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The Dating Dare

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In The Dating Dare we encounter a terrible bet, two people who are not great at communicating and a group of scheming friends.

I really enjoyed this enemies to lovers romance. It's steamy but not smuttly and has a lot of cute moments as we watch the couple fall in love.
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I loved this book! The perfect romance read, it was funny, emotional and I could feel the love through the pages! I adored the characters and the arcs they went through and think this is an all-round brilliant read!
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Wow, wow, WOW.

This book is the perfect “cold day in summer” book as it left me feeling so warm and fuzzy inside (and also made me craving some salted caramel brownies!)

Tara’s best friend has just got married, she always felt like it was those two against the world, but now things have changed, she is happy for her and far from alone, but the thought of her friend getting married has somehow made her feel lonely.

Enter Seth, a misunderstood playboy type who has had a huge crush on Tara since the wedding, though Tara doesn’t seem interested in him, he gets her a little tipsy and dares her to allow him to take her on four dates. What could go wrong?

I am a sucker for a hate/dislike to lovers romance novel and this gave me everything I needed! Seth and Tara had the most amazing chemistry and there were so many cute moments that made me want to hug the book tight to my chest. 

I loved reading about a woman owning a brewery, and hearing Seth’s thoughts about his art, being a photographer myself, we’re so beautiful to read about. 

If you are looking for a cute, fluffy romance to curl up with under a blanket, definitely give The Dating Dare a go! I absolutely loved it!
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Omg this was sooo sweet! I just loved it. It was so much fun and soo easy to read this  cute book. I just needed this. 
4 stars.
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I am OBSESSED with this book Jayci Lee is just magically!! I love Tara and I love Seth so much. This was such a fun easy read. A perfect romcom. I was honestly hooked and I don’t think I’ve laughed as much as I did while reading this story in a very long time! Where can I find me Seth somebody please direct!!
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The dating date by Jayci Lee is available now and a book that I love for so many reasons. 
It was a perfect escape reading. I enjoyed the characters are both Korean and as I know so little about the culture; it was nice to at least read something so reliable in a relationship on the road to marriage, but starting from enemies and going through all the emotions to become lovers. 

It’s the perfect escape for anyone who is looking for a great romance. 

I’ve read the author’s first book, but I love this story much more. 

Very grateful to the publisher for my review copy
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Oh My Groot! What a bloody lovely book! From the very first page I knew I was going to love this story. Tara was strong and determined and really not afraid to speak her mind, where Seth was swoon-worthily cocky and confident. 

There are so many things to love about this book! 

✨ Tara, like I mentioned she’s badass! But she’s also real, she’s had a tough time in an emotionally abusive relationship and she works really hard to overcome her fears.

✨ Seth, well isn’t he adorkable! On the outside he’s cocky and has a rep as a bit of a player. On the inside he’s a complete romantic. The definition of a cinnamon roll hero who would do anything to make Tara happy.

✨ The sexual tension. Wow, and I mean wow. Whenever these two were on the page together everything felt like it was on fire! 

✨ The dates. Sweet, romantic and completely perfect!

I would wholeheartedly recommend this book, it’s definitely a contender for favourite book this year!
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This was a cute book! Perfect for a fun quick read. It’s about Tara who’s not into anything long term and Seth who is leaving for work to Paris, their attraction to each other. I like that this is written by a Korean author about Korean characters, different from the usual rom coms.
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What a story.  The perfect book to curl up on the sofa with. Fun fun fun. Instantly hooked… I literally couldn't put it down…
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A light and easy read for lounging by the pool or chilling in the garden. Following Seth and Tara who have an undeniable attraction to each other, however, Tara is sworn off men and Seth is heading to Paris in a month. Whilst playing a drunken game of truth or dare, Seth dares Tara to four dates with him, but with him leaving can they really make this more than just a fling?
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Fun,  light read with two characters both burned in the past exploring what is meant to be a short term relationship. I liked Tara and Seth’s chemistry, it was sweet and a little fiery as well. Enjoyable read.
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This was a fun little read. It is quite light and has some sweet funny moments. However, I felt that Tara and Seth had a lot more chemistry at the start than they did later on in the novel and some of their interactions felt a little formulaic. 

