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This is a great book, a fun adventure! A time capsule is opened and becomes a cold case. There are many suspects, which keep you guessing. Verity’s mom comes to visit, and oh boy her loose lips sink ships! There is great suspense throughout, a dash of romance, fabulous humor, a very well done cozy mystery! I love all the characters, Sugarland is such a fun place to visit!
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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley 

I so love this series. All the characters are like friends.
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I love this series and this was another good one. Up front thought Verity's mother annoyed the crap out of me. She was such a blabbermouth and didn't know how much she was hurting Verity. I did like that the whole small town was so invested in homecoming weekend. I am ready for Verity and Ellis' relationship to progress a little faster.
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Its homecoming time and Verity's mum is back in town. Sugarland takes home coming very seriously and the whole town goes all out . This year its even more exciting as a time capsule that was buried in 1985 will be dug up. When the vault the time capsule is in , gets opened up a dead body is found. Verity is on the case  with some reluctant help from Frankie who is hiding from El Gato and having girlfriend problems. Along with the ghost of the dead girl being very elusive , poor Verity has a lot to deal with. I always enjoy a visit to Sugarland and found myself staying up to finish the book.  Please Angie Fox dont end on a cliff hanger im desperate to find out what happpens next. Highly recommend this series.
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Sugarland is bursting with hometown pride as it hosts a festive week leading up to Homecoming. This year is extra special because due to a need to move the flagpole so the football field can be expanded, they must dig up the time capsule buried back in 1985. And, oh the secrets that time vault is hiding.

As tenth entry in the Southern Ghost Hunter series, The Haunted Homecoming is not the best place to start. In fact, it feels like matters are getting closer to the end as it is Verity’s turn to come to terms with family like Frankie had to do in the previous book.

It was interesting meeting Verity’s mom, Tilly, and seeing Verity so consternated when her flitting, gossipy butterfly of a mom seems impervious to her hints to be circumspect and careful about Verity’s ghostly detecting. It is easy to feel for Verity as she tries to rein her in, but also funny because it is obvious that what frustrates Verity about her mom are traits they share. Her sheriff’s deputy boyfriend and her ghostly gangster partner are always telling her not to rush into situations without due caution or talk so much when investigating. Verity is in a tiff for much of the book because of mom issues and finally has to analyze why and settle it with her mom. Additionally, I had to laugh at her reaction to the unexpected romance her sweet and smart librarian sister Melody gets up to with one of Verity’s town archenemies.

Frankie is having his own existential crisis because Molly, his ghostly gal, wants commitment and Frankie doesn’t see himself as the type to keep or deserve a steady relationship. His method of coping with his relationship woes are straight out of a gangster wise guy handbook if there were one and he is not above roping Verity into his schemes in exchange for his help on her latest murder case and the chance to interview the victim’s ghost if she can only find her. Frankie cracks me up each time and he is a good dash of tart pragmatism to Verity’s sometimes overly sweet naivete.

The murder victim died at her 1985 Homecoming dance as the queen so there was plenty of 80’s nostalgia present as well as the bittersweet atmosphere of the reunion group that were potential witnesses and suspects. Verity ends up immersed in her mom’s own past as Tilly was the best friend to the dead Ashley. It was not a clear path of evidence to the reveal especially since there is all the festival activities, family dynamics, and Frankie’s antics that overshadow the mystery for much of the book (and I’m not complaining to have it that way).

To summarize, it was full of all sorts of family and Homecoming, ghostly fun and a mystery tucked in there to get things exciting in the end. There is a mild cliffhanger at the very end meant to lead directly into the next book and I can’t wait. I can see that the series is coming to a culmination soon. This is a favorite paranormal cozy mystery series that I heartily recommend.
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The Haunted Homecoming is the tenth book in Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries series. The story flows smoothly in this fast-paced book, the mystery intriguing, and the characters are well developed. This book can be read as a standalone because the author has done an excellent job describing and explaining the main characters, their relationships, and their backgrounds. While the mystery in this installment is solved, the book ends with a cliffhanger.

Verity Long can see and communicate with ghosts, but only with the help of Frankie, the ghost of a 1920s gangster, who she managed to ground to her property in Sugarland, Tennessee, when she dumped his ashes, which she thought was dirt in her yard in Sugarland, Tennessee. Frankie is unable to leave the property unless Verity has his urn with her. Verity is a caring person who wants to help everyone, living or dead. Verity is dating Ellis Wydell, the Deputy Sheriff and her ex-fiancé’s brother, and is using her gift as a ghost hunter. Ellis is one of the few people who believe in her abilities and has always been supportive of her helping the ghosts who need her but concerned for her safety.

