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Well this book is a bit of a departure for me, because I never read YA, not since I actually was a young adult anyway! But I do love a good thriller, and I couldn’t resist the sound of the thrilling plot of this one. In actual fact, I think this book would appeal to any age, it’s just so good.

What a shocker of a book this is, I was absolutely consumed by it right from the start. I’ve witnessed a gorse fire once, and the speed of how fast a fire like this spreads, and the noise and flames from it, are truly scary. But this is on a whole different level. It’s cataclysmic and it feels heart-poundingly real.

The first half of this book is about the fire, and the events surrounding it, and the pace is so fast and furious. I just flew through the pages. The second half is about what happens next, and this is so twisty and thrilling.

Everything about this book, from the totally realistic characters, to the descriptive passages and the compelling plot make it feel almost movie-like, and I didn’t just read this book, I felt and experienced it. It’s a real rollercoaster of a ride, and I think it would make an amazing movie or TV series.

Completely unputdownable and addictive, this is one that no-one should miss. Can’t recommend it enough.
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It starts off with a bit of fun the group will be going to college so they all have time to hang out.
Something really bad happens while they are hanging out, the worry the truth will come out is making the group anxious. 
This book was a great read! really had you on your toes and made you want to read more.
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Lies Like Wildfire will burn a path through your TBR right to the top. With an intense plot that has you nervous and on edge, leaving you with sweat beading on your forehead and clammy hands.

The five friends known as the Monsters will have you thinking about this book after you've put it down. An accident that causes a wildfire leaves miles of burnt and smouldering nature, destroyed houses and fatalities. Layered with secrets and lies, the story takes a dramatic turn and the secrets intensify when someone goes missing. Will these friends crack under the burden of their lies and secrets, or will their secrets fall to the bottom of Gap Lake, never to be discovered? 

With rich descriptions that had me smelling the pine trees and smoke as well as seeing the sunlight glitter off Gap Lake. The ending left me shocked, it was the opposite of what I expected. Alvarez is a brilliant writer, allowing the reader to follow the clues but then throwing in a major twist, it's like being splashed in the face with ice-cold water. This is a gripping, YA thriller mystery you have to read. If you liked Dark and Shallow Lies or any books by Karen M. McManus, you will love this.
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From reading the blurb of this book it sounds write up my street, a new YA thriller. I loved everything about this book, it was so intense and I read it in one sitting just so I could find out what happened next. This book was full of fear, drama and secrets keeping the story alive.
The book follows a group of childhood friends Hannah, Mo, Violet, Luke and Drummer named the monsters who all about to spend their last summer together at Mountain Gap in California before some head of to college. They wanted a nice chilled happy summer together but what they go was terror, violence and too many secrets.
Its Fire Season and there's a fire but who started it? Hannah's dad the sheriff has to work it out and keep everyone safe. After days of fire and deaths the truth starts to come out. 
There's a group of 5 who will be the first to crack. As it gets harder to keep secrets and the one of them goes missing when will the truth come out?
I loved this book from page one, it was such a me book. Kept me interested and needing to know more. A real page turner and a whole load of emotions. This book is out in September if your after an addictive and easy read!
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An absolutely unbelievable tale. Nicely paced and wonderfully suspenseful. This was a riveting read start to finish.
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A compulsive, intensive read for 12-17 year olds that will have their noses stuck in a book until the end.

The gang, the teenagers make up - 2 boys, 3 girls, are called The Monsters, are also out to protect each other and themselves when a huge, catastrophic, very destructive fire breaks out in a town, with the wild flames heading towards Yosemite National Park. It's pretty graphic in some places, especially with the fire, which really highlights the seriousness of the situation.

It's a dark, twisty young adult book which highlights unhealty, toxicity in some relationships between the characters. There's also the chase of future life dreams, such as teenagers wanting to become a nurse, work in criminology and more... Each is far, far from perfect. They tried to be good, but they are also far from this too as secrets are kept and many lies are told. Older teenagers and early 20 somethings will find this a gripping read as the story builds as the flames and realisation of the fire does too and there's nothing much that can be done to fan them as the gang begins to crack here and there, but Hannah tries to hold tight and keep the gang close. As the net closes in on them, one of the gang disappears, creating further speculation and intrigue.

Lies Like Wildfire is about teens, who have their whole lives ahead of them, falling apart and readers can find out how far they are willing to go in their lies, even to the most powerful of authorities in law to try and coverup their terrible secret. There's the intrigue as to whether they will eventually come good or not and what will happen to them.
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I absolutely loved this. A young adult (YA) thriller full of suspense. A real page turner. Fast paced. Will they be found out? Arrested? Feel the guilt?

