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I recieved this as a copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
I love lego and found all of these ideas to be unique and things you wouldn't think of without inspiration from this book.
The only problem was that some of the makes actually incorporate certain lego pieces that would be extremely difficult to find for the average lego builder therefore making some of these builds difficult to achieve. 
Will definitely be trying out some of these lego hacks in the future, thank you Julia March
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I got this book for my seven year old who is lego mad. She enjoyed reading it and taking ideas from what was on display. She did get frustrated though that she didn't have the correct parts to make the things she saw in the book, and we have a lot of lego! She was able to use some of the ideas and adapt them with what she had available. Overall a nice book.
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Normally, I build designs from kits or come up with my own ideas for vehicles, houses, bases and hide-outs. This book is full of ideas to try out at home. It is great if you have some spare time and a box full of random Lego bricks. Kits are fun to build but sometimes it is better to see what you can do on your own.

The book has 55 different build ideas divided into 5 different chapters: useful tricks, tech hacks, upgrade your room, stationary hacks and wacky inventions. All the ideas will help you be more organised, keep your things or your room neater or are cool decorations. There are things such as: bookmarks, weekly planners, tablet stands, book ends, stationery organisers and display shelves. I really want to try building the display shelves for some of my minifigures or smaller models. The wacky inventions section shows you how to build things like a working catapult or a fidget cube!

There are some really creative ideas and each one has step-by-step instructions to follow which lots of useful photographs showing you what you can make and how to do it. I alway liked the section at the back with has tips about building and descriptions of all the Lego pieces that are available and what they are called. I think this is a book that any Lego fan would enjoy reading and it will definitely make you get out your bricks!
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What a fabulous idea for a book! I requested it as soon as I saw it, and it did not disappoint.

Rather like a beautiful cookbook, there are a fair number of the projects that I will probably never build, but nevertheless make me smile just admiring their ingenuity. That said, there are several that I am keen to embark on right away. I love all the ideas, but my favourite is probably the zip wire, followed closely by the 'phone speaker, note box, coasters, and fidget cube.

The e-format works reasonably well, but I will also be buying a hard copy for reference (and for the coffee table!)
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With two huge Lego fans in the house, this book went down a storm!

We loved the different hacks it gave us ideas for - from mobile phone and card stands to keyrings, bin hoops and fidget cubes, the boys have loved getting creative with this book! The photos and directions were very bright, clear and easy to follow

Perfect for those Lego fans who need an injection of creativity when they are at a loose end and struggling for ideas!
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This books surprised me as there were some really useful makes. I would definitely have to super glue the bricks though as other wise they would be very frustrating makes. 

This book would be useful for anyone wishing to design a Lego themed room and for anyone looking for a different direction to take their builds!
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Two of my great loves come together in this book: Lego and the publisher DK Books! I have bought many Lego DK books for my own children over the years and also have a large Lego collection built up over their childhoods, so when I saw this title available on NetGalley I immediately requested it.

I can confirm that it is marvellous, containing detailed written and photographic instructions for innovative Lego builds suitable for amateur to expert builders alike. There are 50 projects in total, but obviously you can then adapt these as far as your imagination will allow. Some examples include: a fun speaker to amplify your phone, a Lego houseplant, photo-frame or pen holder to decorate your desk, or a catapult to fling paper into the recycling bin! As a quick test I attempted a couple of the easier builds and you can see my efforts below. When I have more time I definitely want to try building the catapult which I think would provide some fun the next time the family are all gathered together!

