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What an emotional and beautiful story! Cait has been running away for so long and when a determined and patient man was slowly breaking all the walls she built, all bets were off. 

This story explored tough and difficult issues throughout Cait’s character but filled with hope and strength. Never wanting to set roots anywhere, she was about to realize that she might find her home and also love along the way. Maybe she should take the leap of faith… or not. 

After meeting her half sisters and coming to a place where everyone knew her mother, she had never expected to feel so much love and support from this community, her new friends and family.
She was always keeping parts of herself well hidden until Brant. A man who was willing to be with her and let her settle the pace… le freaking sigh and swoons!

They had such amazing chemistry and I appreciated how slowly he managed to help her overcome her obstacles along the way. There was no misunderstanding or miscommunication but always honesty and respect for each other. 
It was a relationship built on strong foundations, sincere and passionate. 

I really liked this journey, emotional and tough at times, sweet and tender the other with also a strong hint of swoony and hot moments. There was something about the narrative that conveyed the emotions so powerfully, through the eyes of this dual POV, every touch, every glance that emphasizes each moment. Can’t wait for the next book!
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Another beautifully written story, this story was packed with a ton of emotion, sadness, regrets, abuse, love, healing, laughter and a lot of love with a cast of wonderful characters.

Cait was a character our heart ached for, and it was easy to relate to her character, as men can be such douche bags. We loved how Brant without really doing anything had Cait challenging herself to overcome her past, even with the melt downs she was striving to put the past behind her and latch on to what she had with Brant in the now that man was an angel sent from God to heal her and made just for her. Such a talented and beautiful woman who was loved by many.

Brandt was a sweetheart, so kind and loving and patient and made us laugh and smile what a sense of humor he had, he made us instantly fall in love with him all over a dog. Loved how he never gave up on Cait and how easily his family excepted her, as she fit right in.

Overall, we loved the story from cover to cover. This author has a knack for making us fall in love with her characters always, and we love that. Most of all, we loved the ending and that Cait was finally felt free and that she conquered her demons. We loved the whole Small-Town theme and how they were one big family and their outings, priceless. Scrappy, you made our heart melt just thinking about that doggie sling, and Brandt gave us so many awe moments that warmed our heart. If you haven't read Melissa books, you are really missing out she had become one of our top favorite
authors, and she never disappoints.
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This book took my breath away! I didnt think that Melissa was able to outshine Dash from SSH but Brant didnt come to play any games!! I Swear she writes the dreamiest Male Leads ever!! 

Cait and Brant’s story was beautiful. Simple as that. Cait needed someone to love her and make her feel it deep in her soul and Brant was her guy. He knew the moment he saw her that she was it for him. 

I loved watching their friendship grow into love. I loved reading Cait growing stronger with his love and support and letting go of it all. 

It was a real treat and of course the all the lovey dovey stuff always, ALWAYS comes with a side of heat!
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Thank you to Montlake for my copy of this book via Netgalley. 

I really enjoyed Abby's book, the first in this series. and I have been looking forward to Cait's book ever since. Cait has really been through a lot in her life. She had a tough childhood and it didn't get much better when she grew up. I am so glad that she eventually found Tank and made so many trusted friends on the Cape. Cait is one of those people you want to just help and hug at the same time! I can see why Brant is so instantly attracted to Cait.

Brant Remmington is confident, sexy and probably one of the nicest people. Brant s patient and at times super cheesy. I really liked Brant. There's something about him that makes him so easy to be around and open up to. He's just so open and non-judgemental.

I enjoyed catching up with Abby and Aiden as well as seeing all our other friends on Silver Island. I can't wait for more from these characters. 

