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I went for the average rating for this book as I was unable to open it on any device. 

I love the cover and the premise. 
I would probably buy a physical copy
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The Heart Hunter is unlike anything I've read before. The concept was new, slightly disturbing (which is always a good thing) and sweet all simultaneously. The heart-themed puns that run through his comic are wonderfully hilarious and made me giggle whenever they cropped up. However, most of this story is not lighthearted, not warm or fluffy, but quite sinister and dark *chef's kiss*. I enjoyed the darkness of this comic and how tortured most of the characters are. And the artwork? The artwork is fantastic, so detailed and wonderfully coloured. It fully immerses you into the story—overall, a solid comic with a great twist on soulmates.
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I really liked this comic. The message is clear and I think I would have liked it more if it was a little more subtle, that's mostly why it's 4 stars and not 5. The other thing I didn't love was how fast relationships seemed to develope between the characters, but, considering it's a short stand-alone comic, it makes sense that they're like this. I really liked the art style and the whole concept was really interesting. I also enjoyed the point that not all soulmates have to be romantic, as it is a concept that I truly believe in.

All in all: a really fast and enjoyable read.
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Bold and captivating art tells the story of a heart hunter, Psyche, living on the island of Envecor where residents live with their hearts outside of their chest. Only by meeting their soul mate can their heart be restored to the chest of their partner, and they can sail away to escape the curse. Or, if you have a broken heart like Psyche, you have less to lose and all the more to gain by hunting people for their hearts - the source of immortality.

I was really captured by this story and the blazing artwork across the pages. Every panel packed a punch and the placement of them all told a story within itself. The character designs were all so unique and, coupled with the punchy cerise, some pages I lingered on just to admire even when I wanted to keep going with the story.

Speaking of which, the story is succinct, powerful and interesting - the characters are complexly webbed together but the reader is brought up to speed quickly so you never feel uncertain about what is happening in the narrative. I liked that all the characters had clear backstories and motivations that, while difficult to unwrap, all made sense for their character progression. The King in particular made for a personal favourite for his pointed remarks and differing motivations. You knew something was going to kick off when he walked into a scene!

Progression is a key feature of this narrative so if you're looking for characters that grow, you're in the right place. There's theming around love in all its forms, grief, defiance, greed and much more. For all that happens on the page, the most change happens internally for the characters, coming to terms with their pasts, their wants and needs. Love is a powerful motivator and, if you want to feel uplifted by a short and breezy read, this is the one for you.

I'd recommend to a wide range of readers, particularly those a fan of fantasy and fairytales with a twist.
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I received this as an eARC to read for free in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to NetGalley and Legendary Comics for giving me access.

While there were some minor glitches in the production of the eARC (page ghosting) I could still understand the concept of what was trying to be said. 

This was one of the best graphic novel stories I've read in 2021! A very unique take on a [not so] typical love story. The artwork is absolutely stunning and is what drew me in. George creates a wonderful world in which this curse takes place and includes love of all kinds. I cannot recommend this enough.
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On Envecor everyone is doomed to wear their hearts outside their bodies.  They are immortal until they find their soulmate and then they can leave Envecor and live a mortal life.  Those that do not want to become mortal hire heart hunters to find and kill their soulmate. I really struggled with how to review this story.  A lot of things are confusing at first, but as the story continues the more it connects.  So it is difficult to discuss the story without spoilers.  The art is beautiful.  A lot of panels have a stained glass feel to them which I really enjoyed.  I loved the premise of the story, it isn’t something I have seen before, but it felt like the story was contradicting itself.  Either I misunderstood the concept of how soulmates work in this world or continuity isn’t really there.  I do think my students will enjoy the story because the problems I had with the story don’t normally bother them.

3 stars

Creative Team:
Flats: M. Hulbert, Kim Goon,Diana Sousa, Marcos Vikk
Lettering: Richard Starkings, Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Creator/Writer: Mickey George
Cover and Interior Art: V Gagnon
Published by Legendary comics
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This is so original and interesting! I never realized how many weird saying we have abut hearts: heart of gold, bleeding heart, heart on your sleeve... so many! And the way the author uses them here is super creative.
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I had no preconceived notions about this graphic novel, so I’m happy to say that it completely blew me away.

The story follows a couple of characters living under a curse on an island cut of from the rest of the world. The setup is rather unique and the mythology provided at the beginning sets the tone perfectly.

The visual difference that the island inhabitants have is that they all have hearts that they keep on the outside of the body. I won’t go into too much detail but, like the title, the book doesn’t shy away from using common phrases related to harts, and there are plenty of puns to make anyone giggle.I won’t go into more detail just because the plot picks up very quickly and I, for one, enjoyed going in blind.

One of the most important aspects of this graphic novel is the art and the colors that are used. The color palette is fairly limited and, along with the subtle and overt imagery, perfectly accompanies the story and provides plenty of heart-shaped imagery in page layouts and individual images.

