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This graphic novel is a new book in the Stick and Stone series. We have previously read the picture books about the best friends, Stick and Stone. My two kids, ages 6 and 9, were excited to hear more adventures of these two friends in a graphic novel format. Two separate stories were included in this book. The storylines were clever and had both kids laughing out loud. We read this aloud together and enjoyed acting out their conversations. Thank you for providing an advanced copy for us to enjoy together. 

My 6 year old says to give this book 1,000 thumbs up (even though we aren’t sure if Stick or Stone have any thumbs themselves). 

My 9 year old wrote: I really love to read Stick and Stone. I think the stories are fun to read. I like that they are graphic novels. The pictures were really detailed. You can get the idea of the story and the conversations. We really really really love Stick and Stone. ❤️
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This is a Cute Children's Graphic Novel, and this is third book in the Stick and Stone series. I found this book to be cute, and I love the Stick and Stone characters. The first part has a lot about the ABCs and nature. I love that this graphic novel teaches young kids they can find their ABCs in nature. The second part was not my favorite, but it is all about wishing and friendship. I found both parts to be cute and fill of great messages. I love the pictures in this book. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Etch/Clarion Books) or author (Beth Ferry) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that. This book is schedule to be release on June 7-2022.
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What a sweet, light adventure. Definitely the kind of book that draws kids into reading. As more and more graphic novels get worked into upper elementary curriculum I am sure this book will make its way on to teachers shelves. I loved the humor, the friendships and imagination.
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A fun graphic novel that is accessible forks2 children. The adventures of Stick and Stone had me laughing along as I read. 
Great for children but entertaining for the adults they read with also.
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We read the first Stick and Stone as part of our Reading Madness at our school. It was such a fun picture book that I knew this new adventure would not disappoint! It will be a great addition to classroom libraries and I know the students will be excited to continue this adventure!
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What a delightful book!  My students loved previous Stick and Stone adventures and this one will be cherished as well.  The story of two friends who exhibit bravery while having loads of fun will put a smile on my young readers' faces.   T he illustrations are creative and vibrant and the scavenger hunt will keep my so involved.  
I especially liked the A-Z Checklist at the end which is a great learning tool  I guarantee there will be quite a few readers testing out the smores recipe.  Such fun!
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These characters are delightful. Such clever and entertaining dialogue. The illustrations are beautiful and the stories are fun with a hint of profound.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Clarion Books for the opportunity to review an ARC of this title.

Stick and Stone Explore and More is a graphic novel about a stick and a stone that are friends. This book follows Stick and Stone on two different adventures. In the first, Stick and Stone are working in the garden when they spot a "monster"...a scout working to find nature objects that start with each letter in the alphabet. Stick and Stone are in a panic wondering which one of them will be picked when the scout gets to "s". They're surprised when they're both mislabeled and wind up in the scout's pail. Fortunately, the scout leader instruct the scouts to return all their items back to nature and Stick and Stone are returned home at the end.

The second story is called Stick and Stone and the Sticky Situation. In this story, Stick and Stone are debating what to do on a hot summer day. They finally decide and then are collected again and taken to the beach. At the beach Stick and Stone experience a camp fire in different ways. Right when things are starting to look especially grim for stick, a storm hits and Stick and Stone are abandoned. Stick and Stone talk about what they would like to be in different scenarios and finally determine that all that's really important is that they're friends.

Stick and Stone Explore and More is a sweet story about friendship that I would recommend to beginning readers. The stories are short and contain many sight words. Emerging readers can use the context clues in the pictures in order to help decode unfamiliar words. I would recommend this book to students in kindergarten through second grade.