Melissa has weaved a very sweet and honest story that will really tug on your heartstrings.
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4.5 stars-- MAYBE WE SHOULD is the second instalment in Melissa Foster’s contemporary,adult SILVER HARBOR erotic, romance series-a spin off from the Steeles of Silver Island which in turn is one of several spin offs from the author’s Love in Bloom series. This is thirty-three year old boat builder/search and rescue team member Brant Remington, and thirty-two year old tattoo artist/café owner Cait Weatherby’s story line. MAYBE WE SHOULD can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary. Cait’s story line begins in MAYBE WE WILL.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Brant and Cait) MAYBE WE SHOULD follows the building romance and relationship between thirty-three year old boat builder/search and sea rescue team member Brant Remington, and thirty-two year old tattoo artist/café owner Cait Weatherby. Three months earlier Cait was notified that her birth mother Ava de Messieres had died,  and had left a one-third of her Silver Island bistro/café to Cait, along with two half-sisters she knew nothing about. Fast forward to present day wherein Cait, now spending time between her job as a tattoo artist on the Cape, and  Silver Island with her new found family struggles with the overwhelming relationships and friendships having lived a life hiding from an abusive past that refuses to let go. Meeting Brant Remington stirs something deep within our story line heroine but Cait’s demons hold tight, as Cait continues to push Brant out of her life but a close call finds Cait rescued by our story line hero, a hero who wants something more from the woman with whom he will quickly fall in love. What ensues is the slow building romance and relationship between Cait and Brant, and the potential fall-out as Cait must face her past before considering her future, or anything permanent with the man that she loves.

Cait Weatherby lost everything the day her adoptive mother died, and in the ensuing years lived a life in the shadows fearing for the day that her life would come to an end.  Struggling to leave that part of her life behind, Cait doesn’t make friends easily, and continues to battle with issues of trust. Brant Remington comes from a large and loving family that love and support one another no matter the cost. Pulling  Cait into the arms of his friends and extended family was a bit overwhelming, and Cait struggled to feel accepted as one of their own.

The relationship between Grant and Cait begins as friendship, as Grant realizes there is more to Cait than meets the eye. Grant suspects the demons from her past are refusing to let go, and with that, Grant is willing to wait until Cait is secure enough to trust our hero with her heart and her soul. The $ex scenes are intimate, passionate and seductive without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

Once again, there is a large ensemble cast of colorful and familiar secondary and supporting characters, many of whom were introduced in the author’s numerous, other series. We are reintroduced to Cait’s half sisters  Abby and her fiance Aiden (Maybe We Will 1), Boston attorney de Deirdra Messieres, and Brant’s amazing and supporting family and group of friends.

MAYBE WE SHOULD is a story of struggle and acceptance, trust and revelations, friendships, relationships, family and love. The premise is emotional and heart breaking; the romance is captivating and intense; the characters are energetic, lively, and enterprising.





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In Maybe We Should, Foster wielded her magic and created a story, which will tug at your heartstring and have you shedding a tear or two.

I have been looking forward to Cait Weatherby and Brant Remington's story ever since their introduction in Maybe We Will. An air of mystery surrounded Cait, which made me eager to learn her story. In Maybe We Will, she discovered she had siblings, whom she has grown close with since. She knew she had been adopted, but was never aware of the circumstances behind adoption. This information came to light in this installment of the Silver Harbor series.

From the moment Brant met Cait, he knew she was the woman of his dreams. However, it would seem his flirtations and charming personality had no effect on her. He knew he needed to convince her they were meant for each other. Giving up was not an option.

As fate would have it, Cait’s attempt to save an adorable dog from drowning provided the perfect opportunity for them to get closer.

The chemistry between Cait and Brant leapt from the pages. It could not be denied, no matter how much Cait tried to running from it. I loved how patient Brant was with her. He wanted to be with her, but he chose not to push until she was ready. With his charm, patience and understanding, he slowly chipped away at the wall which encased her heart.

The revelation of Cait’s past was heartbreaking. Despite the pain suffered in the past, she stayed strong. I admired her bravery in confronting the person responsible for the pain and hurt. Her actions showed how much she had grown.

Maybe We Should, is another wonderful story in the Silver Harbor series. It introduced characters to whom readers can relate. The romance featured was well developed and authentic. One cannot help but root for this couple as they work through their issues.


Savannah Peachwood and Aaron Shedlock narrated. Both are new to me. I thought their voices complemented each other. I believed they did a wonderful job of bringing Cait and Brant to life, and they both added emotion into their narration.


