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My 7 year old could not stop reading this graphic novel!  He loved it!  Packed with beautiful, colourful illustrations, this novel is set around Starcat (half cat half spacecraft) and the occupants (Captain Spaceington, Space Officer PLIXX and Rovot One), who travel around the universe trying to be superheros and stop evil villians.  Nothing seems to go right for them and according to my son, "They keeping messing it up - it's really funny."  He especially liked their little stint in the Space Zoo! He  also enjoyed the How to draw / make section at the end, which kept him entertained for hours.

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A fantastic book- really funny and fast paced with hilarious ups and downs and great characters. My 8 year old son giggled his way through this book.
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Star Cat by James Turner and Yasmin Sheikh

My daughter loved this comic style chapter book. Captain Spaceington and his crew on board 'Star Cat' (the cat shaped space ship)  are on a mission to stop evil villains and save the planet.
Unfortunately the Star Cat crew are not your typical superheroes. They are easily distracted, tend to cause chaos and nothing quite goes to plan! Will Spaceington catch Dark Rectangle and win the space medal for the bravest captain he has always dreamed of? 

Join them as they accidentally collide into 'Death Planet', attempt (very badly!) to protect the endangered space nubchicks and return them to the space zoo and try to save the Moona Lisa.

There are so many hilarious and exciting adventures in this book which my daughter couldn't put down. She was laughing aloud as she read it. The cartoon illustrations are superb and so funny! We haven't read any any of the Phoenix comics which feature 'Star Cat' before now but we will definitely be looking out for them. This made such a nice change from the usual type of chapter books we read and was just so much fun.
We also loved the step by step guide showing how to draw the characters at the end of the book. A great addition to the story. 
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