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The maddest bored book that i have ever read

similar as the rest books. However it has got some questions, what?
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Super für Kinder und jugendliche aufbereitet! Dieser Titel bietet interessante Einblicke in das Thema. Vieles habe ich noch nicht gewusst und ich war gespannt mehr darüber zu erfahren. Zudem hatte ich den Eindruck, einen Autor zu haben, der sich ordentlich und intensiv mit diesem Thema auseinandergesetzt hat.
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One of the series that I love so much is the books being released by Rebel Girls. Each page in Questions for Rebel Girls features one of history's and today's strong female heroes and a series of questions relating to the things that role model has achieved or the qualities they possess. This book is great to start discussions with one another and if you are running a girl’s group or book club, then this book will spur a lot of different topics/themes to talk about.

The other thing I loved about this book is each page is brightly illustrated and entertaining. Questions for Rebel Girls is a book that would make a good reference guide to have on your bookshelf, as it is the type of book that you don't just read once - but one that you can refer back to every couple of months as each time you read, you will learn something different and no one reading time will be the same experience. The questions in this book are also thought-provoking and guaranteed to get those creative juices and mindfulness thoughts flowing.

Perfect for girls aged 7 - 15 years old. And to be honest for us older girls. I recommend this book for every mom there is to buy it for their little girl(s).
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Title: Questions for Rebel Girls
Written by: Rebel Girls
Pub Date: 19 Oct 2021 
Published by: Rebel Girls
Genre: Children's Nonfiction | Middle Grade
Goodreads review:

Containing inspiring stories of woman just like in their other Rebel Girls books this work has the added feature of asking the reader questions. Some of these questions are just for fun while some are really thought provoking. I loved the mixture of questions and facts.

That was until we got to a woman, who in this book was named as "Grace O'Malley". The first problem was immediate. Her name was not Grace but Gráinne, while it may by common place to use O'Malley instead of the Irish which is  Ní Mháille, it is a colonizing attitude to translate her first name from her native Irish into English. This would not be done to anyone else in the book and rightly so.

The second problem?! Gráinne O'Malley/ Ní Mháille, She may have cut her hair but she worked on the ship as hard as any man to prove she was worthy, This was boiled down to a hair cut in the book and made to be about the readers vanity. 

How disappointing.
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Questions for Rebel Girls is another Rebel Girl book that had me reading it in one sitting and then re-reading it again. This one's filled with quotes from all the feminist icons and female role models of this century and that of the past too. It also has more than 500 questions for the readers, as to what they would do in given a situation. And that had me thinking all week after reading this one. It makes the reader imagine and dream about the futures we hope for and the dreams we weave. The questions are mindfully crafted and very carefully framed to encourage a mind to explore new avenues and discover their own potentials. It's a guide on the endless possibilities a person/child has, only if they dreamed for it and worked towards achieving it. 

Again, this book's perfect for a school library. It'll be extraordinarily beneficial for the young minds to read and think and grow. I love each book the Rebel Girls Team puts out, they're gems.
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I absolutely loved the fun, bright layout of this amazing book which contains over 500 thought provoking questions, plus quotes and information about some of the most amazing and inspirational women.

It would be a great conversation starter at the dinner table - and the questions in this way would be relevant to both boys and girls.