The story focuses on a group of youngsters known as the monsters who accidently start a huge wildfire, as soon as it started they knew they messed up big time and their lives would change forever. With many losing their homes, businesses and pets alongside several deaths this is one huge mistake.

However what made this book for me was the main character Hannah. Her dad is the head of this investigation and she feels awful lying to him and being so close to him. It’s a race to the end to see the outcome for all of the group. Personally I would be livid for them causing so much destruction but they’re only young and they knew they made a huge mistake. Gripping. Thrilling. A well deserved four stars from me.
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Unfortunately this was another book that I tried to get on with multiple times and just couldn't click with. I love a good young adult thriller and mystery, but this one didn't work out for me. I picked it up so many times but sadly it ended up not being one I finished.
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4☆ A Gritty and Compulsive Read 

Lies Like Wildfire is a gripping Thriller that is made all the more scary because Wildfires are real and cause so much destruction and devastation it's heartbreaking. 

One Summers day The Monsters, a group of best friends, start a Wildfire in innocence, that very quickly becomes out of hand, leaving behind a trail of destruction and heartache as many people were effected by the fire.
But rather than coming clean for what the group had done, they vowel never to reveal their secret.
But secrets have a way of catching up with you and so does guilt.
Can the group keep something so huge quiet or will the truth come out! 

Lies Like Wildfire is a really Gritty and Compulsive read, there some really cleverly plotted twists along the way to keep you on your toes.
I really liked the suspense of watching the story unravel, trying to work out who would crack first.
So if you love YA, New Adult, Gripping Thrillers, then I highly recommend you grab a copy of Lies Like Wildfire you won't be disappointed!
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Lies Like Wildfire is unfortunately one of my most disappointing releases of 2021. I was so excited to read it based on the premise, it sounded right up my street. However, weak writing and plotting let it down. 

I found the characters quite unpleasant to read about, not just from a morally grey perspective as that is a trope I enjoy, but just simply their attitudes, actions and lack of remorse meant I couldn’t root for them at all. I also just didn’t care enough about them to be invested in their journey, and to hope their ending worked out okay.

I had several issues with the writing, mostly that so many of the key plot points of the story happened totally off page, and we simply heard about them later. We missed out on so much excitement as readers by this approach, and it mostly just seemed to be a lazy way to pull off the unreliable narrator trope - just missing out chunks of time, rather than establishing our narrator as truly unreliable. It mostly just felt lazy, weak and without us actually experiencing those exciting scenes, boring.

It also felt to me that the two different halves of the story had such a disconnect that they felt like two entirely different books. The connections between the two parts were tenuous and so separate. It felt as thought the author had two separate ideas they tried to shoehorn together, and the result is a very fragmented narrative with no connection between the two halves. This left both halves feeling a little underdeveloped and in particular left the first half feeling totally pointless, rather than them being two threads of one consistent narrative.

I just wasn’t a fan of this book, unfortunately I found it to be underwhelming, with underdeveloped writing and plotting.
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Loved this - excellent book where one lie just escalates and five kids ewnd up in trouble. Plus there's the environmental issue! I would read something by the author - thanks for having me on the tour
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This was indeed an intense read. The ‘Monsters’ are revelling in the beginning of summer. The weather is hot, hot, hot and they’re having fun. That is until things take a sinister turn. The fear, suspicion and infighting doesn’t take long to appear after a single moment changes their lives forever. Teenagers can do stupid things. They’re pushing boundaries, making memories and believing they are the centre of the universe. It’s a natural part of growing up. In the case of Hannah and her ‘monsters’ however events take a tragic turn that result in an uncontrollable bush fire sweeping through their town and beyond. Life’s are lost and the lies begin.

The tension is palpable and if I’m honest, there wasn’t one character that I actually liked in this book but, my, did I want to find out how things ended. Relationships that felt like they would last forever are tested and the stress takes it’s toll as events spiral out of control just like the bush fire itself. The question eventually asked is how far would they be prepared to go to keep their secrets safe.

This is a YA novel and It does contain some mature content involving sexual relationships so I would recommend for 16+ or Year 10+ at the very least.
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Gripping throughout! So much happened in this book, it was hard to put it down! 

The characters were interesting to follow, and I enjoyed moving between the two halves of the book.
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I received a copy of this book as part of a blog tour organized by The Write Reads and the publisher. Thank you for this opportunity in exchange for an honest review!

Lies Like Wildfire is a story about a group of teenagers who make one foolish mistake that could ruin the rest of their lives. While drinking during a code red in California, the group accidentally starts a wildfire that sends the lives of everyone in the town into flames. Forced to keep their secret or avoid being charged with a felony, their friendship is put to the test. Can they trust that no one will confess? How far are they willing to go to keep this a secret?

