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Men Don't Cry

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This is a fast paced coming of age novel about Mourad, from his turbulent adolescence with his eldest sister leaving the house, to his experiences being a schoolteacher in Paris. There were parts that were funny and insightful, but on the whole, I found the narrative voice of Mourad far too misogynist to really enjoy the book. His eldest sister, Dounia, who leaves the house is far more interesting, and I can't quite understand why the writer's so tremendously judgmental about her, or the future she chooses- would someone who's such a radical feminist join a right wing political party? Mourad never really encounters any opposition to his views, or seems to develop empathy at all. The book has a diverse cast of characters, but for a book that seems to want to subvert cliches, every character apart from Mourad are complete stereotypes- the Indians bobble their heads and clutch their idols , the blonde women only want to be reality stars. I would recommend Sabri Louatah's books instead, for a far more nuanced depiction of the diversity of life in France- better plotlines, fascinating characters.
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This author writes really well, and this is a good story with some nice humor. This is a niche story, but those that read this will probably enjoy it a lot.

I really appreciate the free ARC for review!!
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