Overall, Maybe We Should delivered a wonderful romantic story, which fulfilled my need for a heartwarming romance. A story which romance readers will appreciate for its charm and for the emotions it will evoke.
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I honestly wasn't sure how I would like this one. Cait has been through so much for being so young, and some of it would have broken most people. And there were a lot of parts of this book that I did like. I liked how Cait overcame her past, I liked how she was truly vulnerable at heart but put this tough exterior to the world. I loved Brant's character right from the start! He is sweet, strong, with this absolute heart of gold. What didn't work for me? I really didn't feel like there was a true connection between the main characters. I honestly think they would have been better off as friends. The chemistry between them just didn't seem to be there. And that really could be just me, but this book felt more like a woman's contemporary rather than a romance. And I really liked that part of it, it just felt like the romance was lacking to me. So for me, as a romance-it was just ok.
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5 "Love like every minute is the only one you'll ever get" Stars

WOW, Just WOW. I thought, operative word there - thought, I was finally going to get through one of Melissa Foster's books without needing tissues but nope, I was wrong I did need them but thankful not an entire box full like I have with some of her other books.

Cait Weatherby has been a bit of a mystery she's always quiet and kind of closed off. In MAYBE WE WILL Cait is summoned to Silver Harbor for the reading of her mother's will, her birth mother's that is. Kate was adopted and has always known but didn't know the circumstances on why she was given up for adoption, she finds the answer to this question and many more in this heartbreaking story.

Brant Remington is a charmer, and I loved it, the way he's flirted with Cait from the moment they met was great and it shows his determination that he never once gave up on her no matter how many times she told him it wasn't going to happen. He knew there was something special about her and he was willing to keep trying until she finally said yes.

Cait and Brant have great chemistry together, even if they are like yin and yang. Just goes to show that everyone has a perfect puzzle piece out there it's just a matter of time before you'll find them.

Melissa Foster is one of my favorite authors and It's no surprise that she is because if anyone can write as many books as she has and keep each and every story so very different and evoke emotions for a multitude of reasons, well, how can you not be a huge fan then?

I listened to the audiobook version of this book and absolutely loved the way Savannah Peachwood and Aaron Shedlock brought Cait and Brant to life. If you have a choice in which way to enjoy this book, I would recommend listening to it - you won't be disappointed.

Would I recommend this book? Heck yeah I would!
To Whom? Everyone! Especially those that enjoy Steamy Contemporary Romances, Small Town Romances, Grumpy/Sunshine Romances or Slow Burn Romances. Even though Cait appears in the first book of the series that book does not have to be read in order to enjoy this one, this can be read as a standalone.

Happy Reading!!!
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Maybe We Should is the second book in the Silver Harbor series from Melissa Foster.

The first book introduced us to the town of Silver Harbor and the close residents including strong families and the new family unit of Abby, Deidre and Cait. Three daughters of an alcoholic mother who has passed away. The first book was about Abby and this one is about Cait.

Cait was given up by their mother at birth and was adopted by a loving family, until her adopted mother died. She is reunited with sisters she never knew and is finding it difficult to be part of a family given her background. Brant is a resident of Silver Harbor and too good to be true, he loves her fiercely and will do anything he can to protect her. 

This does need a trigger warning since it has some serious descriptions of child abuse, neglect and trauma. 

It is a solid book and the love between Cait and Brant is real and deep.
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Maybe We Should is the second book in the Silver Harbor series, and another hit for Melissa Foster. The book was paced perfectly, easy to read, and I was engaged from the beginning. It was a heart-warming story of sisterhood, family, friendship, healing, and romance. I fell in love with the small town of Silver Island and all the charming characters.
Cait Weatherby had been adopted as a child and had always wondered about her family. When she is notified she has been left an inheritance from her biological mother, she discovers she has two half-sisters. Cait is surprised by the welcome she receives in Silver Island and its tight-knit community. She has a lot to figure out and does not need the complication of a relationship with the charming Brant Remington. Brant Remington is the opposite of Cait; where she is guarded and quiet, he is outgoing and good-humored. He sees the real Cait and understands he will need to slowly build her trust in him. Can Cait overcome her fears and let Brant in?
I really enjoyed this book and loved revisiting the characters from previous books and series. I look forward to future books from the small town of Silver Island.
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There’s no maybes, you should read this book. Melissa weaved a story of troubled pasts and future hopes. She wrote a beautiful love story that was a slow build filled will trust and family. I loved how Brant was patient and loving even when Cait was trying to push him away. He was definitely a swoony book boyfriend.

I can’t get enough of Melissa’s writing and her stories on Silver Island and beyond. I don’t know how she keeps track of all these characters but I love how they all weave together. The connection between these families is amazing. Everyone on the island played a part in Cait overcoming her past and opening her heart to the future.

