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I always love learning about women in history and so this book was perfect. I also loved how it was a graphic novel which made it easier for me to read. I loved the setup of this book and how it went back forth between the past with the beginning of women fighting to gain the vote and the present with stories of women and girls voting.
This book didn't just include the voices and stories of white suffragettes but also told the stories of black suffragettes.
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This is a book I would want on my kid's bookshelf to have people look up to and history to learn. I like how they jumped between past and present impacts.
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I'm so sorry - I only had this title as an acsm file, and it expired before I got around to reading it. My apologies!

I have given a 5-star rating by way of apology, and because I can't Give Feedback without giving a star rating.

Apologies again, and best of luck with your publications!
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Good Girls Don't Make History is a historical graphic novel that dives into the development of female rights and the first female vote in America. The story flips between the modern world where women are going to take their vote, and the famous females who worked hard to get us here when there wasn't a woman who had that choice. It also covers this struggle not only for white women, but also for black and native american who fought with greater struggle. 

The narrative of this book had good things in mind and showed us why we should be so grateful for the progress women’s rights movements have made. I just struggled following the story. The flip in timeline wasn't the issue, that was actually something I really enjoyed. Getting to see how hard those historical women worked, and seeing girls now learn how important they are to history was really interesting. The issue was the lack of information for any of the historical women in question. As a non-american, I didn't completely understand who they were or what they came from. 

As a graphic novel, the illustrations are gorgeous. They have this really pretty watercolour look that not only looks beautiful, but also helps convey the message the book is trying to show. 

The fight for women’s rights still goes on. Especially today, in the light of what is happening in Afghanistan, we realise that the struggle is never over. Some battles have been won; there are many more yet to be fought.
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This is a graphic novel with punch!

Split between the original period of women’s suffer age and today, it charts the fight for equality that still continues in the 21st century.

I started this book thinking I knew a lot about the fight for equal voting rights but boy was I wrong!! This book told stories of familiar figures and names I didn’t recognise, all working together. I’ve since been inspired to continue reading widely about the subject.

The beautifully detailed illustrations bring the stories to life and if I have any criticisms at all, it is a purely minor one: sometimes the text was on the small side to read on a screen reader. But overall I loved this book and intend to use sections of it with my students to start discussions in class.
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As a proud feminist, this book was like a balm to my torn up soul. What a great way to tell women's stories in such a stunning and engaging way. I cannot suggest this graphic novel enough to anyone who will listen.
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Really insightful graphic novel that depicts the history of women. It would be ideal for younger, female readers to inform them of the suffragette movement. The dual timeline could be slightly confusing at the beginning but as the novel goes on you get used to it.
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This was a very cute book! I think that it works really well for the target audience and can see myself using this as a resource in the future.
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Thanks to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to acquire an advanced copy of the available books. I also apologize for being behind in my reading process, however, I am back in high school.

This book was amazing when i read it, and it's real literature, in spite of it's not all letters, is a graphic novel. Nevertheless it's indescriptible. i learned some advices and real situation about women's throughout history.

This is a story of women telling the real situation around her life in the United States while XIX' and XX centuries.

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This book was amazing and shows that women are strong and amazing leaders. I really enjoyed reading this book.
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Really interesting and well done graphic novel. Such a unique way to cover history with these brilliant illustrations and great information.
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Wasn’t what I expected. Didn’t enjoy much of it. Could have used more interesting approach to topic.
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The history of suffrage is complicated, as "Good Girls Don't Make History"  shows to the reader. The stories demonstrate how suffrage came in fits and starts, and how the various groups supporting suffrage didn't always agree on the details. Those details made for a bumpy road to suffrage, augmented by the disbelief and sheer anger of men in the political arena in response to women's suffrage. 

"Good Girls Don't Make History" should be required reading for anyone whose history classes either gloss over the struggle for the right to vote, imply that the right to vote came after a few parades as if there was some "suffrage fairy" with a "Wand of Voting" or were unaware of the disenfranchisement of women of color by members of women's suffrage groups who traded for political expediency or just plain discrimination.
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Focusing on the struggle for women’s suffrage in the US, this book certainly tells an important story, but I am not convinced by how the story is told. I didn’t enjoy the collage-like style of the artwork, nor the lengthy and unnatural dialogues, especially in the modern-day scenes. Overall it feels like a textbook or an educational pamphlet pretending to be something more fun. Three solid stars for the content, but two stars taken away for the storytelling.
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Well done graphic novel that goes over the U.S. Women's suffrage movement from Seneca Falls to the present.

