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Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book.

Lexi is getting married to Ed. And Lexi and her friends all head to Greece for the hen do. But what Lexi doesn’t realise is that each member of the hen party is holding secrets, which all come tumbling out over the course of the few days they are away.

I really liked this, the descriptions used of Greece were beautiful. You could picture the villa in your minds eye. The characters were all great, Bella was especially awful on a lot of occasions, but it just made the story more relatable, as I’m sure everyone has or knows a friend just like that. I guessed some of the twists and turns, but there were many I didn’t guess at all and was quite surprised. An excellent read!!
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A great holiday read! Evocative of Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies, you will be let into the world of Lexi Lowe’s sun- soaked Greek honeymoon. As the wine and Ouzo flows, so do the secrets. Entangled in more ways than you can imagine, the dream hen do ends in a nightmare.
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An incredibly clever, sinister and seductive thriller. The characterisations of all the women on the hen are brilliant - you feel like you know them all, soon into the story - and the tension simmers, ramping up slowly so that you’re utterly hooked, wondering what’s going to happen, every revelation making things slot slowly into place. It was so compelling, so beautifully written, and honestly felt like a masterful thriller. Lucy Clarke deserves to be up there with Lucy Foley in my opinion. Brilliant, atmospheric and very satisfying.
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Six women travel to a sun-soaked Greek island to celebrate their friend’s upcoming wedding. It should be the prefect weekend getaway, filled with cocktails and sunset swims. But these women each have a secret, and in hiding them from each other they cause dangerous undercurrents within the group.

Deadly consequences are a little more than they bargained for on this hen-do.

I loved Clarke’s earlier work, but I’ve found her more recent offerings somewhat lacking. This book, in particular, is excruciatingly slow paced up until around the 70% mark. Then everything kicks off between 70 – 90% and the last tenth wraps everything up in a far too neat bow to be satisfying!

It was an easy read with a little mystery, although if you’re a fan of this genre I’m sure you’ll see the twist coming. I probably wouldn’t recommend for anyone looking for gripping and twisty but perhaps to those looking for a bit more meat for the sun lounger this summer.
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I chose to read and review a free eARC of One of the Girls but that has in no way influenced my review.

I thoroughly enjoyed Clarke's previous thriller, The Castaways, last year. I found it very compelling with great characters and I loved the ending. So much so, I can still remember it clearly now. So when I saw the author was about to publish a new book I leapt at the chance to read it. And it's now safe to say Clarke is firmly on my 'must read author list' because I LOVED One of the Girls.

Lexi is getting married! And to celebrate, her best friend, Bella, has convinced her a hen party would be brilliant idea. They and four of Lexi's friends are heading to the Greek island of Aegos for four nights and some much needed time away from 'real life'. But when the women arrive, it's clear the cracks are already starting to show. Everyone has secrets. This group of six woman have more than most. And by the end of their exotic getaway, someone will be dead and someone will be a killer...

I flew through this book, completely absorbed and soaking up the Greek sun with this disparate group of women. I can't express how much I loved everything about it. The characters are all so different but they work so well together. An odd group of women brought together to celebrate Lexi, but you can feel the tensions simmering under the surface and you can't help but ask yourself 'what is actually going on here?'. That intrigue, that sense that there was so much more to come, really hooked me into the story.

Lexi is a sweetheart and it's clear to the reader why these women have travelled for hours to celebrate her forthcoming nuptials. Bella, her maid of honour and self-appointed best friend, is such a character! Obnoxious and brassy, I really liked her but I think I'll be in the minority on that one. She's spoilt and demanding, utterly frustrating at times. But I thought she was written so well. She elicits an emotional response from the reader and I appreciated that. The other women, who I won't go into detail about here otherwise this review will be as long as the book (!), are fantastic creations. All individual personalities, all with their own totally believable backstory, all with their own heartaches and simmering resentments.