I can’t wait for more from Silver Island as well as those Wickeds on the Cape.
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Sassy, sweet and sexily addicting! Melissa Foster is a sure thing if you are looking for a close knit group of family and friends who love hard and live life fully. With the second book in the Silver Harbor series MAYBE WE SHOULD brings Cait Weatherby's story to life and delivers an emotional journey towards healing and love. I couldn't have loved a couple more than Cait and Brant.

I was quickly hooked on Cait's story as we learn about her newly found family and the life she left behind so many years ago. She's wounded yet strong and a delight to see fall in love and open her heart to all the joys that life has to offer.

Brant is simply a doll. He saw her, he knew she was his one true love and he adorably made his infatuation known. I love the warmth of his family.

I highly recommend this book as well as the series to anyone who enjoys a little family drama mixed in with your sweet and sexy romance. The characters are close knit, the town is supportive and the love stories are divine!
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This is book two in the Silver Harbor series, this story is about Caitlin and Brant.
I would highly recommend reading book one before reading this book as there is a lot of back story in book one that would add to the enjoyment of reading this book.
Also there were so many people mentioned that at times I found myself not really remembering who they were and how they were connected to the main characters. This is why I did not enjoy the book it just became to hard to stay engaged with the main characters. I also feel that there was not much chemistry between Caitlin and Brant in places it all just seemed a bit forced.
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Cait is a tattoo artist who found her biological siblings and some amazing new friends. She's still dealing with the pain of the past that makes it hard for her to trust or even get into a relationship with a great like like Brant who is clear about his feelings for her.

This was such a great read. I enjoyed seeing the relationship form between Cait and Brant. Brant has loads of patience and was doing what he can to slowly chip at that wall Cait has. Like once I got to know the reasoning behind why that was it was easy to see why she was distrustful but it was nice seeing her soften towards him and those around her. Because even if her newly found sisters there was a level is distance and I just enjoyed seeing how everything played out. Can't wait to see what's in store for the next book!
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Melissa Foster takes her readers back to Silver Island with her latest emotional and uplifting contemporary romance, Maybe We Should.

Tattoo artist Cait Weatherby had spent most of her life feeling like an outsider. Having at long last found a place to call home on the sandy shores of Silver Island, Cait had also found two half sisters she never knew existed and got herself a wonderful circle of friends. Silver Island has given Cait a home and a family, but will it also provide her with the happiness she so desperately seeks? Will she find the courage to lay old ghosts to rest and take a chance on herself and her future? Cait’s new life on Silver Island means absolutely everything to her and she cannot afford to let anyone or anything spoil it – not even charming blue-eyed boat-builder Brant Remington who is her opposite in every way…

While Cait is reserved and guarded, Brant is open and optimistic. He would love nothing more than to make Cait happy, but despite his best efforts, she seems intent on keeping him at arm’s length. But just how long can Cait resist Brand’s good looks and heart-stopping smile? The more time they spend in one another’s company, the more Cait’s defenses begin to come down. But will she find the strength to put her heart on the line?

Can Cait vanquish old demons once and for all and tell Brant how she really feels? Silver Island has given her so much, but will it give her the happy ending she had long given up on? Or will her fears and insecurities cost her a love that could last a lifetime?

Melissa Foster deftly blends drama, pathos and intensity in a poignant contemporary romance that tugs at the heartstrings and will make readers laugh out loud. Maybe We Should is an emotionally satisfying tale about new beginnings, letting go of the past and the healing power of love that strikes all the right notes.

Cait is a brilliant heroine who is initially guarded and aloof, but who finds the power within to break down the walls she had erected around herself and give herself the opportunity to be happy. Brant is such a wonderful hero. Handsome, charismatic and irresistible, he is a hero no reader would ever say maybe to!

