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This is the first Lucy Clarke book I've read. As soon as I finished it, I purchased two more, one of which I've nearly finished and it's just as good. I loved 'One of the Girls' so much. The way in which you come to know each one of them, and one minute your rooting for one, and then the next minute the next. They all had their own story and issues, and these impacted on their decisions and friendships with each other. This book is a mixture of suspense, intrigue and relationships between friends, or sometimes frenemies. I don't like to give anything away when writing reviews, I will just say the ending was unexpected and brilliant.
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I loved this! Six friends arrive in idyllic Greece for a hen weekend , the setting was so inviting and sounded like the perfect place for a getaway!  Sounds like the start of a great holiday right? ... wrong! Every single one of the girls has a secret .. we hear from each of them and I must say Lucy Clarke did a fantastic job with the 6 narrators. We really get to know each of the characters and hear their stories.  It's very cleverly written,  well paced and with so many characters,  each with their own secrets, lies and motivations you definitely can't predict the twists and turns in this fast paced thriller! 

Highly recommend reading - a perfect holiday read! 

Thank you to the author, publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this arc.
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All of the characters are well written and have unique personalities that make for an intriguing story.  There are plenty of secrets, lies, and fast flowing action that make this book a thrilling read with twists and turns that make your head spin.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book.
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Wow what a fabulous read, excellent setting in a beautiful location, engaging and entertaining characters and a plot that just hooks you in 
A fabulous read that I absolutely raced through !!
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Six girls on a hen weekend in Greece. What could be more perfect? What could go wrong? Everything. Each girls has a big secret. An idealistic, fun loving break turns into a nightmare in the most unexpected way. I want to read more  Lucy Clarke books.
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The slow setup of these characters had me faltering at first. As the connections between the characters were revealed, my interest definitely grew. 
Lexie is getting married - her hen party on Greek island, the last villa on the island draws the women.
Bella and Robyn - best friends with Lexie since school days. 
Ana - Lexie's new bestie
Eleanor - the groom's sister
Fen - Bella's girl friend, aunt is the villa owner
A long weekend filled with lots of activity - and secret connections. 
Though Lexie seems to be the main character - she really becomes the background as the plot moves forward.
Really enjoyed this book.
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One of the Girls is about 6 ladies who head off to Greece for a hen weekend. They are an eclectic mix of women who are all linked via the bride. They all have their own secrets and it’s during this weekend that their secrets, relationships and lives start to unravel. 

I found the story enjoyable and didn’t predict the ending. The characters are likeable. 4 star read!
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I read and enjoyed The Castaways by this author last year and so was looking forward to this book, it didn’t disappoint.

Six women travel to an isolated villa on an idyllic Greek island for a hen weekend. They are all a friend of or connected to the bride but they don’t all know each other. Each woman has her own secrets and by the time the long weekend is over, one of the women will have blood on her hands.

This was a great well paced read, full of tension and twists and turns. It took me a little while to differentiate between some of the characters, some are more well drawn than others. I thought the author captured the strain that can come when old and new friends mix perfectly. The story builds and flows well throughout to a most satisfying conclusion.
A perfect holiday read. Recommend.
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A hen weekend should be fun with friends shouldn't it? What happens on this hen do is very different. I loved this book so much and will definitely read more by this author
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A trip to the Greek Islands for a hen weekend, then this is the perfect book for you. Beautifully written and set, love the characters. A fast paced physcological thriller. I couldn't read this one fast enough as it had me wanting to read more from start to finish. Loved it. Highly recommend 5/5 stars
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I'm a big fab of Lucy Clarke and have read all her books. You're guaranteed some great writing and a twisty story, and One of the Girls did not disappoint. 