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Fun friendship graphic novel will be a big hit with fans already familiar with the duo and it is sure to win new readers as well.
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Adorable! I'm a huge fan of Stick and Stone (or Rock and Twig!). This book made me wish I had gone on similar nature adventures as a kid, though I'm not sure I would have been able to find an object for the whole alphabet. 
I'm not quite sure that digging up plants and putting them back counts as "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints" but I appreciated the sentiment.
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Stick and Stone are best friends who go on adventures together, sometime on purpose sometimes on accident. They learn to be brave and learn to stick together. 

My daughter loves this graphic novel. It’s prefect for kindergarten to fifth grade (depending on your child’s reading level). The illustrations are full of color and easy to read.
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Really cute story.  Love the illustrations. Kids will love this.  I really enjoyed the scouts looking for abc items. I wonder if the next stories will have more about pine cone.
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This is a nicely illustrated tale with a positive message. A good read aloud for young readers and easy to navigate for new readers.
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This was an adorable graphic novel for young readers and nature lovers!  Stick and Stone are best friends who love to go on adventures, but those adventures sometimes cause run-ins with humans that leave them in tricky situations!  I liked that instructions for the human activities were included - my 4 year old especially will have fun finding the alphabet in nature!
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'Stick and Stone Explore and More' is two books in one (which is a nice bang for your buck!).  The stories and art are graphic novels for little kids.  The artwork is colorful and engaging.  Even without the text kids will be able to follow the story - so a good option for not very strong readers.

The stories are delightful and sweet.  They are basically buddy comedies for kids.  Stick is a little uptight, Stone is a little loose and always ready to...roll.  At the end of the day, wherever their adventures lead, they are there for each other.
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I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley  and the Publishers in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

This is such a beautiful story about friendship with fun adventures, that can be scary at times. At least Stick and Stone have each other.

I really enjoyed all the cool ideas after each chapter, such as Nature Girls A-Z checklist where young children can find out in nature the Alphabet in the first story. At the end of second story, Sticky Situation has some fabulous kid friendly s'mores recipes.

The story is cute and funny, with text that is easy to read for children who love picture books but are ready for the next level of reading.

Truly, a sweet book. I particularly loved the Nature Girls Motto:

" Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Keep nothing but memories."

A feel good read that will you smiling and laughing throughout.

Highly recommend.
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Thanks to Clarion Books for the e-ARC of STICK AND STONE EXPLORE MORE, by Beth Ferry, expected pub date June 7, 2022.

First - we love stick and stone in our home.  It was a book given to my son when my daughter was born and it's one that we still read and reread years later. Now it's like their friendship is grown up with more humor, a strong bond, and new adventures (and friends).
My 7 year old has already read this one to my 5 year old twice.  It's that good!
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The friends, Stick and Stone,  are caught up in two stories in one graphic novel. In the first one  they meet Nature girl. She is excited and decked out in her hiking gear on the look for nature items beginning the letter A all the way to Z.  Readers get involved with Stick and Stone as they are swept up in scavenger hunt. At the end Nature Girl’s checklist is written out for you to take her list  and go on your very own nature hike. 

In the second story, readers accompany the friends  to a campfire site. The humorous and heart warming stories will have you laughing along with them.  In this graphic novel series  you get to know the  stars  and a whole cast of new characters. 
Each story culminates in a fun activity to make you feel part of the action.
The campfire adventure involves. Recipe. Can you guess to what can be made around a campfire? 

I see many adventures await these best buddies all for us to enjoy. 

Hand this series to your beginning readers to enjoy.
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A delightful graphic novel for young readers! The book includes two stories AND activities to go along with them. In the first story, Stick and Stone become part of a young girl's scavenger hunt. Readers are then encouraged to go on their own nature scavenger hunt! In the second story, Stick and Stone become part of a campfire and readers are left with directions on how to make s'mores. Not only will kids LOVE these adventures, but having the added bonus of related activities makes the book extra spectacular. I highly recommend this book!
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Really love the best friend duo, Stick and Stone. This is a great first graphic novel series for young readers. Enjoyed the  new characters. Each story has a fun activity for students that makes the book interactive and fun.
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