I still enjoyed it though and would read more from this author. 

Thanks to Netgalley for an Arc of this book.
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The Dating Dare was a quick, light read. There were a lot of cute and fun moments but this wasn’t one I’d read again.

Main characters Tara and Seth had great chemistry at the start but I felt like their banter fizzled a little once they actually became involved. We reach a point where they can’t keep their hands off each other but the dialogue there felt a bit awkward to me and I found myself missing who they were at the start of the book.

Things I didn’t like:
1) Tara’s backstory includes an emotionally abusive relationship. I’d be all for talking about this if it was done right but it seemed to only be in the book as a convenient reason for Tara to not want a relationship. The way Tara ‘opened up’ about her decision to leave this emotionally abusive relationship from her past near the end of the book actually made me a bit angry. I felt like it was way too dismissive of how difficult it really is for people to leave abusive relationships and only plays into the “just leave them” attitude a lot of people have.

2) Seth and Tara start getting busy and Seth asks to wait because he wants clarification on where they stand. Tara ignores him. A couple of lines later Tara tells Seth to stop. He stops. Consent is important and I was disappointed that, particularly when Tara was the one responsible for the rift between them, she did not respect Seth’s request and stop to explain.

Fans of A Sweet Mess will be glad to know Aubrey and Landon appear in this book. Don’t worry you don’t need to have read this to enjoy The Dating Dare.

Overall impression:
I usually love romcoms but this one wasn’t for me. It was fine. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. I don’t think I’ll read anything else by this author and that’s ok. I think it will be a popular choice for people after a quick and light summer read they can escape into.

The Dating Dare is available now. I gave it 3/5🌟
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Yet another great read. I’m thoroughly enjoying all these novels I get to read early. Thankyou net galley and thankyou jayci lee for a funny, entertaining and all round good book!
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The Dating Dare
Pub Date Aug 3 2021

This book is brilliant read funny made me smile I loved the fun aspect between the characters they had great atmosphere between them made me keep flipping the page over so enjoyable with clever writing style a feel good romance you love.  I loved getting to know the characters as well such a enjoyable read you love x
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I didn't like this.
The chemistry between the two main characters felt forced and did not captivate me in the slightest. 

The writing lacked finesse making this book just okay. I definitely won't remember this two weeks from now.
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I really enjoyed this book, and would highly recommend anyone to read it; let me explain why. Firstly I really liked the fact the main characters were of Korean decent. It's nice to not have the main characters be blonde haired, blue eyed all Americans etc, and also I do have a soft spot for Korean culture and find the men the most attractive. Secondly, and more importantly, I loved how realistic the main characters were. We saw them with fears, doubts, and insecurities just like the rest of us. They made mistakes, said the wrong things, and basically just got in their own way, but it made me love them even more. I could honestly see this being made into a movie; one I'd definitely be queuing up to watch.
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Tara and Seth agree to a short fling before he leaves for Paris, both of them promising not to fall for the other.  Plans don't work out, and as they reluctantly start to fall in love what will it mean when it is time for Seth to leave.

A great read, and I like how it is told from both points of view. Also, you get to catch up with the characters from the previous book which is nice.
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Another enjoyable read by Jayci Lee, I didn't enjoy it as much as A Sweet Mess, but Tara and Seth's story-line was cute and finny in parts, and I liked them both as characters.

The writing didn't flow as well as the first book and I did find parts of the story a little rambly and conversation a bit stilted, but overall an enjoyable addition to the series, I think it could have done with being a bit shorter to cut out some of the drag though.
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This book was SO FUN!
I own A Sweet Mess, but didn’t actually realise until I was quite a way in that this was a sequel! I felt like it still worked well as a stand-alone, but it does mean I spoiled myself on certain events from A Sweet Mess!
Seth and Tara are amazing together. Their chemistry was phenomenal and they just bounced right off the page!
I’ll definitely be reading A Sweet Mess to catch a bit more of them.
They’re a super fun couple, all the characters are fun to be honest, and I loved watching them dare and grow!
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