We join a small group of women away to Greece for Lexi's hen party - but all harbouring some secrets.
I won't reveal much more as it will give away the storyline, parts of which were easy to piece together but others not so much. I love Lucy Clarkes writing style, definitely a book to pick up for your summer holiday read.
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One Of The Girls 
Ooh I so enjoyed this book! I haven’t read a really good page turner in a while and this was definitely a box ticker. I loved the Greek island setting of the hen weekend, I could just picture the beautiful blue sea and the rocks and water hole. The characters weren’t all likeable - but then I quite liked their little quirks and flaws. Lexi is on her hen weekend in Greece - with her two oldest friends, a friends girlfriend, her sister in law and her new friend…and every single one of them has a secret. Which secret will you guess? Which truth will come out first? 
Definitely a 4.5 stars from me. Only wish I had read it on the beach - not on a bus.
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Having read Lucy Clarke's The Castaways, I could not wait to read One of the Girls and it did not disappoint. This psychological thriller is fast-paced and twisty in all the right places and the character development is terrifically well done. Having six narrators could have been awkward to get the weighting right for each individual, but this reader completed the tale having got to know all six rather well. It was a toss-up between wanting to be part of the group on the hen weekend on the Greek island of Aegos, painted as idyllic and heavenly, and being pleased that I wasn't caught up in the havoc.

An outstanding story that ticks all the boxes in terms of ominous undertones, atmosphere, characterisation and unexpected surprises. The plot is perfectly executed, suspenseful and gripping and I had no idea how the story would conclude. One of the Girls is escapism at its best.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from HarperCollins via NetGalley at my request and this review is my own unbiased opinion.
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This is one of my favourite thrillers that I have read so far this year. I thought I would probably enjoy it, which is why I volunteered for the tour. I am a fan of this author’s work and the blurb suggested it had all the elements I love in a book – female dynamics, exotic location, death…. Even so, it exceeded all my expectations.

The tension in this book is palpable from the very first page and it has all to do with the awkward dynamics between a group of people who have only been brought together by their loose connection to one of their number. Anyone who has ever been on a hen night will recognise the friction between groups of women who don’t know each other, who come from different areas of the bride’s life and are forced into camaraderie and jollity with people they would not personally choose to hang out with. The author captures this feeling absolutely perfectly and it gives this thriller an uneasy feeling even before there is any indication that anything is particularly wrong. It’s easy to see how a tiny nudge can send this trip off the rails.

Once she has set up this tense scenario – awkward group of women, isolated location, too much expectation for the trip – she plays on it beautifully by introducing hints that each of the women is hiding something. Some personal issue, some resentment, some secret, so the reader then doesn’t know who trusts whom or who is in conflict with whom, or who they themselves can trust. This is what makes for the perfect thriller – suspicion. Suspicion abounds between all the characters, and between the characters and the reader and the tension sits like a brick in your chest as you proceed through the story, until it gets to an almost unbearable pitch, because we KNOW something is going to go wrong, which just don’t know what or to whom or why. She dangles us on a string, waiting for the drop. The literary equivalent of Disney’s Tower of Terror.

The pacing of the book is perfect, the writing is easy to read, the characterisation is totally believable and the dynamics between the characters feel authentic and work perfectly for the story. There was not one thing about this book that I didn’t enjoy, it’s a wonderful example of the genre and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for their next fantastic thriller. The perfect book to take to your poolside lounger this summer- just make sure you are travelling with people you trust!
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“One is a liar…One is a stranger…Who is a killer?”

Lexi is getting married and her closest friends are over the moon and are excited to celebrate with her on a weekend away in Greece for her bachelorette party. But which part of this is too good to be true? Are all Lexi’s friends genuinely happy for her, or as long held secrets are revealed, will Lexi make it to the altar…

Stories that involve a group of friends that have secrets to hide are one of my favourite themes. I love being caught up in their drama and that is exactly how I found myself with this book. In my head I was able to visually imagine it all unfolding on the big screen, where I had a front row seat to all the action!

Where we are spoiled for choice with this type of story, I really enjoyed Clarke’s take on it. The magical setting contrasts with the intense storyline, the characters are diverse, well developed and through six points of view, the reader is given a great insight into each of them and their motivations.

The pace is fast and flows well. It is definitely just a one more chapter kind of read and it didn’t take long for me to realise that I needed to keep going until I was done! Was I happy with how it all unfolded and was it worth the sleepless night? YES! All I can say is WOW and that you need to read this book!

