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A great psychological thriller sent in an idyllic location. A really interesting group of women, who all had their own stories to tell building to a terrifying climax! One to pack in your suitcase this summer!
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I really enjoyed this book which was mainly down to the characters. The first two thirds of the book is an introduction to each of the women on the holiday for the hen do. Each of the women are very different and they all have secrets. I enjoyed trying to guess who might be the 'baddie' and who might be the unlucky one doesn't make it on the aeroplane home! There are twists and turns at the end which are unexpected and happen fast. The start of this book made me long for a sunny holiday abroad but I wasn't too sure by the end - maybe safer staying at home. I have enjoyed other books by Lucy Clarke and this one did not disappoint.
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Such a great read for vacation! I had so much fun with this book and at almost every end of a pov I kept thinking „tell me what her secret is or what has she done?“ And then the next pov of another character started, so I had the same feelings again and again. Such a turbulent rollercoaster ride🎢 it was enthralling and captivating and not a thriller per se - it’s more of a general fiction book. The synopsis is kind of misleading, because the murder happens at the very end and not as I thought in the first section. I liked this book so much that I ordered her previous novel „The Castaways“ hopefully it’s as good as „One of the girls“. 

I‘d highly recommend this for fans of Lucy Foley and Julie Clark. 

Thank you NetGalley / HarperCollins UK for providing me with this arc in exchange for an honest review.
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This really is one of the best summer psychological thrillers I've read in a while. You will get total lost in this amazing story and I guarantee you will not k ow who to trust xx
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So many of the books based in Greece are holiday romance type stories or historical fiction so I really liked that this was a completely different genre set in my favourite country. The author definitely captured the beauty and atmosphere of Greece in the book whilst telling the story of the six woman on this hen weekend. 

I will say at first having 6 characters to keep track off and work out who is connected or related to whom was a tiny bit tricky at the start. I actually think this book could really have benefited from a cast of characters play so when you had those moments of wait, who is Bella's girlfriend? You could have flipped to the cast of characters page and checked. I think it would have helped with keeping it all in order. 

However by about a third of the way through it was easier to keep track. I zoomed through this read. It is fast paced and addictive and then sense of foreboding builds nicely throughout. I didn't see the ending coming. It definitely surprised me. 

This is a great little summer thriller read but her previous novel The Castaways is far far better and if you have not read that then you definitely should rectify that asap.
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When six hens arrive on the holiday island of Aegos to celebrate prospective bride Lexi’s upcoming wedding, all they’re looking for is a bit of fun. Or are they? It’s always going to be tricky for six very different people to get on, but when at least one has a hidden agenda, and others are hiding secrets, things are bound to go wrong.
As the hen weekend progresses, things unravel, friendships fractures, and more than one person finds herself facing danger.
This story has so much to offer the reader with tensions waiting to explode as the narrative explores each of the women’s thoughts, dreams and fears. Hints of a tragedy to come add a delicious air of tension to an already enthralling tale.
And then there are the girls. Complicated, flawed and yet very likeable, they’re all so different, and so very empathetic in their various ways. 
Is Lexi a bit too perfect? Bella a shade too jealous and irritating? Eleanor too passive aggressive? What’s Ana hiding? What’s eating at Fen? Why can’t Robyn be more assertive?
With its well-paced plot, engaging setting and fantastic cast of characters, this is a great book for anyone who wants their summer romance reading set on fire with added element of darkness, danger and disaster waiting in the wings.
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It took me a while to get really involved in this story.  I struggled to remember the relationships between the characters.  I felt the book was more focussed on female friendships,  history and interactions then a thriller really.  I did enjoy the story but did struggle to engage with the characters.  It was quite an easy read and I would recommend.  Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for giving me access to an early release.
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If you go to Greece (or somewhere warm in a villa with a pool) and this book is in the book case you will spend a happy couple of hours by the pool reading it. A very easy read. Not a thriller, more of a friends and relationships saga. Each character has a chapter a time and the book narrates their point of view. The characters are quite shallow without any real depth so I think that's what gives the book its "easy feel" style. The isn't a murderer, as such, like some other- go on a girlie/hen do/ice station/island locked away/ship cruise , one person murdered and then the horror starts books. More of an intertwining of lives with secrets that are not that difficult to fathom. 
Personally, I would have ended the book on "what happens at hen do stays at hen do" but I suppose it was nice to get the conclusions- again made it a more light hearted book. There was rather an obsession with spines-shivers down/stiffened/tingles etc etc. 
Different to what I expected but a good read
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PHEW! I don't know what I need more.. 10 hours sleep or my blood pressure monitoring! 
If you are looking for a sun-soaked, fast-paced, keep you up till the early hour's thriller for Summer 2022 then my god this is it! Absolutely ALL of the stars from me! x
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I can’t wait to read more by Lucy. This was intriguing, engaging and thrilling. The plot was cleverly unravelled as the story progressed.
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A group of girls are in Greece on a hen weekend. Their emotional baggage sets up a mystery as secrets are being kept by everyone. Over the weekend those secrets unravel setting in motion a series of revelations and events that change everything. This was an ideal holiday read, it wasn’t taxing and kept me hooked and wanting to read on, and whilst it might not have been an amazing piece of literature it was a more than decent read.  Thanks to the publishers and to #netgalley for the opportunity to read in exchange for my honest review.
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If you like your thrillers set in sun-drenched locations they you'll love this book. Six 30-something women gather on the Island of Aegos for Lexi's hen weekend. Expect lots of secrets, jealousy, lies, and of course a death. A fun read for the beach.
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Absolutely gripping, a perfect summer read.  6 women go to a small Greek island for a hen party and we know that a tragedy has happened from the beginning but not who, how or why.  We are kept guessing as twists emerge and secrets are revealed, all the time experiencing a holiday in the sun. Prepare to be enthralled.
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What an addictive little read this was! I can’t quite pinpoint a genre, I feel like it’s a mix of thriller, mystery and domestic drama with some romance thrown in and I absolutely loved it.

