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Rivers by Claudia Martin is a visual catalogue of rivers and riverbanks across the globe. It covers such diverse locations as: North, Central, and South America; the Caribbean; Europe; Africa; the Middle East; Asia; and Oceania.

There are 225 totally immersive images in Rivers. It is a beautiful collection of plates with a perfect accompaniment of a precise but informative narrative. The images are mesmerizing and stimulating.

Images such as the commingling of the Blue Nile and the White Nile I found distinctly captivating. The Colorado River in Arizona with its adobe canyon walls and the azure blue of the river bend is an exciting image. The raging waters of the Iguazu River in Brazil with as many as 300 waterfalls surging over the Parana Plateau is especially intriguing and beautiful. The Thames in Great Britain lined with its iconic and historic riverbanks complete with Tower Bridge and shadowed by the White Tower is particularly special to me.
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Another gorgeous book from Amber Books full of beautiful photographs. I especially loved seeing of the bridges featured along side the rivers in this book
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A really nice book of one to two images of different rivers from across the world - different viewpoints and an introduction to the river. Really nice inspiration.
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An intriguing pictorial atlas of many of the world’s most beautiful rivers. I love that it is broken up into regions and a little bit of information about the pictures is provided. Many of the pictures are truly stunning, breath taking and frame worthy. I enjoyed turning each page and allowing my imagination to take me away. Thank for putting all of these images into one collection to truly enjoy the beauty of rivers. 

I received a complimentary copy, with thanks, from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are solely my own and freely given.
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The masterpiece book, Rivers, boasts an incredible portfolio of professional, photographic snapshots of rivers the world over. Talk about an epic adventure of a lifetime!  One can visit the continents and countries whose civilizations have flourished riverside since the dawn of mankind, without even leaving the comfort of ones armchair.  Of course, that would not be half as challenging!  

Nevertheless, hours and hours can be well spent mulling over the rivers captured in their many moods and types of weather.  One cannot talk about rivers either, without mentioning waterfalls and bridges.  These too, are shot at angles for their most aestheic potential.  Gasps of wonder and awe at the spectacular, phenomenal panoramas of God's creation, displayed within this book's pages, will exude, involuntarily, from your being as you 'experience' this 'voyage'.

The author has done an exceptional job at highlighting, with just the right tweak of words, as explanation of the rivers' significance, such as their respective uses, legends, environmental status and so on, throughout history and of current times.  Very informative and educationally delightful.  Have an awesome adventure meandering the world's rivers along with the author and the photographic "tour guides".

                                                 ~Eunice C., Reviewer/Blogger~

                                                              August 2021

Disclaimer:  This is my honest opinion based on the review copy given by the publisher.

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Ahhhh...rivers.  Throughout history they have divided countries and marked territory, been the stuff of legends and mythology, important in religious rites and symbolism, irrigation...crucial for humanity's survival.  Ever changing, they feed (i.e. rice and fish) and clean us, they are a mode of transportation, some freeze over several months of the year providing ice roads and unfortunately some kill with floods and drought.  Though this book is largely composed of sublime photography, the text is chock full of fascinating information and details such as the longest and shortest in countries and the world,  My husband and I used to white water raft on the Kicking Horse which is interesting to see aerially.  In this book the reader sees and reads about both known and unknown rivers.  Did I ever learn a lot!

The Amazon River is home to 3,000 fish species!  In my creative mind some rivers look like tapeworms from above.  The picture of the confluence in Brazil is astonishing.  So many gorgeous photographs in this book but one of my favourites for sheer beauty is River Wye, in Wales.  Takes me back in an instant.  Castles along rivers such as the Moselle, Rhine and Danube tug at my heart for their evocative atmosphere.  The Volga Delta practically forms magic!  Had no idea.  Of course the Nile and Tigris rivers are resplendent with religious importance with ancient ruins along the banks in some locations.  The Mekong River in Cambodia is the only river in the world with a strange ability.  We see rubber plantations along riverbanks and some are home to dangerous creatures.  I also enjoy rivers simply for the sound of trickling water and lovely arched stone bridges.

Nature lovers, this book is for you.  You cannot find more stunning photography than with Amber Books anywhere.  It would be a shame to miss any of them.

My sincere thank you to Amber Books and NetGalley for the privilege of absorbing this book.  It is pure joy!
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Amber Books never disappoints. I know that whenever they drop a new book on Netgalley, I’m going to have a great time reading it. Pavlovian effect? Could be. The thing is, Rivers by Claudia Martin fits into the Awesome! category to a T. 


Illustrated with more than 200 spectacular color photographs supported by expert captions, Rivers is a fascinating journey from the mountains to the sea.

Being essential to the survival of civilizations, rivers run through mythology—think of ancient Egypt—and religion—think of the Ganges and Hinduism. And they continue to inspire writers and artists—think of Mark Twain’s Mississippi and John Steinbeck’s Salinas. From the Ganges rising in the Himalayas to the Nile Delta, from the Amazon rainforest to the Bow River flowing out of the Rocky Mountains, from the Rhine to the Rhone, Yangtze to the Mekong, Danube to the Volga to the Ebro, Rivers explores the grandest and most interesting rivers around the world. Arranged by continent, the book reveals the fascinating stories of how rivers have supported and shaped civilizations, the significance that rivers have gained in religion and myth, the battles that have been fought over them, the borders that they have marked, and how rivers have altered their courses, thus changing lives and livelihoods.