Due to an expansion of Sugarland High’s football field, it’s necessary to dig up the time capsule, which was buried in 1985, earlier than planned, so they are including it in their homecoming week festivities. Even Verity’s mom and stepdad, Tilly and Carl, are in town for homecoming and the opening of the time capsule Tilly’s graduating class was responsible for burying during homecoming week in 1985. Tilly is really looking forward to reconnecting with her best friend, Ashley Starling, who she hasn’t seen since the homecoming dance in 1985. Unfortunately, when the time capsule is opened, Ashley’s body is inside. While trying to find Ashley’s killer, Verity is trying to manage her mother’s tendency to share everything about Verity’s gift and the investigation with the entire town, as well as counseling Frankie on the proper way to treat his girlfriend, Molly.

I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed it.
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Verity gets tangled up in looking for a murderer who stashed the body in a time capsule vault at Sugarland High School that is opened early. The author does a good job of presenting several suspects with motives that might have been sufficient for a murder. There are a lot of loose ends that must be tied up and all of them are resolved at the end.
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My second in this series although it is the tenth instalment, sometimes Verity Long would like to forget that she lives with the ghost of a 1920s gangster. But the reluctant housemates must work together when on homecoming weekend in Sugarland, Tennessee a dead body is spotted near the football field. A celebration with festivities lasting four days is underway kicking off with a jamboree in the town square. When a long-buried time capsule is opened during the festivities, dating back to 1985 at the time when Verity's mum's class were graduating, the body is revealed: a woman in a frock.

I love Angie Fox’s fun and humorous writing style and I thought the plot was wonderfully engaging and imaginative. If you are a fan of cozy mysteries, then you need to check out The Haunted Homecoming. It's comical, and it will definitely keep you guessing. This very happy reader highly recommends it!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Moose Island Books via NetGalley and this review is my unbiased opinion.
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Despite having missed out books 3-9 in this delightfully warm-hearted, cosy murder mystery, I don’t think newcomers to this series would have any difficulty in crashing into this series, as Verity’s enjoyable first-person narration sweeps up the reader and draws them into Sugarland’s festivities. Right now, I particularly appreciate dollops of humour along with my urban fantasy shenanigans – and Fox provides just the right amount of snark and delightful moments of comedy. I particularly relished getting to know Verity’s mother, who returns to Sugarland for Homecoming Week, along with her husband. The tension between mother and daughter was both funny and, at times, poignant. Humour can often have a cruel edge – but Fox’s exuberant, upbeat writing style doesn’t go there.

For all the excitement and loving descriptions of lots of sugar-laden treats – I wouldn’t recommend this book if you’re trying to diet – Fox also has a sharp eye for small-town friction. We have a good spread of suspects with strong reasons for wanting Ashley to keep quiet. Although I was pleased to see that the perpetrator wasn’t someone I had initially suspected. All in all, this was a really enjoyable read and I look forward to going back and catching up with more of Verity’s adventures. While I obtained an arc of The Haunted Homecoming from the publishers via Netgalley, the opinions I have expressed are unbiased and my own.
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This is a delightful fun paranormal cozy series I always enjoy returning to. 
Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley My review opinion is my own. 

The Haunted Homecoming is the 10th book in Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter series.  We return to  Sugarland, Tennessee where everyone is celebrating the homecoming season.  Verity is happy her Mother and  Father will visit her during the festivities.  The town is in controversy about a flagpole that must be moved and a time capsule that was buried 100 years ago under the flagpole that will also have to be moved.  While that is going on a murder occurs. 

 Verity finds that  several spirits that have not left the school and when the murder occurs of a old high school friend Verity is on the case. This was a fun read with all the regular charcters and Verity's Mother was funny interfering in her life. I liked the sleuth and the historic aspect . A fun read I highly recommend.
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The Southern Ghost Hunter series is by far one of my favorite series. I have loved all the books so far and this newest book does not disappoint at all. Of course all the major players are back and Verity has to once again use Frankies ghostly powers to solve a crime. This book cracked me up and made me cringe and I loved every moment of it. Also the good thing about this book as well as the others is that if you haven’t read any of the previous books, it gives you lots of backstory so you can just go ahead and jump right in. 

The only negative I could say about this book is it does end in somewhat of a tiny cliffhanger and the next book doesn’t come out to next year. 😭
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I love Verity. She has pulled herself up from scandal and basically poverty. She is strong in many ways. In this book we get company from Mom. She has come to town for the homecoming and to visit with friends from when she graduated. Her gossip is on a mega scale. She has came into town and is starting to get to Verity. Her reputation is on the line. There is so many people in town you never know how this story is going to play out. We know we have a dead person, Someone killed this person many years ago. Verity has to keep mom from talking to everyone in town while keeping a low profile to salve this mystery. We don't even want to talk about our ghost gangster. He is always up to no good. This time he really has tossed some crazy in Verity's day. I love that we get to see Verity's sister a little more. I think it is great that she is getting a love life so to speak.  Great book. Great read. I can't wait for the next one.
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Enjoyed this book , as it belongs to a quirky sub genre of paranormal cozy mysteries, which I have tried for the first time. It had all the elements of drama, thrills and chills. Humour also cannot be left out. Verity was amazing , though it was my first book to have read in the series, it can be read as standalone and be loved the same. Though in some parts it felt like reading the all the other books falling under the same trope with same old story at the beginning , but eventually it became really entertaining. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.
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If a lighthearted , fun read is what you like then this book is for you .