I thought the premise of this novel was fantastic. Unfortunately, unlikable characters was the main reason that I couldn't enjoy it. I was not a fan of the main character at all, and the main supporting character was just as bad. A large part of the plot centers around a completely toxic infatuation/co-dependency that the main character has with her best friend, and I don't think the book did an adequate job in having either of them grow to be better people. In fact, I felt like the main character learned almost nothing from the experiences she went through.

Overall, I think this book had a lot of potential; I was just left wanting so much more.
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A group of close friends are spending a hot afternoon together by the lake in California, one of the last opportunities they have to be together before some of them leave for college. As a result of an incident that afternoon a wildfire rages for days in the area, causing damage to property and loss of life. As well as providing a fascinating insight into wildfires and their management,  this novel addresses many challenging issues faced by young people including loyalty, trust, loss, honesty and forgiveness. The conclusion was very unexpected.
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I wasn't 100% how I would feel about Lies Like Wildfire. I love thrillers and I especially love thrillers with surprising endings. From the synopsis, I kind of figured the story would be on the straightforward side with no reason to guess what was going to happen in the plot. That's actually not even the case and I absolutely loved the story. Lies Like Wildfire has a lot more to the story other than kids starting a fire and being scared they were going to get caught. The ending has a surprise ending that I absolutely loved.

I can't wait to read more books by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez!
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Which one spreads faster - lies or wildfire?

It’s just an ordinary summer day for a group of five friends. Until it turns up to be the most disastrous day for them all.

Like most of the teens in the town, they spend the hot summer days at the Gap Lake. Drinking beer, smoking weed, chilling and making plans for the future. All of the girls- Hannah, Mo and Violet are going to college, while the boys - Drummer and Luke are staying local, finding a job in Gap Lake. But what a strange group of teenagers they are! Hannah - the sheriff's daughter. Violet - an heiress, living in Santa Barbara, but spending the summers with her rich grandma in Gap Lake. Luke - the troublemaker, always neck-deep in troubles. Drummer - the playboy, taking all the advantages he can take from a girl and then throw it away like a rag doll. Finally Mo - a quiet, sweet girl, not famous with anything, fighting her way to the top, aiming for college and a career as a nurse.

But when Luke takes out his pipe while chilling at the Gap, Hannah reacted in the most natural way a sheriff's daughter can - she started yelling at him, that lighting a match in a red flag day is recklessness. The hell comes to earth when Hannah knocks out the pipe off Luke's hand and they accidentally started a fire. The fire that in no time engulfs hundreds of thousands of acres and will destroy homes and will kill people.

There is so much in this book. Friendship being the most important one. I love how fierce Hannah fights and keeps their secrets just to protect her friends from jail. Because monsters don't tell on monsters! They are calling themselves the monsters, because of that summer play where nobody wanted to play the human. The main two rules in the group are: "monsters don't tell on monsters" and "monsters don't date monsters" and Hannah is trying to keep them both. Even though she is in love with Drummer since she remembers, she won't overstep that rule they've set. Imagine what a hit she received when finding out that actually Violet and Drummer are seeing each other. Betrayed. A realisation that Drummer keeps her on a hook because she is always there for him, always ready to clean up his mess.

I didn't like the characters tho. I couldn't connect with them. For me, they are all selfish and unlikable. From spoiled kid to too straightforward one. A guy who uses women and a guy who can't get out of the mess he created. They are quite miserable for teenagers. However, I almost started to like them, when a confession from Mo changed everything for me and I even started to hate them a bit.

I was more into the second part of the book. Actually, the first chapter of the book belongs to the second part of it. It got me confused for a second, but then I galloped through the first part, impatient for the second. Wanted to know what happened with V, why are they looking for her body? Did she die because of the fire? Did the fire kill her?

The story is fast-paced, the twists are perfectly placed. Even though my guess was right, the author keeps you on the hook till the very end. Whereas I knew how this story is going to finish, it didn't take away the enjoyment of reading it till the end.

Although the book is spread through a period of time, starting with the fire, continuing with V's disappearance and at the end we have them a few months after the fire. Surprisingly, the parts fit together perfectly and this is what I like the most about the book - in the end, it ties all the loose ends together. No open end, no wondering. Just an absolutely catch of a book! Fast-paced, hooking and intriguing.
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Just the thought of wildfires terrifies me, even though whenever there is one near where I live they are never anywhere close to the scale of those in America, Australia or mainland Europe. Watching the devastation on the news is utterly heart-breaking. Even before reading the author’s note, it was clear that Jennifer has personal experience of  such fires and that experience really comes through in her description of the fire, and in the emotions that it raises.