The illustration style fits very well with the intended age range and simultaneously reminded me of Scott Pilgrim and earlier graphic novels by Neil Gaiman.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with this galley, reading it was an utter delight!
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The art style was gorgeous and I love the main idea of the story. Absolutely love that your soul mate doesn't have to be a romantic one and the idea of how the heart hunters become a heart hunter is just beautiful.

But I must say, I started to get bored early on in the novel. The story was dragging a bit for me and if it wasn't for the art style I would not have been interested. But it was a solid story idea and it was executed well.
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This was absolutely beautiful. Both the story and illustrations were gorgeous. I will definitely be recommending it.
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I love the colours of this comic. La historia de la maldición, le hacia falta mas trasfondo.
Al final no entendí si el alma gemela de la protagonista era el pibe o qué, como que hay que arreglar eso.
Despues, el romance entre el rey y el que cura los corazones, estuvo bien planteado, 
Buen comic para pasar el rato.
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I really enjoyed this comic; it was very wholesome. This tale is about the power of love as well as about living and dying. I wasn’t a big fan of the drawings at the beginning but I started to like it more and more as I went through the pages. I loved how, at the end of the comics, there are pages that explain how some art scenes worked in the script.
I enjoyed that this story doesn’t really have a bad guy, just people doing what they think is best and/or trying to cope with their heartbreak. They all had good reasons for acting the way they did. I liked all the characters and was quite happy with the ending. Psyche is definitely a strong character and Jez was quite cute. The concept of soulmate is not new in books, but the universe created here is very nice and unique.
I recommend this comic to people who believe in the power of love.
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I wish I could have read this one. However, like a few reviewers, I had trouble downloading the pdf. I have tried multiple times and yet it wouldn’t allow me. But it seems that other reviewers highly recommends this one, and it seems like it’s worth the read. Hoping to pick this up when it’s available!
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. 
4/5 stars
Stunning art, interesting concept, unfortunately ham-fisted metaphors. 

This book follows Psyche, a Heart Hunter in a world where people's hearts are on the outside and they are linked to their soul-mates by a curse. 
What I did love about the story: 
Amazing concept! Great world-building of the people, the different types of hearts, and the island/curses' history. 

What I didn't love: 
Talking about the conditions of the hearts was interesting for the first couple of chapters, but became repetitive to the point of being annoying. 
The characterization left a lot to be desired for all of the characters. While I do understand the author took more space for explaining the world, I could have used more of a real sense of the characters. 

Even for a graphic novel I would say is for teens, I think some nuance and subtlety would improve this greatly.
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I was looking forward to reading this, but I have tried multiple times and multiple ways to download this to read, and it will not open for me - it is not showing up on my Netgalley shelf app, and it won't download to my phone or computer. It also will not send to my kindle. Wish I could read it!
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3.5 stars ^

This was a quick read as I read it in one sitting. I enjoyed more than I expected, but I did find it wasn’t amazing enough to be 4 or 5 stars. 

It’s set in a cursed world where you die after meeting your soulmate, and it followed a girl who’s been hired by the king to kill his soulmate in order for him to live forever. However on her journey her feelings change and she becomes conflicted on what to do. How do you follow your heart when it’s broken?

I really liked the art style, it was bright and colourful but also matched the vibe of the story. I also found the layout to be great; sometimes graphic novels can get a bit confusing as to what order to read the text in but this was set out in an easy to understand structure so I never got confused. 

The characters were also fairly likeable, but they all had their flaws which helped keep them grounded and not too unrealistic. The main relationship is also mlm which was nice rep. One of the men is bi and the other isnt specified. It was very casual, like them liking a man was just as normal as them liking a woman. Which I really appreciated as that’s how society should see us: equal, not different. 

My only negative point would be that the focus on Psyche’s sister felt a bit out of place at points, like I understand it’s purpose within the story but I didn’t think the back and forth of scenes was always necessary. 

Overall though it was an entertaining graphic novel with a unique storyline.
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This was a fun story! The plot was very interesting and the artwork was a perfect match. I believe that this book would be perfect for YA readers who love fansaty.
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A really good premise and read! Something that every comic nerd should check out! The description was the first thing that got me into it. And once I started reading it was hard to put down. Amazing work!
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This graphic novel had a really unique concept,  and perspective on love and relationships we form. It was refreshing to read and very enjoyable. The artwork was beautiful, and created such a detailed and immersive world that would be a great anime or child's cartoon.

There were so many finer details in the artwork that added so much depth to the story and elevated it to more than just an assasin in a comic book, trying to kill the king's soulmate so that he can live forever.

There were a few graphic scenes and moments where the topics became heavier, so definitely be aware that there is mention of death.

Overall, I enjoyed this a lot, and it has definitely become one of my favourite graphic novels I have read this year.
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Great graphic novel, I love the idea of the story so much. The art work is amazing, I really loved colors because they are so powerful and intense. I really liked the characters but I wanted more characterization.
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