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Full of delicious recipes and fascinating lore, The Witch's Feast is a book of insight and knowledge! I found the history given with each recipe very interesting, because it underlines what I think the key takeaway of the cookbook is: that food is a way to connect to your roots and to others. There are a few recipes I'm definitely hoping to give a try, like the Michaelmas Struan. Can't wait to read the full cookbook!
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I've never considered myself a kitchen witch, or anything similar.  The kitchen is NOT where my strengths lie.  However, this book might just get me to try harder.  Much more than just a witchy cookbook, The Witch's Feast offers up lore and historical context of the rituals and recipes we use everyday and on special occasions.  Seriously, this is a fantastic book.
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A mouthwatering and informative book, a fascinating read featuring plenty of interesting recipes and some information about them.
It's well researched, easy to follow and informative.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I love recipe books and I especially love recipe books written by witches. Included with the recipes are details about when and why these are used.. What rituals, when are these cooked, why these? Tidbits that make the recipes even more interesting. No, I have not made everything in this book but the dishes that I did make turned out very well. .Roast chicken with Babylonian spices turned out very good but I left out the asafoetida as I don't care for it..Great book, beautiful photography. I received this book from Net Galley for a honest review..
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So this book was different than I thought it would be. It has some history of feasts for pagans. History of different gods and goddesses that you would make offereings to and what they would like. Then it has the recipes. I really liked that under the title of the recipe their was a small history of who it was aimed to and when the recipe was found. The recipes all looked good. They were modernized enough that you should be able to find and make everything. Then it explains a pagan feast and why it was used. I’ll definitely be trying some recipes.
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This was a great sample from this witch cookbook. I'm super intrigued by the grouping and description of all the recipes in the table of content. The recipes I could view look delicious and seem doable for people with moderate cooking skills. The pictures of all the food are stunning
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This wasnt the full book, so it was hard to get a complete picture of how it was going to go, but what i saw of the sample I liked. It seemed like a good mix of history, speculation on how food, feasting, and religion might have played their parts together throughout history, and recipies. Also lovely photographs. I do have to say that the layout in the sample was often difficult to read and follow, making it sometimes impossible if you wanted to try out a recipe to be positive you were following things correctly.
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This went directly into the DNF pile. The Witch’s Feast wasn’t anything what I’d hope it would be. Not only unreadable, but the recipes are uncookable.
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I received a sample of this book as an advanced reader copy for review however the limited scope of the sample makes it difficult to review. I really enjoyed the historical information that preceded each recipe. The recipes that were included in the sample very traditional, some bordering on ancient, rustic recipes. By the look of the table of contents page, the things that would have intrigued me to buy the book would have been in the 'Feast of spells' section. It looks to be a well researched and high quality book, I might have to have a flick through a copy at a book store when it is released to decide whether it's something I'd like to purchase.
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As a practicing witch and pagan I was extremely impressed with this offering. It felt very authentic and well researched. It’s obvious the author knows her stuff. I follow the wheel of the year so I was interested to see if there would be many recipes I felt I could incorporate into my sabbat celebrations. 

The recipes all sounded absolutely decadent and mouth watering. I also enjoyed the information that was a precursor to each recipe. Wonderful aspects of history, magic and lore was woven in and I found it all fascinating.

Thank you to Netgalley, Watkins Publishing and the author for providing me with a free copy of this book to review. I look forward to seeing the book in its entirety!
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review, which has not altered my opinion of this book.

This sounds super interesting! While I was only able to get a sampler of this book, I am for sure interested in getting a full copy, purely for the historical information as well. This speaks like what I have heard and seen as a sort of grimoire of food and I think that is fascinating!

Highly recommend! 4 out of 5 for the sampler
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In this extended preview and blad, Melissa Madara shares several recipes from her  forthcoming 'The Witch's Feast: A Kitchen Grimoire'. Readers will be intrigued by the historical contexts while recreating feast dishes as well as wide-spread ritual beliefs from areas such as The Roman Empire, Eastern Europe and Russia, Celtic Scotland, and Babylonia. This sampler sets a great tone in anticipation of Madara's complete hardback
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I didn't realize I had only received a "sampler" - guess I didn't read the Netgalley description close enough, my bad. I was disappointed by that as the book seems incredibly interesting, with history tidbits to go along with the recipes. The recipes that I was able to review did seem a bit complicated, and I would've liked more photos to accompany them.
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This was such an informative and neat book. I am excited to try the focaccia recipe! It has the right mood and tone for the season, but also for all year long for the witches in your life. I only dropped the rating to 4 stars because the book is VERY short.
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I’ll definitely be buying this when it’s out! I loved this little sampler.
Really liked that it comes with snippets of history and what the feasts mean!
The Fornacalia Focaccia looks so yummy, I’ll definitely be trying that! (I’m a notoriously bad cook but these instructions looks nice and easy to follow!)
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This was only a sampler but from what I read this was such a good book! I can't wait to read the rest!

