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What an absolutely amazing book! I have read all first three books of the Rebel Girls and I was expecting this is going to be no different. However, the rave reviews swayed me and hence, I downloaded the book and voila! I immediately fell in love with it and will definitely purchase a copy of this for my child. What amazing, thought-provoking questions and inspiring quotes from influential icons. 

Some of my favorite questions:
Would you rather hear a roomful of people laughing or a single voice calling your name?
Would you rather be reporter sharing facts or storyteller making up an imaginary world? 
Would you rather live on a space station for a month or live on a submarine for a month? 
If you dedicated your life to one type of animal, what would it be?
Do you think it is better to be good at many things or an expert in one thing?
If you could ask the leader of your country any question right now, what would it be?
(There were questions posed by kids too!)

And some of my favorite quotes:
"Kindness heals the world. Kindness heals people. It's what brings us together - it's what keeps us healthy." Singer and activist Lady Gaga
"No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid." Actress Lupita Nyong'O
"In nature, nothing exists alone." Environmental pioneer Rachel Carson
"I play better when I'm calm." Tennis player Naomi Osaka
"Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin." Supermodel Iman

And need I say anything on its always beautiful, gorgeous illustrations? I mean, as always, they were nothing short of perfection! This book is a keeper. Make great gifts and now that Christmas is almost here, GET IT GET IT GET IT NOW.

This is my first perfect five rating of the year.

Thank you NetGalley and publisher for a free copy eARC this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
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This book is quite different from the others, which is refreshing. It's a bit question/self-quiz magazine type in form, but will get kids thinking about themselves in sometimes a serious and sometimes a fun way. The illustrations are big and bold and sometimes brash, but will grab anyone's attention. This is perhaps more practical than the other books and could be useful as children explore themselves at different ages and think about who they are and how they want to be, as well as just having a giggle too. It puts the onus and reflection back onto themselves, although hoping here that it doesn't bring out an egocentric demeanour, but looks like that is not its general purpose, more just to entertain and also get kids thinking and discussing. Some of the questions are ones that adults will ask friends just for fun and lots of those well-known kid like questions they ask their friends for fun too.
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I think this book is very good book to help you to Know more about yourself which will help in improving you Skills and success in your life.
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Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for providing me with this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. This is a wonderfully inclusive and motivational book about women and offers great reflective questions that girls can use to journal and consider what changes they want to see in the world. It is bright and colorful. And I love how they give an example woman then ask questions about how the girl might do in the example's situation. This book fits perfectly in the Rebel Girls series so far!
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I was invited to read a galley copy of “Rebel Gil’s Champions”. My daughters and I have read all of the available Rebel Girls books so we were excited to read this new book of questions. 

We had just finished another Rebel Girls book when we started this one and, at first my oldest (8yo) rolled her eyes about it being a question book. From the first question I asked, she was really engaged and it was a great/new way for me to learn more about her personality and what she thinks about.

Like the other Rebel Girls books, this one is a great bedtime read based on the fact that the questions can prompt specific discussions and you can stop at any question.

This book - and it’s unique way of getting kids to open up about themselves - may just be my favorite in the Rebel Girls Series.

I would definitely recommend this book.
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The Rebel Girls series of books are always very popular at our library, and this edition is no exception.  I love the bright illustrations, and the vignettes of famous women.  What makes this book different is the emphasis on questions meant to make the reader turn inward and find similarities with inspiring leaders and innovators.

The inclusion of questions by readers across the country, aged 5 and up, was a great addition that might inspire other young readers to get involved, think about their own questions and come up with new answers.  I'd love to see a journal companion for this book so readers could write directly under the questions.

I highly recommend this book for all ages.  The rebel girls were a great mix of familiar and less well-known, so there is something for everyone.
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This book is filled with questions and small bios for the Rebel Girls who have been featured in the other Rebel Girls books. There were one or two lines of a biography and/or a quote from each successful woman on almost every page. These women were athletes, actors, scientists, CEOs, and writers, among other professions from around the world. Each of these women have left a mark in their profession.

There were multiple questions on each page. These were thought-provoking and conversation-starting questions. There were a lot of this-or-that or would-you-rather questions that were a lot of fun to think about. Others would require more thought, such as “How do you communicate besides using words?” and “What is more important— to be popular, successful, or loved?” These could be great questions for parents or educators to use when discussing these topics with kids.