Thank you to Lucy Clarke, Harper Collins and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advance copy of One of the Girls, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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I wasn’t sure on this book to begin with, there are lots of characters on a hen weekend all with different lives and stories and I thought it may be difficult to learn who was who. It’s written just as well as her other books and it’s very easy to keep the pages turning. Once I got to the half way point I was completely invested and really couldn’t call where the book was going. 
Overall a great book and would highly recommend but I won’t be going on any Jen parties in Greece any time soon!
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I can't believe that One of the Girls is the first book that I've read by Lucy Clarke, although having subsequently checked my TBR I do have a couple of her previous books in my TBR piles, as it looks like I've missed out reading such a fantastic writer. 

No sooner had I finished reading the opening page, when we discover someone had died, I was instantly intrigued and impatiently wanting to read on to find out what had happened. Of course the answers will come but first we have to go back and follow the group of friends who have travelled to the Greek island of Aegos for a hen weekend to get to know who they all are, their relationships with one another and discover how such a celebratory weekend ended so dramatically. 

The story is told over a four day period, Wednesday to Saturday, with each chapter narrated by one of the women - Lexi the bride-to-be, Bella, the maid of honour, and her girlfriend Fen, Robyn who is one of Lexi's oldest friends, Lexi's future sister-in-law Eleanor, and Ana who doesn't know any of the group other than Lexi. All of the characters had their flaws and as with any group of friends, some were more likeable than others.  

The short chapter format worked perfectly to drip feed us information about each of the women and it doesn't take long to realise that there's a lot of more going on than just coming away to celebrate Lexi getting married. Several women have their own agenda and there could be trouble ahead. 

Over the course of the weekend a lot is revealed but one thing's for sure, their lives will never be the same again. There was underlying tension running throughout as deeply hidden secrets are revealed that threaten to tear friendships and relationships apart. Every time I thought I had it all figured out, another red herring would be uncovered that would throw my theory out of the window. And as they say 'What happens on the hen weekend, stays on the hen weekend'...
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Brilliant book! I wanted to read this after I loved The Castaways, and I wasn't disappointed! I loved the character development in this book and how it really drawed me into the story. I loved the setting of a hen weekend on a Greek Island. Little by little the author reveals details about the different characters which leaves you wanting to know more. With a few twists and turns and a great climax of an ending which again leaving you guessing until the very end. I now need to go back and read this author's earlier books as she is fast becoming a reliable fave of mine and I can't wait for the next Lucy Clarke installment!
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We start the story knowing that someone will die, but we don’t know who or why. 
6 friends travel to the Greek islands for a hen party, and they all have secrets they are hiding. 
The story is quite suspenseful as it unfolds, and keeps you guessing as to the ending. It’s written well and keeps those pages turning!
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I have read plenty of closed-room mysteries set on isolated islands, far away from civilization. But, to be honest, I haven't enjoyed anything much after Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None.' This book was the exception.

The Story:
Lexi is getting married to the handsome Ed Tollock. So, Lexi and five of her closest friends (and relatives) - Lexi's schoolmates, Bella and Robyn; Bella's girlfriend, Fen; Lexi's yoga student, Ana; and Ed's sister, Eleanor - go to the Greek island of Aegos for her hen party for a long weekend. Only, everyone carries a secret. And the secrets they carry might have repercussions for all of them. Will they be able to pass the weekend without getting harmed?

The Positives:

1. The storytelling - I have read and liked "Big Little Lies" by Liane Moriarty and the reason I liked it was that it was different insofar that we are in the dark about who died until the end. This book followed the same format. Someone gets killed but who? Read the book to find out.

2. The characters - Though there are six different characters in the book, all of them have unique voices and I loved that about the book. Lexi is the people-pleaser. Bella is loud and obnoxious but is the life of the party. Fen is quiet but has a whole range of emotions raging within her. Robyn is anxious and on the edge. Eleanor has just lost her fiance and is reserved and morose. Ana is straightforward and capable. The author managed to make each of the characters lovable and relatable. In fact, I was so invested in all those people that I couldn't sleep thinking about them.

The Negatives:

1. The ending - The ending is a bit too convenient and that is all the complaint I had with the book. 

This is a book that celebrates female friendships - we need more of them! - and solidarity. More than a thriller, it shows us the layers in which humans are wrapped in and what happens when those layers come off.

4.5 stars rounded up to 5.

Thanks to Netgalley and HarperCollins UK for the ARC. Will look forward to more books from Lucy Clarke.
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