A gorgeous romantic page-turner, Maybe We Should by Melissa Foster is an enjoyable tale readers will fall head over heels in love with.
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Cait is the half-sister that Abby and Deirdre didn't know they had. She was given up for adoption by their mother when she was an unwed seventeen year old. Now they are together and learning to support each other. Cait is working part-time at the Bistro that they inherited from their mother and travels to the tattoo parlor where she feels the people there are her family. Cait's adoptive father was abusive to her after her adoptive mother died. This has lead to a lot of insecurities for Cait. Brant has felt drawn to Cait ever since he saw her several months ago. He saves her and the dog she was rescuing from drowning. They begin to co-parent the dog and this leads to the attraction between them. Brant tries to give Cait room to learn to trust him and love him as he loves her. Cait receives support from her "family" at the tattoo parlor and encouragement from her biological family on the island. Will Cait be able to overcome her past and learn to trust Brant and maybe even love him? This is a very emotional book but is well written. It's book two in this series but can be read as a stand alone. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series. I received a copy to read and review early from NetGalley and I'm leaving my honest review.
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This book is the first I have read by Melissa Foster, but it left me wanting to read more immediately. This is part of a series, and the author has a lot of characters from other series she writes; however, this book can be read as a standalone novel, and you won't feel like you are missing any key information. However, be prepared to be intrigued by many of the other characters, and want to read their stories, as I now do. 

What did I love so much about this one? It was in the characters, and their relationships with each other. From Cait, a tough girl with a past she is trying to forget,  who just found her sisters and has started opening up to them. Brant, an attractive shipbuilder with a heart of gold, and a magnetic attraction to Cait. Brant has the best family, and one of my favorite parts was the under the sea dinner party Brant's family was having. Cait doesn't trust easily, and has been putting walls up around herself for years. Can she open herself up to Brant, and become part of his family, the way she yearns to? 

With a touch of steamy romance, quirky characters, and interwoven stories, this book made me want to read more. 

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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J'attends chaque roman de Melissa Foster avec impatience (je vous rappelle aussi que sa saga des Whiskey sera traduite en français à partir de janvier) et même s'il y a des séries que je préfère à d'autres, j'avoue que les derniers romans m'ont tous beaucoup touchée car ils abordent des thématiques très fortes à travers les romances.  C'est évidemment le cas avec le tome 2 de la série "Silver Harbor" "Maybe we should", sorti le 2 novembre et reçu en service presse via Netgalley et Inkslinger Pr et que j'ai dévoré une fois encore.
  Cette série est consacrée à trois soeurs qui sont revenues sur l'île, suite au décès de leur mère : dans le tome 1, Maybe we will , base de cette trilogie (ou plus?) nous avions découvert Abby, une cheffe de cuisine, qui était déterminée à sauver le restaurant fermé de la famille : elle va tomber amoureuse par la même occasion d'Aiden, un chef d'entreprise que sa soeur avait obligé à venir se reposer sur l'île. Elle a une soeur Deirdra (une femme d'affaire qui vit ailleurs mais avec qui elle s'entend très bien) et s'est découvert une demi-soeur, Cait Watherby, une jeune femme tatoueuse et introvertie qui vit dans la même ville que les Wicked (une autre de ses séries, que nous découvrons aussi en parallèle et que j'adore ^^ ) et elle travaille avec le héros du tome 2 Tank en tant que tatoueuse...  (si vous me suivez ou que vous connaissez l'univers de Melissa Foster, vous savez que chaque roman peut se lire seul MAIS qu'ils sont reliés à toutes ses autres séries et que forcément, quand on les connaît, on les apprécie encore plus car on apprend ce qu'ils deviennent) 
 Dans le tome 1, nous avons donc vu son arrivée pour le testament de leur mère : on a appris (attention, risque de spoilers)

