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The Haunted Homecoming

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This is a cute murder/ghost story.  It was quick and easy to read, the characters were fun and the plot a bit predictable. This is a great book if you just want something light and fluffy to read!  Would recommend.
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More involved than the usual cozy.  The plot evolves and I don't like the ghost she's helping its interesting
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
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A delightful read full of small town gossip, love, football and ghosts! Verity uses her special skills to see the town from the other side--the ghostly one, to solve a 35 year mystery, with help from her friend Frankie, the dead one.
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Homecoming in Sugarland is loud, proud and crazy as everyone returns home dead and alive to show team spirit! But the premature opening of a time capsule puts Verity on the trail of a murderer. Can she figure out what happened before it's too late?
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Angie has done it again. Her books get better and better. With a mother who should be gagged and a romance in the future with another family member, even ghosts get in the action.  Sad to say we have to wait until next year for the next book in the sero.
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Homecoming weekend in the South.  Verity is glad to see so many come home including her long gone mother.  When a dead body turns up, Verity and Frankie must put everything else on the back burner and solve the crime before the killer strikes again. Angie Fox has done a great job in the series.  Verity and Frankie are very relatable characters that bring the story to life.  I received a copy through Netgalley.  A review was not required.
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Loved this book just another typical. Angie Fox book worth a read. It is what is expected .Would recommend a read..
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I have loved Verity and this series from the start!  It was a quick, fun read and it was great to visit all the characters in Sugarland.  Frankie was up to no good as usual, Verity got herself into some tight spots, and Lucy stole the show.  It was fun to meet Verity's mom and step-dad when they came back to Sugarland for homecoming.  The school spirit and the small town feel was fantastic.  I adore this series and am so happy that there are more coming!  I can't wait for the next one!
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THE HAUNTED HOMECOMING is the fourteenth book in the Southern Ghost Hunter series. I’ve read half of them and loved ever one.

For many people, Sunday may be for the Lord but football is the religion of the rest of the week. Homecoming is the Superbowl of every town and school. Family reunions, picnics, and celebrations are planned around homecoming. It is more than a day. In Sugarland, it is an annual week-long event. This year is extra special because a time capsule near the football field, that was supposed to be closed for one hundred years, is going to be opened early in order to upgrade the football field. Even Verily’s mother is coming home via her mobile coach!

When the time capsule is opened, a young woman’s body is found. This is the ghost hunt that Verity pursues in this story. ‘Who’ was easily determined. ‘Why’ was the greater mystery and it was suspenseful. I loved every minute of following along in the pursuit of the “dastardly villain.”

Of course, there was fun and drama will Frankie and Molly. I can’t miss my updates into their ongoing relationship and Frankie’s curmudgeonly attitude. I love his personas. He’s the uncle that pretends to not like kids being so noisy in front of the parents, while secretly whispering ideas for even more fun to the kids.

Having Verity’s mom visit was nice. She’s a total gossip! That drove Verity crazy. She’s also a fashionista and made the cutest outfit for Lucy the skunk. I hope we’ll be seeing care packages from the rode as mom sends more ensembles for her favorite striped model.

Note: While I received this book as a gifted ARC via NetGalley, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

Series: Southern Ghost Hunter #10
Category /Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Recommended for: 14+
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Homecoming in Sugarland Tennessee with Verity Long ghost hunter and Frankie her ghost is a time to remember. When a time capsules is opened in the high school and  a dead body is found there it turns out to be her mother's high school best friend Verity needs to find out what happened to her.  If only her mother would stop talking about Verity and her ghost hunting stories.  While Franky is dealing with El Gato who seems to be winning the heart of his girlfriend. As Verity finally makes contact with the ghost of her mother's best friend she doesn't realize she is walking into danger.  Will Verity figure out who the murder is or end up in a time capsules herself.

This is the 1oth book in the series and it doesn't disappoint.  A cozy mystery that leaves you wanting more.  It is fun and you will fall in love with the characters.  Verity and Frankie will make you want to come back for more stores.  I hope this series never ends.  If you like cozy mysteries and ghost pick up this book.  Highly recommend it.
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I downloaded this one on Netgalley for the r/CozyMystery Halloween theme read and let's face it, no one does ghosts better than Angie Fox!