There are six POVs which I initially thought would be overwhelming and confusing but actually it didn’t take me long at all to figure out who was who and I quite liked that the perspective kept changing, it kept the story fresh and interesting. The plot moved quickly and I found myself struggling to put the book down, I was really eager to find out how it ended.

I think this would be a perfect book to take on holiday, I wish I’d read it while led on a sun lounger next to a pool! This is the first book of Lucy Clarke’s that I’ve read and what a fabulous start - immediately pushing The Castaways up my TBR.
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Lucy Clarke certainly knows how to build tension. From the moment I picked up this book I’ve been itching to keep reading it.

Set on a Greek island, the tensions between a group of women on a hen weekend are apparent from the very start, with little snippets between chapters hinting at what is about to happen. I love this book.
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ONE OF THE GIRLS is a gripping crime/domestic thriller by bestselling author Lucy Clarke.

The story is set on a beautiful Greek Island, where six women were on a hen weekend travelling from London to the Greek island of Aegos for four nights, a weekend bachelorette party.

The six women include:
Lexi-the bride to be, a yoga instructor, engaged to Ed
Bella-Maid of honor. Used to be a nurse.
Fen-Bella’s girlfriend. Personal trainer.
Robyn-divorced with infant son. Solicitor
Eleanor-Ed’s sister. Sculptor
Ana-Single mom of teenager

But this holiday ends in a death. They all had a game!

This is a character-driven novel, where each chapter is devoted to learning more about each one of the six. All the women have history, lies and secrets.

The story builds to an exciting peak that will have you guessing until the end. A very enjoyable read!

Many thanks to the author and The Book Club Reviewer Request Group (FB) and Net Galley for my digital copy.
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6 women go on a hen night to the greek islands but on the weekend somebody dies....
Lexi is the bride to be and somebody is trying to sabotage lexis wedding....
Had short chapters which i like, Each of the girls are hiding a secret.
A good read the first for me by this author.
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There are six women on Lexi's hen do on an idyllic greek island, and from the start we know that someone dies at the end. Part of the fun of the book is guessing who this person will be (or who I wanted it to be), most of the fun is getting to know the six women. At the start of the book it seemed that each of them would fit neatly into a prescribed role; former hedonist now a yoga tutor, the frazzled Mum of a toddler, the somewhat dull future sister-in-law....but as I turned the pages and I got to know these women better the different, and sometimes surprising facets of their personalities started to shine through.   

And the ending is a blinder! I hadn't expected that at all, and it works so well.This was an absolutely delicious read that grabbed me from the get-go and I would like to thank the publisher and NetGalley for the advance copy in return for an honest review.
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Amazing writing, as always, by Lucy Clarke. I loved this book. I felt like I was on that Greek island with those women.
Thanks to Netgalley and the author for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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A stunning Greek villa. A long weekend away for a hen do. Beautiful sunshine, sea, and plenty of alcohol. What could possibly go wrong...

It's rare that I enjoy a thriller as much as I enjoyed One Of The Girls, which is brilliantly plotted. Each woman on the hen do felt well rounded and I found my sympathies shifting constantly between them. The ending, meanwhile, had me gasping out loud. Very highly recommended: the perfect holiday read this summer. 4.5 stars rounded up to 5.
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