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A Mindfulness Guide for Survival

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I just love Ruby's books.........Ruby always writes from her gut!!! and with such honesty, then puts the some humour into every book I have read by her......I always find her books a pleasure to read and when I finish I then have to sit and think about whet I have read and if I can use her information in my everyday routine!

A Mindfulness Guide for Survival by Ruby Wax was another excellent book. Ruby's latest book was so easy to follow throughout and it gives you a good insightful guide to learn how to be more mindful of your mental health and things around you. I found it an eye opener throughout. I highly recommend this latest book..

Big Thank you to Ruby Wax and publishers via NetGalley for this book, in return for my honest thoughts and review.
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This is really really great! I would recommend this to absolutely EVERYBODY! It can work for one and all and is my bible
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This is my first book by Ruby Wax and it definitely won’t be my last. 
Wax introduces this workbook as a ‘guide to help bulk up our emotional resilience as afar as learning with the unknown..’, a guide written in response to the experience of the pandemic, of being caught unprepared. 
Wax establishes her credentials to write such a book - she has completed years of academic study into psychology; she practices mindfulness on a daily basis and. particularly relevant, she ran online support groups throughout the pandemic. More importantly Was comes across not only as eminently qualified but she comes across as a fully fleshed human being who has her own ‘baggage’, her own fears, worries, we feel we are in capable but human hands.
This is described as a workbook and there are a number of mental exercises throughout the book - exercises to practise mindfulness techniques, exercises to challenge our thinking. They felt very relevant and very useful. In particularly I have found the five senses exercise hugely beneficial. The exercises are interspersed between discussions behind the theory and approach. I found this very lucid, accessible and really helpful in understanding how and why the exercises would help me and why mindfulness is such a mind altering practice.
I found this an excellent guide to mindfulness, to mental self help and hopefully a solid preparation in the event of any more disasters!!
With thanks to Netgalley and Welbeck Publshing for a digital copy of this book.
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A Mindfulness Guide for Survival by Ruby Wax is a insightful guide to learning how to be more mindful of your mental health. Written in a easy to follow and humorous way this is relevant more than ever.
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Insightful and engaging workbook with practical advice and exercises, written in an accessible and humorous way.
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I’m always looking for new ways to practice mindfulness and this book provides easy to understand, simple exercises that can be incorporated into everyday life.
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i love any mental health book that gives great tips and advice to make my own mental health better. Nice simple step by step tips. The only thing was that some of the steps were repeatative and i felt we needed different ways to help.
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If you are interested in learning how to be more mindful in your daily life but if you are allergic to meditation and yoga, you should give a try to the practical handbook of Ruby Wax, "A Minfdulness Guide for Survival". The book is concise, to the point, without too much theory and with lots of practical exercises.

Although the book intro mentions the consequences of the COVID pandemic on our habits and mental health, the tips it provides can apply in pretty much any context. The first chapter (on the "Big Six") can feel a bit simplistic, but the core of the book, "the five pillars of mindfulness", is full of good tips to feel better about yourself. 

Most exercises are surprisingly simple, yet they concretely demonstrate the benefits of being more "aware" of yourself and others (e.g. the exercise involving eating chocolate). Some require a bit more effort and a follow-up over several days, but I think I will come back to some chapters at a later stage depending on my needs.
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I love Ruby Wax's books. She writes with such honesty, and such humour they're always a pleasure to read.

I was super excited to read this book, so was super grateful to be given an early electronic copy in exchange for an honest review. 
I got so much from this book. I love how it still included lots of facts and lots of the science (don't be put off by that - Wax explains everything so clearly!) as well as things to think about. It includes journal prompts too. This book was written during the Covid-19 pandemic, so it feels so relevant. 

There's so much to take away from this. It's one that you can dip in and out of, or read in one go. 
I loved this book so much that I have pre-ordered the physical copy when it's released in a couple of weeks.
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Having read "And Now for The Good News" I was interested to see what the latest book had in store. 
I had not read Frazzled that is mentioned in the latest book but this seems to be the same kind of theme and ideas and almost a manual for mindfulness. 
Being written in the time of the pandemic the idea of mindfulness is needed even more than before with a lot of isolation and disconnection. 
As with the previous book I ended up looking up several other books and looking at YouTube for speakers and their ideas that are mentioned in the book. There are so many quotes in this book that you can take away but I loved the following
"We are Velcro for negative thoughts and Teflon for positive ones" absolutely right and as an educator I see this all the time.
I would love Ruby to do a tour of schools and impart some of her knowledge to stressed kids- there are certainly techniques in the book I will be passing on and recommending the book to a few of my students.
A great read for those into - or getting started with mindfulness.
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Being mindful is something I think everyone would benefit from, as we can be so far removed from the here and now. Constantly looking into the future, planning and thinking and obsessing about what’s to come. Its easy to get swallowed up into life without really being present for it. 

A mindfulness guide for survival was a great read, drawing the reader in to consider and ponder the big questions as well as gain awareness of how to be mindful. The book teaches you how to bring your brain back for a mindful moment, how to recognise what you need to address and how to be present. 

I also liked that the author included lots of snippets about her life, which helped to make you feel like you weren’t alone in the struggles or what you might be feeling. The inclusion of all the science behind mindfulness, physiology and neuroscience was great to read too and a really nice addition.  

The book also includes lots of immersive and participatory exercises for you to work through and begin to learn the art of being mindful. It’s a book to have on your shelf and refer back to regularly, working those mindful muscles on a regular basis. For that, the book definitely delivers on its main aim. 

A must for all those who want to learn more about mindfulness and how to navigate in today’s mad and busy society.
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This was such a nice workbook to interact with! 

"A Mindfulness Guide for Survival" is a resource for the post-lockdown world. Ruby Wax uses her knowledge and experience in mindfulness-based therapy to explain what does being in the here and now means, and she does it in an accessible way. She offers a non-evangelical approach to mindfulness and wellbeing, keeping her approach and explanations down to earth. Ruby Wax invites curiosity and exploration but doesn't overpromise. Quite the contrary--she doesn't shy away from difficult topics, such as existential givens (change and death to be precise).

There are plenty of self-work exercises that encourage the readers to look within and unpack certain aspects of themselves to become more emotionally literate. The exercises are simple but not simplistic--they provide a lot of food for thought if one decides to answer honestly. This workbook can be a great start in exploring mindfulness and self-awareness or a great addition to regular counselling / psychotherapy. I will be recommending "A Mindfulness Guide for Survival" to my clients.

I also appreciate personal anecdotes that were very honest and refreshing. Ruby Wax is one of those chill mental health professionals who are not afraid to admit that despite all the knowledge of human psyche they're far from perfect. She is also an inspiration for people who are considering a later in life career change.
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