First off, I loved the 80s theme. Ahhh high school in the 80s...poofy dresses, poofier know, like omg totally awesome. Brought back memories of dancing to the newly released Two of Hearts by Stacey Q at my first high school dance. *sigh* Memories...But anyway, I'm hear to talk about this book; it's Homecoming in Sugarland and the festivities are just getting underway when a body is found of a missing Homecoming queen who supposedly left town after the dance in 1985 (spoiler: she didn't, but I figured that part out before I even started reading it.) We also meet Verity's mother for the first time and really, what woman can't relate to Tilly and Verity's relationship? So realistic, I loved it. 

But my favorite part of this was that a lot of the plot centered on Frankie; the loveable gangster ghost is going through some issues, wreaking havoc on Verity's investigation.  I loved that it made Frankie a bit more dimensional and...human? for lack of a better word.  On one hand, I feel like it was a long time coming and on the other hand, I don't know why it took this long to do!

A totally rad book from start to finish, like fer sure!
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The Haunted Homecoming is a great cozy mystery that is centered around a woman that has a ghost named Frankie who is kind of stuck with her.  He can borrow his power to her and allow her to communicate with other ghosts. Anyway, a time capsule is uncovered at homecoming and a woman is found dead inside.  With her pet skunk and Frankie the ghost, she is off to solve the mystery.  It is really well-written and a lot of fun.  The mystery was solid, and the characters were great.  This appears to be one of a series and I can't wait to go back and read the earlier books.  I loved it.
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Another great book in the series.  We finally get to meet Verity's mother, who was a hoot.  So easy to see her as Verity's mother.  Verity's relationship with her boyfriend is progressing nicely, and there isn't a lot of conflict between the two, which is nice.  The mystery in this book is a good one.  I like the high school homecoming theme.  Even after so many books in this series, it is still fun and entertaining.  Keep them coming!
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First of all - Angie Fox is a superb writer of dialogue! Her characters sound like real people speaking to each other. For me personally, nothing ruins an otherwise good book more quickly and easily than awful dialogue.  In addition, the author's ability to write an entertaining story without smut or swearing made The Haunted Homecoming, like all of her books, a pleasure to read.

Having grown up in a big city, I never experienced the kind of small-town feel you get in the Southern Ghost Hunter series. This one in particular, with Homecoming Weekend in Sugarland, the school spirit, the autumn weather, and just about everyone in town participating and being excited about the events - well, I loved it.  The cheesy decorations, the silly cheers, the parade... it was all so well-described I felt like I was a participant. 

The personalities of the characters like the cafeteria lady were spot-on. The development of the relationships and the possibility for future growth in those relationships has me so excited to see what happens in the next book. I had a pretty good idea of who the culprit would turn out to be, but there were enough characters involved so that I wasn't absolutely certain until the guilty party was finally fingered. And on top of all the other good things, there are ghosts! 

Thank you to NetGalley, Moose Island Books, and Angie Fox for an ARC of this book!
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The H Homecoming by A. Fox is book ten in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery Series.
Verity Long, the acquainted ghost hunter is back home in Sugarland for homecoming weekend. But it wouldn't be Verity when everything would go without problems. She and her pet Lucy are in for a wild ride. A quirky heroine, a great storyline, well written,
an read that is literally unputdownable. It had me from the first page , I fell in love with storyline and characters, what a great read.
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The perfect Halloween read. I actually read this book as a stand alone, but now plan on going back and reading the others.

Verity can see and talk to the ghosts that no one else can. This sets her up to be the perfect crime solver when a murder happens in such a small town during Homecoming. I love "cozy" murder mysteries as they are lighter reads, and this is the perfect ghost story style cozy mystery that I finished the week before Homecoming at our school.

I will say Frankie the ghost got on my nerves a bit. He seemed to interrupt right when the story was intriguing. But, I'm pretty sure that was the point. :)

Overall, if you are a fan of cozy murder mysteries, I would recommend this book.
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I adore this series, its one of those that just makes me happy when I read it so I’m always pleased to see another one arrive. If I had to categorise this series I’d say this series mostly falls in to ‘cosy crime’ only difference is this series has a paranormal twist.