It is Homecoming time in Sugarland , Tennessee and ghost hunter Verity Long is looking forward seeing her mother, Tilly  ........... a visit that just might drive her bonkers such is their relationship .
The highlight of the Homecoming will be the opening of a time capsule at Tilly's old school  ...... one that should have been buried for 100 years but is being opened early to facilitate improvements to the High School stadium .
Tilly has been talking excitedly nonstop about her old school friend Ashley Starling - will she return home for the event .............. unfortunately she never left - her body is found in the capsule .
Verity decides to investigate using her link to the spirits asking for their help - but someone doesn't want her to find the truth and is determined to stop her whatever the cost ..
I really enjoyed this return to Sugarland and Verity's ghosts and look forward to reading more in the future

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I always have fun reading this series and it improves with each new installment.
This one is excellent, engrossing and highly entertaining.
I was happy to catch up with the characters, the mystery is solid and the paranormal side always funny.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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The Haunted Homecoming is the 10th book in Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter series.  It is homecoming time in Sugarland, Tennessee. Verity Long, ghost hunter extraordinaire, is very excited that her mother, Tilly, and stepfather will be visiting to participate in the festivities. And they will be pulling their school bus RV onto her land and staying by her. But Verity and Tilly have a somewhat difficult relationship in that Tilly drives Verity bonkers.

The big to do of the weekend will be the unearthing and opening of a time capsule buried by the class of ‘85, Tilly’s class. It was supposed to be buried for 100 years but Roan building supply has donated funds to enlarge and improve the high school’s stadium. The time capsule, which ended up with submissions from all over Sugarland is buried under the flagpole that must be moved for the renovation.
From the time Tilly returned to Sugarland she has been talking about her best high school friend, Ashley Starling, and wondering if she will return like so many others have for the festivities. Unfortunately, Ashley never left!

As Verity investigates what happened to Ashley she encounters several spirits that have not left the school and several folks that have been there for years, but it becomes clear that whomever was responsible for the body beneath the flagpole doesn’t want Verity to continue investigating.

This is another wonderfully written tale in the Southern Ghost Hunter series. It is hard to put down and may just keep you awake late into the night. I very much enjoyed this book and I do recommend it!
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I like this series and this book was good. I loved getting to see Verity interacting with her mom and step-dad. The family dynamics between them, as well as her sister, were easily relatable. The mystery was good though I wondered early if I knew who the bad guy was and I was right. Frankie has some major character development and Molly may have had the most! She blew my mind in this book! Living in a small town, I could totally relate to how a town gets involved in the Homecoming madness.

Thank you to Angie Fox, NetGalley, and Moose Island Books for giving me the chance to read this story and share my honest thoughts and opinions with others.
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Homecoming with Verity and Lucy, what can go wrong, you ask? Plenty and it's up to Verity and her ghost buddy to solve the mystery. Wonderful series with loveable and relatable characters, and great storylines. Love this series.
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Was I hooked by that book? Oh, yes. It is fun and exciting as always. 

The town of Sugarland is celebrating homecoming weekend and everyone is involved. Even Verity's mother makes a rare appearance in her hometown to attend the festivities. The whole town is in attendance to witness the early opening of the time capsule. And things start to heat up for Verity and Ellis when a body is discovered. 

I am loving this series so much and I loved this one as well. Franky is in a heavy funk because his ghostly girlfriend seems to enjoy the company of El Gato more. His antics are entertaining, as always. Verity and her mother aren't having the joyful reunion they both wanted as her mother keeps blabbing all of Verity's ghost hunting secrets to anyone willing to listen. 

I would have liked to see more of Ellis and Verity together. I love the two of them, and they are still a great couple, I just wanted a bit more intimacy between them, I guess. The biggest relationship growth was between Verity and her mother. I also enjoyed the little side plot with Melody. There are less ghostly interactions, but Franky is more than enough ghost for any story. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I adore this series and this book definitely didn't disappoint! Homecoming in Sugarland is a big deal. When bones are discovered when a time capsule is opened Verity has her work cut out for her. With a murder, a ghost with romance problems and her mother back for homecoming Verity is stretched pretty thin! This book is full of Southern humor, snark and it's just plain fun!!!
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