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Lego Super Nature reveals the secrets and fascinating facts of the natural world, through some wonderful Lego models. With interviews included, of some master builders, instructions to build some of the animals found in the book.

REVIEW: I love Lego, I've still got my sets from childhood, but have recently depended on LEGO for use in therapy, (that's the excuse I have given my wife so I can buy more) having the chance to review a Lego book, I couldn't resist. 
The book is full of interesting facts on different animals and their habitats, from ocean depths  to mountains, rainforests, deserts  and caves. Each section is broken down to give more details on the different aspects of these habitats. If your looking through the Water and Ice section, you'll find the ocean depths, rivers, coral reefs and the frozen tundra. Every section has an array of animals you can attempt to build, unfortunately there aren't any detailed instructions for you to build most of them, but you can find some instructions on the internet.
Regarding the facts on the animals, there are enough details for young builders to learn from, but kept brief so the book can retain their attention. There are even animals the older LEGO FAN will be unaware of and amazed by what you can learn about the Birdwing butterfly, Yacare caiman and Sand spider. 
Lookout to for the brief interviews from some master builders, who reveal their most useful brick and favourite builds of all time. 
So, now its time to attempt some of these builds

VERDICT: 3***/5 Love the designs and the facts on nature. Just wish their were more detailed instructions,  like you find in a set, included for the younger and less talented builders, so you could attempt building some of these wonders of nature. 

Thanks to NetGalley, and DK for a copy to review
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Our youngest sister is OBSESSED with lego and so this was a fun and educational book, she ended up learning so much all whilst having a go at builing her own lego creations!
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This Lego book of nature is great. I love the facts and the pictures are great too. I think children who have lots of Lego would find this book a brilliant guide to inspire them to make things out of their lego with a nature feel. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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The book is very informative with snippets about the animals and a picture in lego form. Most of the lego figures are very accurate that you can clearly identify the animal. The pictures are very colourful, and the book is very well layed out. 

At the back there is a part with what is classed as useful building parts and a glossary for terms used within the book.

What let's this book down is little instruction on how to build any of the animals in the book (what is there are how to build a specific area of an animal). The other thing i noticed is that most of the builds require specific parts that would possibly wouldn't have lying around, and would require specific purchase for pieces qs they are not the type you would find in the mixed brick sets.
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