Questions for Rebel Girls is a great thought-provoking children’s book!

Thank you Rebel Girls for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Alright, I liked the idea behind this book where there would be questions for the reader to think about. I think the actual presentation could have been better, all this book did was ask questions and gave no space for the reader to write their own answers. Since this book is targeted towards young girls, I think there should have been an opportunity for them to write their answers and have a reflection within the book, so they could practice critically thinking about the questions/answers and it would make it a fun book to relook at when the reader was an adult. It would have made the reflection portion of the book much better. For the most part, the questions were nice and entertaining, but I think there should have been more structure. The questions were in a random order that did nothing to help build off each other, there could have been themes and more structure. The way the book was set up is just a bunch of questions the reader reads through and personally, I was not motivated to think of an answer to most of the questions.
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Written by Rebel Girls, Questions for Rebel Girls is an inspiring non-fiction book for middle graders with more than 500 questions based on famous women’s work and life experiences in history. Ada Lovelace, Mae Jemison, Jill Tarter, Mary Edwards Walker, Marjane Satrapi, Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Gloria Estefan, Young Jean Lee, Frida Kahlo, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Grace O’Malley are among the many women featured in the book. The thoughtful questions in the book will help kids discover their interests, goals, personality, fears, tastes, future professions, among other aspects of their identity.

I could not put it down once I started reading and found myself answering the questions. The following are some of my favorite questions in quotations marks. The answers are my own.

“There are so many jobs and hobbies in the world! Which would you pick?”

My dream job is to become a famous Hispanic/Latinx author who inspires minorities to realize their dreams. My favorite hobbies are reading, exercising, watching the best TV shows and films, and traveling.

“What is the most interesting piece of art you’ve ever seen?”

OMG! Primavera (ca. 1480) by Sandro Botticelli is the most stunning and impactful piece of art I have ever seen. I stood there stunned as long as I could. I could stare at that work of art for hours.

“Go on an archeological dig in the desert or work in an arctic research lab?”

I wanted to change majors to archeology during college, and sometimes I dressed like an archeologist. Some people would shout at me, “Are you going on a safari?!!” So, yeah, I would prefer to go on an archeological dig.

“What is one thing you can do right here, right now, to help Earth?”

Recycle. Recycle. Recycle. It bothers me when people do not recycle.

“Librarian or dentist?”


“If you could design a house for yourself, what would it look like?”

I would build a cottage or Victorian mansion in the woods next to a lake where nobody could disturb me, and I could write stories that would make people laugh and cry. I would be able to hear the birds sing and look at the squirrels being crazy. It would be full of antiques and books. The kitchen would be huge, as I love to cook and bake. I could go on about this, but I need to stop.

“Do you believe in magic? Why or why not?”

Magic, of course, I believe! There is no Peter Pan or life without magic!

“What’s the most important part about being a good friend?”

Reciprocity and loyalty. 100%

“Imagine you are writing a book. What would the story be about? Would you put a character just like you in your story?”

I am writing more than one book, as my brain is an ingenious locomotive. Mostly, it is a secret what my stories are about. But, yes, I would put a character like me in my stories because I am fantastic. haha

“How do you use your education to feel powerful?”

I am a Hispanic woman with a master’s degree, and it shocks people! Enough said.

“Would you ever want to be a pirate? Why or why not?”

Don’t get me started on this, but one of the reasons is to make some of my ex-boyfriends walk the plank. I am sort of kidding, but not really.

This post is the most fun I have ever had writing a book review. I hope my presentation of examples from the book gave you an idea of how it works. Questions for Rebel Girls is the bomb! Schools and libraries must have copies of this self-discovery gem.