224 pages
Amber Books LTD


Cover: I love it. One look at it and I was sold.


- The title says it all. Rivers , compiled by Claudia Martin, is a book about the rivers of the world. It features great pictures, from close-ups to aerials, and interesting, bite-sized info about each of them. We get to see deltas, bends, boats and bridges – glimpses of how nature and humanity often intersect.
- As always, I have to high-five both the publisher and the author, because the pictures are breathtaking. I have my preferences, aesthetically speaking, but even the ones that didn’t catch my attention were really good.

- Structure and prose: A+. I like the utilitarian structure of continents-as-chapters, so that it’s easy to search what you’re looking for. I couldn’t find a single grammar mistake or a typo, which is by now a happy trend with this publisher.

Special mention:

- First bend of the Yellow River, Sichuan, China.
- Three Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot, Yangtze River, China. The bridge! 
- Indus River, Ladakh, India. I have a soft spot for blue rivers.
- Victoria Falls, Zambezi River.
- Lena Pillars, Lena River, Russia.
- Sava River, Croatia.
- Aldford Iron Bridge, River Dee, England. Cast iron bridges are incredible.
- Confluence of Rio Negro and Amazon River, Brazil. Wow. What a great shot.
- Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River, Colorado. 
- Sahalie Falls, McKenzie River, Oregon.


The Po river! Where is the Po? I can’t believe you featured the Tiber and not the Po. It’s the main Italian river.


5 stars on GR.
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This is a luscious book, filled with photography of rivers throughout the world.  The text provides descriptions of the unique ecosystem of each which would be of interest to nature-loving readers.  Looking at these works of art is like being in a beautiful forest that feeds the soul and supports a sense of connection with the earth.  Some of the photos taken from the sky have an abstract quality that is also gorgeous.  I can't recommend this book too's a treasure.
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As always Amber books do not disappoint. Another volume of stunning photographs that help you travel the world from your armchair. Amazing waterfalls, ox bow lakes, landscapes of all types that include rivers in various forms. Just a really fascinating and relaxing book to lose yourself in, Each photo is accompanied by helpful information that doesn’t bore or overload you. Another beautiful book which would make a lovely gift to yourself or a friend.
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Loved it! Plenty of amazing pictures that made me travel to places and dream of being there.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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A great collection of rivers from around the world. Put into sections of regions, this is a book full of rich imagery and brief descriptions. Not a fan of dams, and there are a few in here, but as they are a part of river manipulation I guess that makes sense. Would recommend, as the photography is beautiful.
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These publishers seldom fail when their intent is a book like this, with brilliant photographic research providing the best images to match the educational captions they all get.  The only thing here is that I am not sure it would have a successful market – do geologists need a photobook to act almost as a Busman's Holiday, for however many aspects of rivers the book successfully covers they would know the same amount again?  And for the general browser, who will for sure learn quite a lot in this suitably global survey of river banks, river bridges and all things in between, does that audience even exist, where someone wants a collection of attractive photos of what still is not exactly a cute subject?  Still, I'll go with the flow and give it a rating to prove how commendable it would be, to someone I could not quite fix in my imagination before seeing other very positive reviews.
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A beautiful collection of photos of rivers as the title suggests.  The sections are broken mostly by continents.  There are photos of great rivers and small tributaries.  Some are nature others show great cities or dams.  I happily have seen all the rivers shown in the book in the United States (although not always from that locations.)  I've also seen many of the great rivers of Europe like the Danube, Rhine, Seine and Thames.  This is a coffee table type book.  There is some information given about each river shown but it is limited in scope.  The photos are the stars of the book.  Thank you NetGalley and Amber Books for the temporary ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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I'm that weirdo with a degree in geography who has a river bucket list, so this book was right up my alley. This book would be a beautiful coffee table book for anyone who loves nature or travel. It is divided into sections roughly by continent. There is an overview at the beginning of each section and then each photo has a brief caption providing the location and a little bit of information about either the river of the photo itself. The photos are absolutely stunning. I really liked that a variety of seasons were presented as well as urban and rural scenes. I don't know that I "learned" much but I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and added a few locations to my bucket list. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Amber Books for the ARC.
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Absolutely gorgeous book! Interesting snippets of historical and ecological information provide the context for the breathtaking photos.
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A stunning book of rivers around the world, amazing photography and enough of a description to wet appetite to find out more.  Perfect coffee table book to sit and dream about travelling, it’s a quick read but go back again and again to view the images. Thank you #NetGalley for the advanced copy to review.
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Wow is the word that instantly springs to mind to describe this book!
Some stunning pictures of rivers that have been captured all around the world. 
Surprised to see a Very Local Town to me is listed in there along with a photo obviously of the river.
Beautiful book with stunning photos.
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