A combination of magical recipes and the history and folklore of witches and witchcraft to compliment. For all fellow witches this book is an essential to add to your collection! This is a cookbook like no other!

The photographs are tantalising! There are so many of these recipes and traditions that I want to try. It's a real treasure trove of a collection, one that I will be adding to my own.

Thank you to Netgalley and Watkins, Nourish Publishing for this eARC in exchange for an honest review
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The Witch's Feast is an awesome book perfect for anyone interested in history and cooking.  Author Melissa Madara begins with recipes and history of celebrations from 10,000 years ago.  She provides details about pharmakos cakes, a representation of sacrificial animals made with honey, figs and cheese.  The recipe is well written and includes a picture finished cakes shaped like cows.  Loved reading about the history, spices and recipes in the context of witchcraft and holistic ritual practice.  Highly recommend for personal use or as a gift.
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The Witch’s Feast by Melissa Madara


Pages – Sampler
Publisher: Watkins / Nourish
Release Date: October 26, 2021

Nonfiction, Cooking, Food & Wine, Religion & Spirituality

This is a review for the sampler. The book is divided into the following sections with beautiful photography.

Feast of the Ancestors: Traditional feasts, recipes and rituals of witches past
Feast of the Stars: Cooking through the zodiac
Feast of the Heavens: Planetary magic in the kitchen
Feast of the Earth: Seasonal meals for the solstices and equinoxes
Feast of Spells: Potions, rites and dinner spells

In the first section, the author provides a very thorough description of the traditions by various cultures. She also discusses how the changes from hunter/gatherer societies has led us to today’s feasting and celebrating tables. I love how the author includes a small rite at the end of some recipes.

The Roast Chicken with Babylonian Spices uses readily available ingredients and sounds amazing. I appreciate the author’s tip on carefully reading the instructions as you prepare the meal. 

The Pharmakos Cakes are made with dried figs, wine, flour, and goat cheese. She gives a list of festivals when it would be appropriate to serve these cakes. She also gives an example of an ancient ritual a town may have performed to get rid of ills in the community that sounds horrible. I am glad that sacrifices now are bloodless. 

To recreate a Pagan Feast, the recipe includes moretum, an herbed cheese, herb salad, pita breads, lamb roast, and cheesecake for dessert. The ingredients consist of several fresh herbs that could be tricky to find in a grocery store (for example savory and rue) but the instructions are easy to follow.

The Fornacalia Focaccia has easy to follow directions and the ingredients are readily available. I love bread baked with rosemary and put it on my to-be-baked list. I especially love the invocation for Hecate at the end of the recipe.

Celtic Struan for Michaelmas is mentioned in the Carmina Gadelica and sounds like a heavy loaf of bread. The author gives advice to watch it while baking because this loaf tends to crack on the top.

If you like ancient traditions or are looking for other ways to honor your deity, I recommend this book. It is obvious the author has done her research on the topic. I look forward to the book being published so I can get the full book.
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I am so excited to read the rest of this cookbook. The photos are stunning and the recipes sound superb. The historical context behind each dish in the sampler arc I received was done so well.  I learned a lot and enjoyed reading it immensely. I think this cookbook will be a massive hit. I am generally a very critical reader, but I have nothing negative to say about this one.
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The Witch’s Feast
A Kitchen Grimoire

* Beautiful photos and images/graphics
* Love the title fonts

The review chapter gave a nice overview of the history of food and celebrations from thousands of years ago. It described how people worked together in order to grow, preserve and store their food and enjoy meals and feasts together.

It further discussed the importance and tradition of community and the impact of deities within the cultural sense.

Overall, the recipe section was very pleasing to review as the pictures were beautifully done. The only critique that I have is that the recipes step section is quite wordy. Other than that I would definitely pick up this book and give it five stars.
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