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Heart Hunter is a very good adventure story that struggles with the rules of the world in which it has been sent. The art is lovely. The character designs are a high point. I especially liked some of the monsters that appear later in the book.

Plot-wise the concept of an assassin being sent on missions to kill soulmates so their employers can gain immortality opens up many possibilities too few of which I think was explored. The themes love, loss, and sacrifice are explored through the lens of Psyche, a damaged killer, who wants to open up but is afraid of being hurt again they can't.

I struggled to get on with this book. I found the rules of the world confusing and too often the writer was trying to force these unearned emotional moments. 

I did enjoy it but is somehow less than the sum of its parts. Recommended but keep your expectations in check
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This is a very interesting concept with some pretty cool art, though outside of my personal preference. The overall story arc was pretty cute. I would definitely be interested to see where else the author and illustrator do.
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Envecor is a cursed place where the inhabitants are immortal and carry their hearts outside of their bodies. If someone were to find their soulmate, they would grow old with them and die. As a result, there are people who want to live forever so they would hire a Heart Hunter to eliminate their soulmate. The king, Marius, hires the hunter Psyche to kill his soulmate so he remains on the throne.

This is really creative. It's a high fantasy journey where the hero, Psyche, has the chance to learn and grow all while exposing some interesting secrets underlying this magical society. This takes a fairy tale notion and turns it on it's heat for a dark twist without being overly edgy. The characters are well done, the art is lovely, and I had fun reading it. I wonder if this will ever get a sequel or more stories in this world but I certainly hope so. 4 out of 5.
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I received an e-arc of The Heart Hunter from Legendary Comics UK. Even though I have been gifted this book for review, all opinions are my own. 

This is my review of The Heart Hunter by Mickey George

This was an intense graphic novel and heartbreaking at times. The whole concept is a dark look at what humans would sacrifice in order to remain immortal for all times. To give up on the chance of finding one's soulmate just to live forever is not a path I would take, but that is just a personal choice. Both writing style and art style are well matched.
Highly recommend it if you enjoy reading graphic novels that have darker undertones.
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Loved the art style - really bold and colourful. 

Enjoyed the concept of soulmates and how your decision making can have such an impact on your future. It is unique and engaging. 

3 stars from me - really enjoyed and recommend.
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sadly i never got to read this book because I could never figure out how to read it on any device :(
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Would you rather find your soulmate or live forever? 

On the cursed island of Envecor, everyone is doomed to wear their heart outside their bodies, immortal and unable to change until they find their soulmate. Once bonded, soulmates become mortal; they are freed from the curse and able to leave the island and grow old. However, those who don’t want to lose their immortality pay Heart Hunters to find their soulmates and kill them. Psyche, a Heart Hunter, is hired by the king to kill his soulmate. As she sets out on her quest, she begins her own journey of mending her broken heart and learning to trust again... 

I loved this graphic novel SO much! The concept of the story is really cool and fascinating, and the plot and character development were incredibly compelling and moving. The art style might take some getting used to at first, but I ended up falling in love with the bold lines and bright colors.

If you're a fan of stories about soulmates (romantic and platonic), healing, and have a thing for the enemies-to-lovers trope, I heartily recommend this graphic novel! The story is so touching and heartwarming, I'm sure it will stay with me for a long time.

TW: gore, death, suicide (not of the MCs)

Thank you Netgalley and Legendary Comics for the ARC!
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I liked the originality and symbolism but may have gotten a little confused with a plot detail or two and a little frustrated with some of the artwork/character design.
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The art style was what drew me into this book in the first place, and I have to say that it did not let me down. I love the drawing style, and the use of color for different emotions and portrayals was amazing. It really kept the story interesting to see how everything would be interpreted in the colors used. The premise of the story was very entertaining as well, although I felt like I had some unanswered questions after I finished. The end felt a tad rushed. However I really enjoyed the character development especially of the main character. Slowly piecing together her backstory throughout the book kept me wanting to know more. I wish I'd gotten a little more of a backstory on a couple more characters. Overall a very entertaining read.
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I love the art style in this book. The colour choices are bold and vivid. I liked the protagonist and her backstory, but the actual story itself didn’t catch my interest as I thought it might. The plot seems overcomplicated and therefore less interesting.
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The Heart Hunter is an imaginative, romantic graphic novel. It perverts the idea of finding your soulmate by setting up the premise that once you have found them, you then both die by becoming mortal. The Heart Hunter is an assassin who is hired to kill soulmates, therefore ensuring their client's immortality. I thought the characters were great, and the illustrations interesting, emotive and dynamic - they seemed a little Art Nouveau. However, the end started to feel like a drag and there was a lot going on which didn't make a lot of sense. The pace slowed down too much for me, sadly and I began to lose interest. That said, it is an interesting idea which challenges the ideals of Romanticism.
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Fantastic premise. Soul mates meaning mortality would make for a very complicated world but man does this book explore it. Great plotting and illustrations.
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You know that tumblr AU that’s like what if once you turned 18 you stopped aging until you met your soulmate? That’s the island of Envecor. You must literally carry your heart around with you, outside of your body, and you cannot die, age, or change at all until you meet that person, including but not limited to romantic suitors. This began as a curse placed on the island by Time and Death; however, people began taking advantage of this curse by having their soulmates hunted down and killed, namely Marius, the king of Envecor, to maintain their immortality. Marius has known Psyche since they were kids and he has sent hunter after hunter to take care of his soulmate, but for some reason none of them can get the job done. So he sends Psyche, the best of the best heart hunters to take care of things. This job becomes much more than just a job for Psyche once she actually meets Marius’s soulmate who ends up helping Psyche move forward with her life in a way she never thought she would. 

