with other kids will NOT work with your kid. 

There is a spectrum of Dyslexia, and your kid may never get spelling down, but could still be the smartest kid in the class. Maybe tradition ed is not for your child- maybe they are such a visual learner that Unschooling is the best approach for them. It literally is mind blowing to hear what I have SEEN, for the first time. Most educational books about kids with dyslexia, still want to force them into a traditional box. But as the author says, that's trying to force a square peg into a round hole. You may get one side, but it will never truly fit.

While the author is in Ireland, he does offer some good learning techniques that can be learned universally, and offers suggestions for finding the right educational path for your child.  If you have a child is who Dyslexic, or know someone whose child IS, BUY this book for yourself or pass it on to them! It should be required reading!
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This book represents own voice in the world of dyslexia. It is not written by a scientist, but by a person deeply interested and immersed into the subject. The author has done a great job researching the matter and laying down some useful tools for helping dyslexic person, especially a child, to use dyslexia to own advantage. The book has many examples of successful people with dyslexia, putting a positive spin onto the condition. Some of the references are useful for Irish readers only. I have gotten a bit lost at some point in esoteric aspect ( just a few pages), but overall I have found it informative and very useful in my journey of understanding dyslexia.
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