I love the premise of the book and feel while girls could happily enjoy this independently, it really is a good one for parents to share with their children too.  I will be purchasing this for many girl's birthday gifts I am sure!
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My daughter absolutely loves these books. She has the full series and eagerly awaits the publication of a new one. The stories are vibrant and engaging, simplified enough to be easily understandable without being babyish. Proper role models for modern girls. The Rebel Girl series never disappoints.
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Brilliant! Perfect to encourage a growth mindset. It is filled with interesting and thought provoking questions that will help the reader to know what she wants,  to think about how actions affect others and learn more about interesting women from the past and present. Filled with lots of different women and lots of different questions like “what are some of your dreams for the future?”  The prime minister of New Zealand is one of the women in this book and questions about how the reader would have handled the lockdown, would they have done the same as the New Zealand leader? I’d recommend this book. I do love the rebel girls book series and think every girl should read them!
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This was a great book filled with questions to ask a 6 high school students. I ended up asking my 6-year-old niece ons it worked well for younger kids. I know it's titled girls but that didn't stop us from asking her dad or other male family members the questions. It started some healthy conversation. think the book is more suited for the end of elementary to high school, but with some rephrase questions, it worked well for younger kids. I know it's titled girls, but that didn't stop us from asking her dad or other male family members the questions. It started some healthy conversation.
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Thank you Rebel Girls for sending over rhis copy through NetGalley.
Colourful and Inspiring, this book was a good family bonding opportunity with my cousin (who is five). Rebel Girls is a powerful series to inspire change.
5/5 Chev's picks (It never fails to amaze me)
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I have been a fan of the rebel girls series and I wish I had books like these growing up. I recommend them to young and adults both- it's a beautiful journey reading this book.
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This book tells the story of inspiring women in the most diverse areas. Women who were rebels in their own way and did something for the world. It is an inspiring book.
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Read through this book with my 9 year old daughter, we both thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to purchasing a copy of it
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I received an eARC copy from Rebel Girls via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Questions for Rebel Girls by Rebel Girls came right on time, I feel, and fits well in the order of the series. It features around 300 genuine and brilliant questions, questions that make everybody stop and think about a possible answer for a while. They are thought-provoking and educational. These questions open up an inspirational dialogue, providing a solid base and potential for young minds to explore, learn, absorb, and implement new knowledge. I'd recommend keeping a notebook on the side to write the answers and keep coming back to them (and change them, give them a new perspective, why not?) in a sort of self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-motivation process; we grow each and every day.
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not quite as enjoyable as goodnight stories for rebel girls, however it was still fine. took me a little longer than necessary to get through.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this book, in exchange for an honest review!

Can I just say that this brings me to back to the good old days with those notebooks that are called "autograph books" where you let everyone in your class fill up their details, and there were a few questions like the ones in this book too? The entire vibe of this book was like that and I absolutely love it! The Rebel Girls franchise hits the bulls eye with this one yet again! I didn't think I'd be so interested in all these questions, but they were so amusing and entertaining, and I love the fact that it wasn't just a list of questions too. There were still the beautiful illustrations that I love so much, as well as tidbits about different women, such as quotes and little fun facts!

I love how I, a twenty-five-year-old woman, was completely enamored by this book, so I can only imagine how good of an impact this could be for learning, knowledge-hungry kids, and especially for young girls who could use this to not only learn about themselves, but to learn about their friends as well. The illustrations are also still adorable and beautiful, as always!
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This is a wonderfully engaging book. It's so vibrant and fun I absolutely love it! It's perfect to get a conversation going with a child about what inspires them.
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A lovely colourful book with beautiful illustrations  full of quotes from incredible women across many fields, and lots of questions for Rebel Girls to inspire and start meaningful dialogue .
This is a great book for self reflection even for adults !
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Five Stars. I really love the Rebel Girls books. Questions For Rebel Girls breaks the mold of the series -- instead of the usual mini biographies of incredible women, this volume has quotes and questions meant to inspire and foster thought and conversations along with bright, graphic illustrations. Whether it is used for journaling prompts or encouraging discussion, Questions For Rebel Girls is a valuable gift for girls (and boys!) of all ages.

I am grateful to Rebel Girls and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review Questions For Rebel Girls.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Questions for Rebel Girls is a children's picture book that contains facts about many famous women along with over 500 questions that the reader can ask herself or her friends.  The questions are usually related to the famous figure on the page..  The book contains full-color illustrations as well as many informational text excerpts.  I would guess that the grade-level that this book targets would be between 5th-6th grade.  

Overall, this book has a very important message.  It's so important to tell young girls about all of the possibilities open to them and to encourage them to pursue their dreams.  Often, when books include biographies of "heroes" or "famous people," they're almost always all men. The Rebel Girls series of books is incredible, because they show young girls everywhere they can follow their dreams and be successful.  If you're intrigued by the description, I highly recommend that you check out this book, which is available now!
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