I’ve known the premise of this universe for a long time and I’m glad to see that it’s finally getting published. I love the dark twist that George has taken in the universe, with those choosing power and immortality over love. This graphic novel is short (less than 200 pages) but the story is so full of life without the feeling that you’re missing out or trying to catch up on anything. The characters are funny and quippy, but they all have moments where they get very real with themselves and those around them. The writing and the art are beautiful and entertaining and just keep the reader so entrenched in the universe of the story. I would advise caution for any readers with trypophobia going in, though; I do have this and there were a few points during the story that triggered it, but in my experience it was not a hinderance to the story and I was able to quickly move past the offending panels. 

One thing that I specifically loved about this story was the acknowledgement and understanding of the fact that soulmates are not exclusively romantic; they can be platonic or familial relationships. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys graphic novels, adventure stories, and fantasy genres.
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The Heart Hunter is a beautifully illustrated story about Psyche, an assassin-for-hire type, who hunts down people’s soulmates to destroy their hearts and allow her clients to live forever. The king, Marius, recruits Psyche to hunt down his soulmate, Isaac, whose heart of gold allows him to heal the hearts of others. The journey takes Psyche on an emotional adventure, in addition to a trek through the woods, as she tackles the death of her first soulmate who left her broken-hearted.

The Heart Hunter used a fantastic mix of color to enhance the emotions of each character and the mood of the scene. The art style allows for tender moments of slow growing acceptance and understanding between characters and moments of tense action and stress. I loved how diverse and representative of different kinds of love were explored in this novel, including romantic, platonic, and familial love. I also loved the supernatural elements that wove throughout the story from the prolog to the epic climax. I can’t wait to check out more by both the author and illustrator.
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“That’s the tragedy of all soulmates: they are mirrors, not partners, one revealing the true nature of the other.”

Envecor is under a curse. Hearts live outside of the body, in glass jars. People don't age or die. When you find your soulmate, the curse is broken and you must leave the island or suffer dire consequences. 

Some want nothing more than to find their soulmate. Some want nothing more than to live forever. 

That's where Heart Hunters come in: they can kill your soulmate's heart, thus ensuring your immortality. Psyche is one of those heart hunters, employed by the king to kill his soulmate. 

This book is enjoyable, if a little confusing. I'm relatively new to reading comics/graphic novels, but I didn't love the art style. However, the cast of characters was interesting and the premise was amazing. This story was bittersweet — but the good kind of bittersweet, leaving you a strange kind of sad/happy at the end.
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I absolutely loved it. The story the art are amazing. I felt like art was making the story only better and more powerful.

The story about love and trust and humans connections are not really new to anyone but it doesn’t mean it cannot be told again. Moreover, I felt like this story was even better because it not only flashed out romantic relationships but also platonic and relationship between family and siblings. I felt like all of my emotions and thoughts about soulmates were put in this book and that’s why it’s 5 stars.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Legendary omics for giving me and e-arc to read! Wow I loved this book. The artwork is gorgeous, giving some fantasy/spooky vibes but the story having a heartfelt love story. I loved the intertwining plots of Time and Death, and the heart strings connecting soulmates of our main characters. There were so many beautiful lines about the different form of love and heartbreak and grief and how these all come in so many different forms.
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Thank you Netgalley for letting me read an arc of this wonderful book!

I actually forgot that I was approved for it and had read it through the Hoopla app because it was already released, But I absolutely enjoyed it.

I had expected the main plot of people being immortal until they find their soulmate to be generic but this changed my mind. the artwork, the panels, the characters and their personalities were just lovely to read. I ended up finishing it in one sitting and it was my last 5-star of 2021,
I look forward to whatever the authors and illustrators have in store in the future!
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This was such a surprising read, I honestly did not expect from the synopsis to love this story as much as I did.
It's such a unique take on a fairytale, with enjoyable characters, storylines, and illustrations. I would 100% buy this. I have not read anything similar to this before.
Such a fun book, highly recommend it.
4 stars.

*** ARC provided by Legendary Comics via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I went for the average rating for this book as I was unable to open it on any device. 

I love the cover and the premise. 
I would probably buy a physical copy
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