   que sa mère était tombée enceinte jeune et que ses parents l'avaient obligée à abandonner son bébé et qu'elle ne s'en était jamais remise. Malheureusement, alors qu'elle la pensait heureuse dans sa nouvelle famille, sa mère adoptive est morte jeune et elle a eu une vie terrible jusqu'à ce qu'elle se sauve et rencontre les Wicked et notamment Tank qui l'a prise sous son aile. Ses véritables amis sont donc là-bas et même si ses deux soeurs l'ont totalement acceptée au moment où commence le roman, elle a aussi attirée l'attention de Brant Remington (une des familles phares des séries de Melissa Foster) un constructeur de bateaux, sexy et riche. Mais si le jeune homme semble sincère, Cait, elle, doute d'elle-même et ne comprend pas comment elle pourrait avoir séduit un tel homme si différent d'elle qui en plus, est sincère, altruiste et ouvert sur les autres alors qu'elle est introvertie, parle peu et semble toujours sur la défensive. Mais Brant n'est pas devenu ce qu'il est sans une volonté de fer : Cait est la première femme qui a réussi à retenir vraiment son attention et il sent qu'elle pourrait être la bonne et l'unique MAIS la jeune femme le laissera-t-elle l'approcher et se laissera-t-elle aimer? Pourra-t-elle lui faire confiance? De plus, elle vit ailleurs, comment alors pourront-ils vivre une histoire alors qu'elle est déjà compliquée à la base du fait de la vie passée de Cait? eh bien, vous le saurez en lisant cet excellent roman, une fois encore, de Melissa Foster. 
Mon avis : J'avais beaucoup aimé le premier (notamment parce que j'adorais le héros depuis qu'on l'avait rencontré dans une série précédente), je peux en dire tout autant du second, bien qu'il soit totalement différent parce que justement l'héroïne est différente : en effet, Cait est une jeune femme qui vient de découvrir qu'elle a une famille, que sa mère a été forcée de l'abandonner et qu'elle est aimée. De plus, elle a suscité l'attention d'un des plus bels hommes célibataires de l'île, Brant Remington : pour la jeune femme qui a eu une enfance et une adolescence terribles, c'est beaucoup de changements et bien qu'elle soit attirée par cet homme, elle n'a pas envie de risquer de perdre ses soeurs pour un homme qui vit sur place, qui est leur ami et qui est, en plus, une sommité sur l'île.

  Brant est en effet, un natif de l'île de Silver Island où il a vécu avec sa famille, des parents et des grands-parents aimants (il a tout appris auprès de son grand-père) et a des frères et soeurs avec qui il s'attend à merveille (et dont j'ai déjà envie de lire les histoires : elle est très très forte pour ça) Ils sont donc totalement opposés et ont eu une vie totalement différente ce qui leur a forgé des caractères bien affirmés. Si Grant est solaire et veut absolument attirer Cait vers la lumière et le bonheur, la jeune femme a des ombres cachées et elle a peur de faire confiance. Rares sont ceux en qui elle peut compter et même si elle le repousse alors qu'il lui plait (mêmes ses soeurs la poussent à s'ouvrir et à lui faire confiance), Brant ne renonce pas : il respecte son besoin d'espace et de temps : comment ne pas craquer pour un tel homme? Il ne s'impose pas, il est juste suffisamment là pour lui faire comprendre qu'elle peut compter sur lui et attendra qu'elle soit prête. Mais son passé ne l'empêchera-t-il pas d'obtenir le bonheur que tous deux méritent? 

  Cait est vraiment un personnage à part : comme ses soeurs, elle a reçu une lettre de sa mère, remise après son décès : cette mère qu'elle pensait qui l'avait abandonnée et qui en réalité aurait souhaité la garder. Comme Abby dans le tome 1, elle attend le moment propice pour la lire et nous avec. J'ai beaucoup aimé ce personnage mais ai souffert aussi pour elle : j'avais envie de la rassurer et de lui dire de faire confiance non seulement à Brant mais aussi aux habitants de l'île (et notamment la famille du jeune homme) qui l'ont accueillie à bras ouverts. Mais on ne change pas quelqu'un comme ça qui a été rejetée une grande partie de sa vie. C'est une jeune femme talentueuse, qui a un don innée pour l'art et qui va se révéler sur cette île plus encore. J'ai adoré aussi les interactions avec Tank et ses employés et le fait qu'il la protège : je l'adorais dans son livre "The Wicked Aftermath" (sortez vos mouchoirs pour celui-ci) et il m'a encore confirmé combien il était exceptionnel et combien on pouvait compter sur lui. Il est protecteur avec elle et saura le faire comprendre à Brant. Petit plus, on sait ce qu'il devient avec son épouse. ;) 
Mais comme je vous l'ai dit avant, Brant est encore un homme à la fois qui sait ce qu'il veut (et là, il veut Cait) mais il a été élevé dans le respect des femmes et jamais, il n'ira contre sa volonté : il est prêt à s'effacer si elle ne veut pas de lui (même si au fond, il sent qu'ils sont faits l'un pour l'autre) Il va lui démontrer qu'il a certes été un séducteur mais qu'avec elle, les choses sont différentes : il va l'épauler et la faire s'ouvrir au monde et à la vie : j'ai adoré lorsqu'il la présente à sa famille et comment ces derniers l'accueillent tout en respectant son histoire : sa mère était amie avec sa mère biologique et elle va l'accueillir comme une fille. Non seulement les jeunes sont géniaux mais les parents, les grands-parents sont tout aussi exceptionnels dans ces romans et ne croyez pas qu'ils sont rangés ^^ oh non! Ils sont bien vivants et sexy : c'est si drôle quand les parents ou grands-parents évoquent leurs relations ou quand un des enfants évoquent une scène où ils les a surpris mdrrrrrrr Là, j'ai particulièrement apprécié, comme dans le tome précédent, la brigade des femmes (de tout âge) et qui revendiquent le fait de bronzer seins nus (ou en bikinis) Elle sont connus de tous (là encore, j'ai bien ri quand les garçons ont avoué qu'eux ou leurs copains avaient surpris leur mère, grand-mère et étaient bien gênés ^^ ) et prônent la liberté du corps de la femme : bravo. Et leurs hommes (frères, maris ou autres) les soutiennent dans leur démarche : bravo bis ! 