The plot is paced beautifully and I was in the story from the moment I picked the book up to the moment I put the book down. This is one of those novels I enjoyed so much that I was sad when it was over (although, in truth, I did race to the conclusion keen to find out how things would end so it was my own darn fault really!). There are many twists and turns along the way, some I was able to see coming, others knocked me for six and I loved that moment of shock the author delivered.

Would I recommend this book? I would, yes. I loved One of the Girls and I'll probably re-read it in the future as I'm keen to return to Aegos and be reunited with this fascinating, eclectic group of women and their complicated friendships. The setting was exquisite (yes, I'm desperate for a holiday!), the plot was so well drawn and thought out but the characters absolutely did it for me. They felt like real people and I was watching an edge-of-your seat TV drama play out before me. Clarke is such a talented writer and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next. A hugely compulsive read featuring divine characters and their bubbling resentments which I couldn't get enough of. Totally addictive. I loved it! Highly recommended.

I chose to read and review a free eARC of One of the Girls. The above review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Six women go on a hen weekend to Aegos. a fictional Greek island. Some of them have known each other from school. others have only just met. Tensions arise mainly because the self styled maid of honour, Bella, is such a control freak both in terms of managing the weekend and also in her relationship with Fen, her girifriend. Eventually someone ends up dead. 

I liked it that the story didn't go the way I expected it to. I really had to suspend disbelief though to allow for such a change of character and I really wasn't convinced by it though I did welcome it. It was too abrupt a change for it to be convincing, less character development and more complete change of personality! On the whole though it was an enjoyable read. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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A great page turner, set on a beautiful Greek island. The author creates a great cast of 6 female characters, tantalisingly teasing us all the way through. An addictive read.
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This was great another page turner from Lucy Clarke! 6 friends all in Greece for a hen party in secluded house on the side of a cliff. This group of friends is linked in more than just all being friends with the bride. This story slowly unravels and reveals more and more about these girls past present and futures….
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I really wanted to like this but sadly I just felt like I’d read it before. The disparate group of friends, the glamorous setting, the hen weekend… Lucy Clarke is a good enough author that I at least managed to finish this, but it just felt very unoriginal. I’ve loved her previous books so fingers crossed the next one is a return to form!
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Rating:  3.3/5

From the accompanying blurb you could be forgiven for expecting "One of the Girls" to be a locked room style murder mystery - but it really isn't.  This is far more of a suspense mystery with significant elements of women's fiction thrown into the mix.

The premise is an appealing one - if not particularly original.  Six women find themselves on the fictional Greek island of Aegos - the chosen destination for the hen weekend ahead of Lexi's forthcoming wedding.  Some of the group have known each other for years, while others are more recent acquaintances, but (as you might imagine) each one has secretive aspects of their personal history that will become significant as the weekend unfolds.

Events are recounted from the viewpoints of six different protagonists.  So many points of view can become problematical if the author doesn't have a careful and skilled approach, as it can become confusing for the reader.  I have to say that, on the whole, Lucy Clarke does a fine job of giving each character a distinct and credible voice, so it doesn't take long for the six individuals to be clearly established in the reader's mind.  In addition to the accounts of these six central characters there is also an anonymous contribution, written in italics, that is interspersed at various points in the narrative.  

The characterisation is impressive throughout, which is a quality I have previously identified in Lucy Clarke's writing.  Against that clearly positive aspect, there were also some elements that didn't work quite as well.  There are times when very little appears to be happening that contributes meaningfully to the storyline.  I never felt overly frustrated by this, nor did I find myself not enjoying the reading experience - Lucy Clarke's engaging writing style ensures that doesn't happen - but I would also have to say that I didn't really have a sense of gradually developing tension either, which is to the detriment of the overall impact of the book.

It is only in the final quarter of the novel that there is a marked injection of pace into the proceedings, where a number of "big reveals" emerge.  Without wanting to give too much away, I found the revelations to be great fun, but I would also have to say that they are at the "little bit difficult to swallow" end of the credibility scale.