Lies Like Wildfire is a fascinating story about how one bad decision can spiral out of control, and how one lie can lead to another, and then another. The comparison between the raging wildfire and the ever increasing web of lies, both forging their own path of destruction, makes for a cleverly constructed novel.

Although each of the characters was hard to like at times, and I found Hannah more than a little annoying, it was absolutely compelling reading waiting to discover where the lies were going to take her and her friends and what the truth really was.
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I read this book for a blog tour, so thank you so much to the blog tour organiser for letting me take part in this tour, and thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

Trigger warnings: fire, death, mention of drunk driving, murder, lies, secrets, injury, blood, bear attack, animal death. 

Lies Like Wildfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez is a great YA mystery/thriller that I got the chance to read for the Ultimate Blog Tour organised by Dave, and I’m so glad I signed up. YA mystery is one genre that I can speed through and just keep turning the pages, and this was one such book, I just kept wanting to know what was happening, if the fire would go out if they would find Violet, and what secrets the liars were keeping from the families and the town, but also from themselves.I have to talk about the setting for this book as well as the characters! This book is set in a town in the U.S., in California if I’m not mistaken. From the first pages, we get chucked into this setting which is soon to be on fire, and it was a race against the clock to get the fire put out, but also to find out who set the fire, since it’s a federal offence. The characters we meet when starting this book are a real rag-tag group of friends who have mostly come together because they all live in the same town, with the exception of Violet who is the daughter of rich parents who galivant across the world each year, leaving her to her grandmother in this small town. They are all called the “monsters”, by themselves and by their friends and family, but I was just rooting for everything to be okay for them.

I really liked Hannah from the start, how she is fighting to keep her friends together and later, also fighting against her memory to figure out what could have happened to Violet. I thought that she was a really good narrator, although somewhat unreliable at some points, but that just added to the overall atmosphere of lies, secrets, tension, all made greater from the wildfire raging across California. We learn a lot about Hannah’s family and her personal struggles, her wish to become an FBI agent, and I really liked getting to know her.

I also liked the other characters, I had a soft spot for Mo as I am totally that person who brings a million things in their bag for outings, and make sure everyone is fed and watered ahah! I also thought that Luke really drew the short straw and I felt so sorry for him, and would really have liked to know him better. I just wanted them all to get out and go do everything they had planned for their life after high school. 

As I mentioned above, I have really gotten into YA mysteries/thrillers that I find so different to their adult counterparts. There is usually a great atmosphere and things are just so much more edge-of-your-seat for me, which was the case here. I just wanted to keep reading this book at every chance I got, as I wanted to find out if the monsters would make it out unscathed and what truths would be revealed.

Overall, Lies Like Wildfire was such a great YA mystery/thriller that had me immersed each time I picked it up for “just one more chapter” that turned into 10. It had a really tense atmosphere that makes you keep turning the pages, and the countdowns of how many days the fire has been raging, the casualties from it, and another event (that I won’t mention) just kept me reading to find out what was going to happen in the end.

I liked the pace which I found strong and flowed really nicely, along with the great writing style. The relationships between the characters and their dialogues were nicely written and it made for very believable characters and a very intriguing plot.

I gave this book 4 stars and I really enjoyed it. It was a really fast-paced, well-written and well-thought-out quick YA mystery/thriller. I also NEVER saw that ending coming and it left me with my mouth hanging open because it takes a bit to surprise me, and that wrap-up definitely did leave me stunned. The author did a great job of pointing the suspicion elsewhere! It was a great reveal!

If you love fast-paced, quick, intriguing, tense stories with rag-tag groups of friends, secrets between them, and other mysteries mixed in, and you don’t mind the trigger warnings I mentioned above, then I highly recommend this book, I’m sure you would love it!
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This book was a roller coaster of drama and thriller one after the other. I mean, the characters do go off rail in the book and it just keeps the story interesting.

Five friends start a fire by mistake and that mistake cost them a lot. One of them dies and now they don’t know whether to tell the truth or not. The story from the point of view of Hannah, one of the main characters. Hannah wants to keep  the secret that they started the fire because it will keep them and their future safe. But it doesn’t end up that way. Her character development was shocking as it gets.

When I started reading this book, I thought it was only about the fire but as the story moves we see how the characters are with each other. There is jealousy and so much drama going on that the story keeps you on the edge.

The story was worth the read and I absolutely liked this book. I can say that this book is one of my favourites. 

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