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Questions for Rebel Girls does not disappoint. The illustrations Gorgeous, the questions are a great mix of would you rather and deeper thinking questions like "have you ever been on an adventure that changed the way y0u see the world." I personally will be using some of these questions in my middle school classes as a fun way to get them warmed up for class. These questions are pretty universal not just for girls. This really is a great book and will be nice to have in my back pocket for teaching.
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This was such a beautiful book and a great resource for young kids everywhere, especially little girls looking for inspirational women. Unlike other Rebel Girls books before it, this takes a different approach. Instead of a fairytale-like vignette about each woman's life, it's just a little statement relating to the woman. Next to that are a series of questions kids will ask themselves and provide answers to while reading. 

As always, the art was insanely beautiful and this was such a vibrant and enjoyable book.
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Oh my goodness, Questions for Rebel Girls is another outstanding book from the series. These are the books I needed as a young girl, and I am so grateful they exist for me to share with my daughter. She absolutely loves the questions brought up throughout the book among the engaging, bright, visually stunning profiles of some truly amazing women! I love the quotes that are added in from these women which facilitate more conversation on the topics touched on. There are fun questions along with more serious ones. and we both love the mix! This book would make the PERFECT gift for a young girl in your life. It is beautiful inside and out, and has so much positivity to offer. My daughter and I highly recommend it! I can't wait to see what Rebel Girls come up with next.
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Thank you to @netgalley and the publisher for this free eARC.
I must say - I am starting to become a fan of this series. Such interesting questions, wonderful illustrations....
I have two daughters and although they're still too yoing for this book I'll certainly buy it and give it to them when they grow up a bit.
I highly recommend it.
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I love the Rebel Girls series, and I plan on getting this newest edition for my nieces. Anything that encourages kids to think about interesting subjects is always fabulous in my opinion!!!
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I couldn't love this book more!!!
It looks at things that a "famous" person has said or done, and then uses that as a starting point to ask questions to relate it to your own life. I have used "" around brackets because some of these people may not necessarily be what your child considers famous! 

Ie: Jane Goodall devoted her life to studying chimpanzees. *If you dedicated your life to studying one type of animal what would it be.
When Matilde Montoya was barred from finishing medical school in Mexico because she was a girl, she wrote to the president of the entire country, asking him to step in on her behalf, and he did. *Who can you ask for help when you feel you're being treated unfairly? *If you could ask the leader of your country any question right not, what would it be?

I love how this gets children thinking, about themselves and about the wider world while also learning about what has happened to other women and how they have learnt and progressed from it.
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I love this series is the third book that I have read in this collection and I think that they are amazing and it’s great to know the history and the achievements of nationally known women across the globe that have achieved many great things and set in motion great advances for females and I think this is great to have a special need to read the younger generations as it can prove that we are achievable that we cannot be limited as females
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I truly love the Rebel Girls series and Questions for Rebel Girls is no exception! Instead of focusing on educating and informing young readers on all the amazing women around the world and their accomplishments, Questions for Rebel Girls focuses instead on the readers, prompting them to think and explore to discover their self-identities. 

Questions for Rebel Girls includes the series' accustomed bright colors, inspirational quotes, and bright and detailed illustrations.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an ARC!
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Rebel Girls does it again with another fabulous book about incredible women! The latest instalment in this series features women you know and have mad respect for like Lady Gaga, actress Lupita Nyong’o, Michelle Obama, RBG, Amanda Gorman and the list goes on of talented, courageous, diverse women, both from history and present day. 

What is truly unique about this book is that there are discussion questions on every page: “do you believe that poetry can help bring people together”, “what do you do when someone is unkind to you”, and “how does nature take care of you”? 

