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If the Shoe Fits

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Who knew Cinderella could have a body positivity message? Julie Murphy did when she wrote this wonderful twist on the beloved tale.

Cindy, a shoe designer who's lost her creativity goes on her stepmother's dating reality show Before Midnight. Being the only plus-size contestant, she becomes a body positivity icon. Searching for inspiration and exposure she may have also found love. Or not?

The fact that the protagonist of this Cinderella twist loves shoes is ingenious. Also all the nods to the classic tale are clever, for example the show's name, and the differences like Cindy getting along with her stepmother and family.

An inviting narrative that entertains a cheerful demeanor, a lot of wit and a wonderful sense of humor. And more than a hint of snark. The figurative speech is so intelligent and sort of whimsical. Presenting a 1st person POV where you instantly like the protagonist, understand what she is going through, but you also get a great feel of her surroundings and the people around her. It's like a good friend is telling you a great story.

A look into the actuality of these reality competitions, the exploitation of human emotions, the ups and downs of celebrity status. Even in this feminist wasteland as the protagonist calls the show, she finds empowerment.

I really like that this is insta-attraction but not insta-love, and that the direction of the romance and the competition keeps us on our toes. Believe me when I say this will not go as expected and boy did I love it even more because of that.

This was hug-worthy cute, feelgood and fun, but also inspirational. It inspires you to be yourself, love yourself and also shows you that you are beautiful just the way you are.
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