  Melissa Foster nous transmet une fois encore, des valeurs universelles et qui nous touchent : elle nous raconte une histoire à la fois sexy et forte par le passé de l'héroïne et aborde des thèmes pas faciles (je ne vous en dis pas plus, pour ne pas vous spoiler) : on passe donc du rire aux larmes et même si l'on sait que cela finira par un happy end, cela ne nous empêche pas d'être émues plus d'une fois et comment ne pas l'être avec l'histoire de Cait?

 Je ne dirais qu'une chose (comme à chaque fois, d'ailleurs ^^ ) Vivement le prochain. J'ai hâte de lire le tome 3 sur la dernière soeur "Deirdra" qui semble bien plus rigide que ses soeurs (et qui n'a jamais pardonné à leur mère d'être redevenue alcoolique à la mort brutale de leur père) et Jagger, un musicien qui travaille pour Abby et qui semble avoir une vie de bohème (il était aussi le protégé de leur mère : quel est donc son ou ses secrets? sa vie passée qui l'a amené là où il est au moment où débute cette série : tellement hâte d'en savoir plus le concernant) j'ai hâte de découvrir leur histoire car il semble que tous deux ont aussi des secrets et des blessures qu'il leur faudra soigner et dépasser pour trouver le bonheur ensemble : là encore, tout semble les opposer mais nul doute qu'ils feront un couple exceptionnel car on sait que derrière leurs apparences, ce sont des personnes sur qui l'on peut compter. Mais pour cela, il faudra attendre avril 2022 : snif lol (oui, je sais, il y en aura plein d'autres entre temps et ça, je dis "youpiiiiiiii" )
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Maybe We Should is another story that kept me reading all weekend long! Melissa Foster gives us another heart felt story that will surely pull on your heart strings. The vulnerability these characters show will make you want to save them yourself. 

Brant and Cait were the ones that can over come it all. Their passion towards each other whether they are bantering or not, you knew there was something special with these two. 

Maybe We Should is a story that will have you entranced whole heartily. You will not want to put this book down. I am ready for the next book in this series!
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4.5 Maple Leaf Review of Maybe We Should (Silver Harbor 2) by Melissa Foster

"Together we'll make sure every last dream comes true, and I'm going to enjoy watching you soar."

Cait is starting to finally settle into her new life with her newly found sisters and friends. Cait wants to learn to open up to everyone but the darkness of her past still keeps trying to suck her under. Brant has had his eyes on Cait since she arrived on the island and he is determined to make her see that he is willing to help her battle anything and everything that is thrown their way so they can be together. 

Brant and Cait are complete opposites but share some beliefs that help bring them together. I loved the chemistry and banter between Brant and Cait. Brant is so easy-going and swoon-worthy. I was so proud of Cait for facing and confronting all her different fears throughout the story. 

The Silver Harbor series is getting better with each book and I can not wait to return for Deirdra and Jagger's story. 

Maybe We Should is a small town, slow burn, opposites attract romance told in the third-person point-of-view of Brant and Cait and is the second book in the Silver Harbor series and part of the larger Love in Bloom series which can be read as a stand-alone.
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