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I think what the creators tried to do was amazing but the end result was not really satisfactory. Because it could've been a lot better. I was excited but ended up being a bit disappointed.
But it might be helpful for the beginners. Like who's really new to all these things. As for me, I kinda already knew these stuff.
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If you think you art no good art art but want to be creative then this book is a good place to start. Simple ideas that look fantastic and you CAN make them. Lots of nice gold and glitter I would recommend this book to a young adult. As always these art crafts are directed towards girls / women but you know there are men who like glitz too!
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This book is beautiful and has very aesthetically pleasing photographs throughout, however, I didn't love it as much as I had expected. Some of the projects just didn't appeal and some jumped around or didn't have enough details for me to feel like I could complete it to my liking, mainly the more abstract ones that cannot be copied verbatim. There are step by step pictures and instructions, so most of them are simple enough and contain enough visuals that most people would have no trouble following, if the project appeals to them.
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An interesting and colourful book aimed at beginners.  I was hoping for more advanced techniques and not necessarily so 'girly'.

It would, however, be a suitable gift for some friends and I would recommend this book to them.
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