Publishing Year: 2021
Publisher: Rebel Girls
Ages: 6+
Lexile: 800L
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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." - Oprah Winfrey
This book is a strong motivation for women around the world. Ranging from Michelle Obama to Beyonce, Amelia Earhart to Oprah Winfrey, the first female black American pilot to the first female gold medallion. Women really do rule the world. As a feminist, I enjoyed all the inspirational quotes said by legendary women. This book is a representation of women forming unity and supporting each other through it all. A wonderful book that society needs to read today.
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well, I really enjoyed the reading! it’s so colorful and full of life and references, it was really inspiring! the illustrations were so so good, and it highlights a lot os powerful women, we love to see it! some of them are my favorites ever. Younger me would loved to read this as much as today me enjoyed!
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This book isn't what I thought it would be. I thought it would focus more on questions that have been asked of girls, and then answered by other Rebel Girls' experiences. In reality, the contributors have focused on quotes and thoughts of famous women, and applied them to real-life situations. I love the Rebel Girls series and think that they have a lot to offer, but I don't think this is their strong point.
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I love the Rebel Girls book and feel like they are great for all ages. I always learn about some new hero that I immediately want to learn all about. This book is different. It still highlights some amazing women, but it feels skewed significantly younger instead of appealing to everyone.  

I wish there was a book like this when I was a young girl to ask me questions about who I want to be. 

I received a copy from NetGalley, and all opinions are my own.
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Another excellent read from the Rebel Girls series. This book is more of a fact book and poses lots of questions for youngsters to think about and is aimed at generating discussion. The illustrations are bold and colourful, the fonts vary in sizes and colours which helps the words jump off the page to keep the reader engaged. From people like Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Jane Goodall and many more, we hear facts about their lives and personalities and then are asked questions in relation to this. I love the fact that this book is current. For example the reader is given facts about Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand,  and talks about how she locked down NZ due to Coronavirus. The reader is then asked what they would have done? This book is great for prompting discussions round the dinner table with my children and encouraging them to form opinions.
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This is a brilliantly empowering series of books for young girls. 

Displaying powerful and inspiring women through out time, this is perfect for any young girl to show them, yes they can. 

Beautifully written and made this is a stunning book which is filled with inspiration and empowerment.
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Absolutely love this addition to the Rebel Girls books! It would go well with reading any of the other books, or it can stand alone.

Every single page in this book is a great starting point for engaging and thoughtful discussions. With a bright and engaging page layout design, your eyes are drawn to every question and quote.

There are gorgeous illustrations and portraits of many inspiring women that are fun and engaging to look at across many different styles. 

The questions are a wonderful variety including questions that ask what do you think, what can you do, and what do you observe in the world around you. Excellent questions to prompt deeper thoughts and consideration.

This is a great addition to the Rebel Stories series.
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Some of this information is reused from other books in the Rebel Girls series but it’s fun to ask the “would you rather” type questions with my daughter and discuss our answers.
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One of the series that I love so much is the books being released by Rebel Girls. I wish that they had been around when I was a tween/teenage girl as I might have been able to look up to some strong female heroes instead of plastering my wall with celebrities and movie stars. Each page in Questions for Rebel Girls features one of history's and today's strong female heroes and a series of questions relating to the things that role model has achieved or the qualities they possess. This book is great to start discussions with one another and if you are running a girl’s group or book club, then this book will spur a lot of different topics/themes to talk about. When I worked at the library, one of the groups I wanted to start was an inspiring group for girls who don't fit in and was going to do something similar to this book and this book would have been the perfect resource. The other thing I loved about this book is each page is brightly illustrated and entertaining. Questions for Rebel Girls is a book that would make a good reference guide to have on your bookshelf, as it is the type of book that you don't just read once - but one that you can refer back to every couple of months as each time you read, you will learn something different and no one reading time will be the same experience. The questions in this book are also thought-provoking and guaranteed to get those creative juices and mindfulness thoughts flowing.
Perfect for girls aged 7 - 15 years old.
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I felt that this was a clever addition to the Rebel Girls series, which uses short, snappy details about inspirational women and their achievements to then pose questions to the reader. The women come from all walks of life from, artists, writers, scientists, sport and media, and the variety of questions posed cover everything from overcoming adversity, to what are the readers dreams and aspirations. It works really well in getting the reader to think about what might be possible and how they would achieve it, all done through positive reinforcement. A good book for individuals, but also for using with group discussion.
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Questions for Rebel Girls does not disappoint. The illustrations Gorgeous, the questions are a great mix of would you rather and deeper thinking questions like "have you ever been on an adventure that changed the way y0u see the world." I personally will be using some of these questions in my middle school classes as a fun way to get them warmed up for class. These questions are pretty universal not just for girls. This really is a great book and will be nice to have in my back pocket for teaching.
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