I was hoping it wouldn't be too white washed, because the white women are usually credited with the movement. But because it was told from the prospective of the past as well as the present, we do get comments from the present day women about how screwed up and racist the movement was. The example given, which I have heard about before, was that during the March on Washington, just before Wilson was inaugurated, that Ida B. Wells, who was Black,  was asked to march at the back of the march by some of the white organizers. She refused.

Good, complete story. Highly recommend it.

<em>Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.</em>
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I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
"It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union... Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less."
- Susan B. Anthony

Good Girls Don't Make History is a very quick and informative read. I liked going back and forth through the past and present throughout this. Mostly because we got to see the women, we all learned about in History classes, raising their voices and wanting to be heard. The battle for equal rights was never easy and it's frustrating that women's rights are in trouble once again.

With the fight never dying from the people determined to make sure equality becomes a real thing and not an unreachable dream. I feel like there will never be enough information that people can provide when it comes to this fight. Each day something new is said or done and it makes the world think.

In the end, I just hope more voices are heard and more books are made and read that revolve around these fights. Whether it's more graphic novels or an actual novel. Words are powerful. Voices can be loud and get louder.

Continue the fight to make the world a much better place for everyone.
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Huge thanks to Quarto Publishing Group @quartobooksuk, Wide Eye Editions and Netgalley @netgalley for this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

First of all, I want to say that I am a huge advocate of using graphic novels for educational purposes. I think graphic novels are sadly under used in the educational system and they absolutely shouldn't be. This book is one of them that should 100% be used to educate future generations. This novel follows the lives and paths of the women who fought in the United States Women's Suffrage Movement. These stories are perfectly written. The author did an awesome job of sticking to the facts while still explaining the emotional journeys of each one of the "characters." The art is beautiful and plays perfect homage to the story being explained.

Overall I give this story five stars. This books advocates for the women who fought so hard for the freedoms we women now enjoy. This story is absolutely necessary and couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Women are absolutely under attack in this country and we need these type of inspiring stories to fight for the rights we deserve. I've already bought this for my home library and I absolutely recommend you do as well. Read this! Read this! Read this!
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This was fantastic! What a wonderful way to tell such an important, and still fresh, part of our history. The graphic novel format lifts this story up and makes it easier to read, which means it is more easily accessible for different age groups and levels of language proficiency.

Good Girls Don’t Make History is a perfect starting place for those who might want to learn more about the Women’s Suffrage and the history of how women fought diligently for the right to vote. It is inspiring, educating and, in my opinion, necessary. Some of these names, like Alice Paul, I had never heard of before. I think it’s important to read up on how ordinary people became extraordinary in the way they helped change the course of history, and this graphic novel offers a perfect chance to do just that.

The art-work and the art style of the graphic novel are also both magnificent. I loved how the story jumped from “today” back to the 1800s/1900s to showcase important events of the women’s movement, from inside of meetings, to rallies, marches, demonstrations and even some newspaper articles. It kept the story fun and easy to read.

If you are in any way interested in the suffrage movement, the ongoing fight for equality, feminism, or just reading more nonfiction, then I highly recommend getting this graphic novel!
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*Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an early copy of this book for review, all opinions are my own*

I'm not American and I don't know the history of the United States so I can't talk about the veracity of this comic.
I can only say that I liked it a lot.
I couldn't help looking at this story with a teacher's eyes, this is a comic that I would work a lot in the classroom in many ways, it's dense but very important reading and in my opinion, it can bring a lot of discussion into a classroom. 
To give a rating to this comic is very difficult but I don't think I can give anything other than 5 stars because of the importance of this story and others like this cannot be overlooked.
I would very much like to see comics of this type focused on the history of other countries!
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This graphic novel is all you need to know about women's right to vote. It was wonderfully narrated. You can easily understand everything. I really enjoyed my reading. As it's a graphic novel you can read it faster than if it was big and long text and paragraph. So it's more accessible for younger people and that's important. 
I liked that they didn't forget about how WOC are really important in this fight for woman's rights. People need to know the true history of woman's rights and not the white-washed version of it. WOC played and still plays a big part in the fight for women's and men's equality but sadly it's often forgotten. This book taught me new things about woman's history while being diverting. 
In conclusion, this is a fast read and an essential read for our generation to learn our history, history that is not correctly described in school.
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