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My Heart Went Walking

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What a beautiful book about love and finding yourself and where you fit in life. 

I love Ireland so much. So I was excited to read this book and just imagine being there again. The characters were interesting and full of life. The story was engaging and had by heart breaking on second and fluttering the next!
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What a very pleasant trip into Ireland of the ‘80s.  It’s the story of two sisters, Una and Ellie, and the ups and downs — pretty serious downs — of their lives.  It’s a story of decisions and their consequences, love, forgiveness, and hope. 

The storytelling is superb, and the writing is superior.  Ms Hanan, I will most definitely read everything you write in the future. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review My Heart Went Walking.  I enjoyed it immensely.
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A women's fiction story that is so well written and real. I still can't believe I was granted the opportunity to read. So for that chance, thank you!
Being a woman has been hard since forever, no matter our culture, age, or location on the globe. But it is a whole lot easier when we support each other when we don't judge each other. 
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My Heart Went Walking by S. Hanan, published by Fire Drinking Publishing, is the gripping story of two sisters.
Set in the 1980ies in Ireland it's an Irish tale of love, loss and redemption.
I read the blurb and was intrigued, and what can I say, this book blew me away; gripped me with both hands; had me from the start, hook, line and sinker.
Una and Ellie are just teenagers when their lives change dramatically. Every one of them has her own drama, tragedy, redemption.
MHWW is a slow burn with just the right amount of everything, gave me all the feels, let me so easily connect with the characters. I love this unique story, I love the pace, I love the writing, 5 stars.
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What a privilege to be given the chance to read this book. It was beautifully written. I was even glad that it ended on a positive note. I couldn't have handled Ellie dying! Was was to reach the end! Bravo Sally Hanan.
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My Heart Went Walking by Sally Hanan.

My Heart went walking for the characters in this book as well. Heartwarming , heartbreaking , sad , funny , joyful , emotional , I could continue but will suggest you read it for yourself. 
Is Sally Hanan the next Maeve Binchy ? I think she could be.
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