It is always lovely to see children innovating with their Lego builds but sometimes imaginations need a little stimulation. The beauty of having this book in your home, classroom or library is that it provides that nudge to encourage readers to use their bricks in different ways and develop their creativity. This would make an excellent gift for keen young builders, or even those of us who might want to experiment with our children’s collections! In fact, there are many situations in which I could see this book being used including teambuilding or wellbeing sessions for adults and collaborative skills sessions for children. I loved the “Meet the Builders” touch at the end with profiles of the two talented individuals, Nate and Barney, who supplied the models for this book. The brick gallery is also incredibly useful for those of us who sometimes need to replace a missing brick from a model kit and have no idea where to begin the search; this could have saved me many hours in the past! In summary, I highly recommend this fabulous book as an addition to your non-fiction collections.
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This is fun for anyone, young or old and had bright clear I,Avery with simple instructions. Really useful makes that were practical and for actual everyday use. Myself and my children enjoyed this book and made a few items straight away. My eldest had the most fun with it, following and developing the ideas and suggestions
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Review to come September 15th on blog/goodreads.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I love LEGO and so this book had to be downloaded. Sure, with all these fun life hacks I would need to get some normal LEGO stuff as well, my husband and I generally only buy sets and while those do give some spare parts... it is not enough to make these items. So I am really considering getting some separate LEGO so I can try to build things in books.

This book features a lot of fun builds that you can make on your own with handy and often clear instructions on what bricks you need (and otherwise there is a handy guide at the end of the book with all bricks needed/necessary). From a tablet stand with cute seats so your mini-figs can watch along to a stationery stand for all your pencils/pens to treasure chests and pointers. There are a lot of fun builds in this book and I had fun seeing what the next project would be. I liked that the book was split up in themes, that makes it handy to just go to the section you may want to check out. 

I really liked that this one also featured some extra instructions on how to customise things. Like give you ideas colourwise or maybe in regards to themes. I really liked that those were added, though frankly, haha, without instructions I just cannot build LEGO easily. My mind is just not wired for that.

But there were a few builds that just didn't have instructions? But those were the ones I really wanted to make. Like the Emergency Brick Separator Box that would, with the press of a button, open up and give you that much needed Brick Separator. I wanted to know how to make that! 

All in all, this was a good book and I am sure it will be a hit with young and old LEGO lovers.
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This book has so many creative ideas with instant appeal to any lego builder.  Children will love this book and the chance to try out all the different ideas within it.  Some great creations from a sellotape dispenser, penguin note holder, phone stand, iPad stand, key hooks and many more.  Step by step instructions and photos of all the the different ideas make this a very visual book.
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As a member of a family with three massive fans of Lego, I couldn’t resist requesting the “Lego Life Hacks” book and wow, was I glad I did. 
This book was MADE for the summer holidays, particularly in England where we have a fair few days inside due to rain.  “Lego Life Hacks” contains over fifty hacks to inspire you to use Lego in your everyday life. It’s set up into sections of Useful Tricks, Tech Hacks, Upgrade Your Room, Stationary Hacks, and Wacky Inventions.  What’s brilliant about the book is that you don’t need specialist Lego pieces, most of the hacks can be made with the Lego bricks you have lying around.  The hacks will appeal to a wide range of ages – I can particularly see the “Upgrade Your Room” and “Tech Hacks” section appealing to teens and a few ideas from “Stationary Hacks” making themselves at home in my husband’s desk. My kids spent hours experimenting with the book and had a lot of fun in the process.
The hacks are useful (a tape dispenser), on trend (a fidget cube), exciting (the catapult or bin basketball hoop) and outside the box (a paper crimper!).
You could even set yourself a challenge and create all fifty hacks within a set amount of time.  Also let’s face it – the most Lego hacks you make, the less Lego bricks you vacuum up or worse still – step on! 
This is a brilliant book which I can see me gifting a lot and referring to time and time again.

Thank you to the authors, publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to review a copy of the book in exchange for an honest opinion.
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This was a really good book for children who love lego, its really interesting and inspiring for what they can build
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I love Lego as do my children. I found this book great. With so many handy ideas and things to make. Bright colours as well as easy to follow images. Excellent. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I could lie and say that I asked for this book to review so my son could read it, but really it's all just for me and I've already made the keychain and am planning the photo frame.

Potrei mentire e dire che ho chiesto questo libro da recensire cosí che lo potesse leggere mio figlio, ma in realtá é tutto solo per me e ho giá fatto il portachiavi e ho in progetto il porta-foto.

I received from the Publisher a complimentary digital advanced review copy of the book in exchange for a honest review.
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