Haunted Homecoming sees Verity and reluctant ghostly sidekick Frankie called into action once again as a dead body is dug up with a time capsule that was buried in the 1980’s. OK it isn’t really an original storyline I think we’ve all seen it in crime novel or dramas before but it was still a good story.

This Homecoming is an even bigger deal than usual for Sugarland as the Time Capsule buried in the 80’s is being raised early to allow for a new football stadium to be built so all the Sugarland Alumni are in town to see the contents raised (and get their hands on a secret Apple Pie recipe that was added to the capsule). This means Verity’s mum is back in town and we get to learn more about Verity’s family and see her relationship with her mum first hand, rather than her just being mentioned as off travelling.

It was nice to see another side of Verity in those interactions – how she coped with her mum interfering in her case and the relationship they has, which was at its heart warm and loving.

Frankie is also having relationship issues as he struggles to commit fully to Molly, doubting that he is good enough for her. Of course being Frankie this leads to some truly outlandish schemes that are always fun to watch take shape.

As always with this series a fun read and I look forward to getting my hands on the next one.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  There are some series that are like old friends.  Each time a new book comes out provides the opportunity to be reunited with the people and catch up with what is going on in their world.  The characters in these books are a delight from Verity and her pet skunk Lucy to her ghostly partner, Frankie.  The cast of characters fall on both sides of the spectral plane, living and dead.  With Frankie’s borrowed power, Verity is able to help spirits find closure and solve past mysteries.

It is homecoming in Sugarland.   Most people never leave the town but Verity’s mother has been roaming the world with her husband and it takes something like this to draw her back.  The pinnacle of the event will be the opening of a time capsule that was buried the night she graduated in 1986.  Her mother is also looking forward to reconnecting with her best friend who ran  away with a mystery man the night of the Prom.  Sadly, when the vault is opened, not only is the time capsule revealed but the body of her friend is as well.  Who was the secret lover and did he murder her friend?  Other than the killer himself, the only one who knows the truth is the deceased.

Verity is going to need Frankie to allow her to find the girl and ask her what happened.  But she has a couple of problems with which she must contend first.  Frankie’s love life is getting very complicated and he is even less dependable than usual.  Verity’s mother has no edit button as she gossips around town all of Verity’s secrets so the killer is kept up to date with her investigation.  And finally, the ghost only returns at Homecoming and she does not realize that she is dead.  It is going to take a lot of courage and skill to find out the truth without ending up like the victim.

The entire series has been a lot of fun and this one does not disappoint.  From beginning to end it is fast and frolicking and highly enjoyable.  Five purrs and two paws up.
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There’s nothing like high school football in a small town.  Sugarland is no different.  This year it is bigger than ever because they are going to open the time capsule that was buried in 1985.  Even Verity’s mom is coming back.  But everyone is shocked to find there is a body…of the homecoming queen everyone thought ran away that night.  Now Verity with the help of Frankie (well not so much his help because he has girlfriend problems) and the unwanted help of her mother is determined to find the killer.

It is a solid mystery and a lot of fun.  Fox’s take on ghosts is somewhat unusual in that they can change and grow, not stuck in a repeating pattern.  As such, the ghosts can have a real life in the afterlife including dating which brings a lot of hilarity when Frankie has girlfriend problems and has to hide from El Gato and the Cuban mob (all ghosts, of course).  The skunk is adorable and steals scenes.

Enjoy this ghostly cozy and forget your worries.   

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in return for an honest review.
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3.5/5 stars. The time capsule opening is such a fun trope, and like Verity's mom Tilly I also graduated in 1986, so this book was pretty much made for me. The mystery itself seems predictable, with two equally tragic possibilities, but some late in the game details make things both clearer and sadder. What really makes this series great is the emotional connections and character development. Verity and Tilly got to know each other in ways they never have, we all got to know Frankie in a deeper way, and Molly is full of surprises. I specifically chose to read this book because I needed to sink in to something and relax and The Haunted Homecoming delivered.
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