On the whole, "One of the Girls" is another thoroughly enjoyable read from Lucy Clarke and, while I don't think it is her best or most appealing work, it is certainly worth adding to to your reading list.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for supplying an ARC in return for an honest review.
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I think this is perfect for holiday reading, as its packed with intrigue, suspense and drama.  Set on a remote Greek island, the women gather together for a hen party.  The tension slowly builds and nothing is what it seems.  Everyone has their secrets.  I loved how the characters all interacted with each other and I could never have predicted the outcome.
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I enjoyed the multiple viewpoints in this novel. They gave much more depth to each of the characters. 

There is a character who is a big part of the ending who I felt I needed to know more about to make the decision made more plausible.

The bringing together of friends pasr and present works well to show their tangled histories and how they relate now.

I loved the highly descriptive settings and descriptions of food. It really conjures a Greek island feeling.
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"The six of us arrived on that beautiful Greek island dreaming of sun-drenched beaches and blood-orange sunsets, ready to lose ourselves in the wild freedom of a weekend away with friends"

It was supposed to be a girls trip to celebrate Lexi's upcoming marriage but it turned into a weekend that nobody will forget.  6 women arrive on a beautiful Greek Island - the ideal setting for what should have been the perfect weekend!  However as we get to know the characters we discover that they all have a secret to hide - the weekend isn't going to be so perfect after all!

I really enjoy books where the narrative switches viewpoints between the main characters as I feel you really get to know them. The twists and turns had me racing through this book and loved the fact that the ending caught me by surprise.

This is the first Lucy Clarke book that I have read and all that was missing was a pool, sun lounger and a cocktail!  An ideal holiday read - If you are going away this year then take this book with you - it's easy to dip in and out of and will keep you thoroughly entertained.
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My book of the year. 
When Lexi invites five friends to her hen party at a Greek villa, she cannot imagine anything could go wrong, but the book starts with a dead body being taken away. With an unravelling of relationships and secrets rising through lies of old, the question in the reader's mind throughout is who dies and was it an accident?
This is an excellent book which had me hooked from the first sentence. An easy 5 star read.
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A game of two halves. I really liked the ending which was a total surprise and revelation after revelation. The start plants a seed which I then ran with unquestioningly so the climax was even more unexpected. But, with all the revelations coming at the end, the main is more of a slow burn or gradual ratcheting up of tension. It's also pretty bitchy as may be expected from a group of five girls not all friends but thrown together on a hen. Overall a good easy read especially with the short chapters and switching POVs.
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A weekend on a sun drenched Greek island to celebrate a friend’s hen party sounds perfect, what could possibly go wrong? As the secrets and reasons of why each of the six women came to the island emerges we see tension, jealousy and twists galore. The chapters are split between each women so you really get to know each character well, with Eleanor being one of my favourites. A well written 4.5
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I enjoyed this book, I liked the way the plot unfolded and I found the characters relatable. Plenty of suspense to keep me enthralled Thanks to netgalley and the publisher  for the advanced copy of this book..
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Six women gather on a Greek Island to celebrate Lexi's Hen Party. They make a pact that what happens on the hen weekend stays on the hen weekend. But unbeknown to each other all of them have secrets and these secrets threaten everyone's happiness.
A great beach read with vivid descriptions of the Greek coastline and villages and Greek food. I could almost smell the tzatziki and tarasmasalta. Grab your sunbed and cocktail and settle down for a read during siesta
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A hen party in a beautiful villa on an idyllic island, what could possibly go wrong?

Lexi's hen do is a wild ride for everyone present, secrets revealed and pasts uncovered. I found this an excellent read. There were certain reveals where I believed the next step would be typical but Lucy Clarke has written an unpredictable novel that has heart. Incredible.
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I have read all of Lucy Clarke's books, so was delighted to read this latest one. I absolutely loved it! Bella has organised for a group of 6 women to spend a few days on a remote Greek island to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Lexi. A hen party in beautiful surroundings. A perfect premise for a story. We are told right at the start that by the end of the stay there will be a body on the rocks below their villa, but whose will it be? This is a story of  friendships old and new, revenge and many secrets and will keep you on the edge of your seat to the end. Thanks to NetGalley for a preview copy.
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