The illustrations are vibrant and gorgeous - it’s a fun and educational read and anything that fosters a moment of connection and dialogue between you and your kiddo is always worthwhile! I’ve been gifting this series to my niece since the first one was published and can’t wait to send this next one to her!
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This Rebel Girls book is a bit different than the rest. Not only does it provide inspirational facts and quotes from inspirational Rebel Girls/Women, the book asks questions that challenge, inspire, and uplifts the "rebels" reading the book. I especially love seeing some of the quotes from rebel girls who answered the posed questions. The graphics are phenomenal, as always. This is definitely a great book to gift or house on the bookshelves of a classroom and/or library.
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I received a copy of the book by NetGalley but the opinions in this review are my own.
I love the concept of Rebel Girls and have enjoyed reading other books in the series. With that said, I did not enjoy this one as much. I felt it was basically a list of conversation starters for children, which might help them decide what they want to pursue in life, but I do not think they would learn much or be very impressed by the one-sentence description of important/inspiring women (no back story, home country, age, timeline, etc).
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I think this is a great resource for kids and their families to start conversations around topics relevant to various well known (and some lesser known) women, and a great companion work to other Rebel Girls titles. But I can’t help feeling like reviewing this in its own context is difficult, especially as someone not part of the target demographic (I’m not a young child or parent of one) who was offered this on the heels of being approved for another Rebel Girls title. I definitely like the aesthetic presentation, but feel the general content was a bit lost on me once I got into it.
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This book was read through NetGalley (thank-you!)

This book is fab. My 12 year old self would have loved this book! It's got great representation of women, is interactive, colourful and asks some great questions. It's creative and empowering and would make a great gift. It would also make a great resource when teaching, and the questions are non-gender specific making it accessible in the classroom for all. 

Highly reccomend.
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I love the discussions created with the questions in this book!  Lots of facts about amazing women along with questions designed to get girls thinking about their hopes, dreams and goals.  I found so many different topics and ideas that can be used in my classroom throughout the year.

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC!
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My daughters have read nearly all of these Rebel girl books and they always spark interesting conversations. This book had a lot of “would you rather” questions. I would definitely recommend getting this from the library!
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This book follows the ones before it by telling short stories about awesome women.  This one, though, adds on questions that will make any child think.  Though the stories are much shorter, I can see this book lasting longer over the great conversations that will be had.
I love this series and wish there was something similar when I was a child, or even when my daughter was younger.  The questions are truly thought provoking and would give anyone pause to consider them.  What really gets me about this book is that it is inspiring by allowing young children to dream their own dream.  Even though it gives a brief story about the woman the questions are focused on, the questions are written in such a way that the child is allowed and encouraged to find their own path.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.  I would also like to thank Simon and Schuster for routinely inviting me to preview books in this series.  I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunity with this series.
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This is a great way to get children to think outside the box, to ask them questions, and get them to envision themselves as rebels in their own way. They can put themselves in the shoes of women and girls who have changed the world. The more young girls can picture themselves making a difference, in many different ways, the more they have confidence and self-esteem to pursue any goal they can dream up.

I hope this is a book that parents read to their children, both boys and girls, to help them see that they shape who they want to be and not the other way around.

Thank you, NetGalley for the chance to read this book!
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A real interactive book filled with questions to provoke conversation and debate. We enjoyed reading this as a family and discussing our view points and thoughts. It opened up some excellent conversations and moral situations. The text is inspiring and promotes readers to think outside the box and broaden their horizons. It promotes empathy and understanding of others in a non-threatening way. My 9 and 11 year old daughters really enjoyed the facts and questions throughout the story and I would find this useful in PSHE with my class, allowing them to have justified opinions about real situations that they can relate to.
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I'm not a child anymore and I'm still not a mom, but I read all the Rebel Girls books because I truly believe they have lessons to all of us. This one in particular I'm 100% sure that someday, when she's old enough to understand, I'll give it to my niece. 

On each page, we find interesting facts about inspiring women and a few questions relating their story to our own experiences. It's such a fun way to help kids learn more about themselves and reflect upon how they see the world. I honestly love everything about this book! 10/10! 

* Thanks to Rebel Girls for providing and advance copy.
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Again, as a female educator, I loved this book! I have not been disappointed by a single Rebel Girls book yet. So lively and colorful and with some really great females highlighted. 

I love how there were the female highlights but also questions for young girls and women to ask themselves and answer. Such a great book for any female to read!
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