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For artists wishing to try their hand at anime then this is a good book as it shows lots of different characters, male and female, in plenty of poses and clothing.

It provides tutorials on how to colour using colouring pencils, watercolours and markers, alongside colour combinations.

Overall this is a great book and I would recommend it.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.
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A really good guide to drawing anime style drawings, with guides and tricks all along the way. A good book for beginners and those wanting to improve
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This book is absolutely wonderful if you love anime. The book is insightful how to draw characters. A step by step guide helps the reader learn about about the shapes and illustrate the various faces.
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Anime Tips on Technique

Instagram artist Yoai does a fantastic job drawing anime characters, and the attention to detail is apparent in Anime Art Class: A Complete Course in Drawing Manga Cuties. All of Yoai’s images are well drawn and colorful. Showing the lovely potential of drawing anime after years of practice. The materials listed are definitely the highest quality drawing tools, and Yoai sets up techniques for drawing success. With a clear and encouraging writing style. Though, this is not a beginner’s drawing book. The majority of the tips and tutorials are for refining technique, or improving drawing design and coloring. The first pencil sketches dive right into the primary shapes of each character. Then for consecutive tutorials, skips basic drawing shapes and instructions. Leaving the reader guessing how Yoai jumps from circles to amazing flowing hair, and draping clothing. Artists familiar with figure drawing can fill in the blanks between each sketch with rough drawing. Without further instruction it is really difficult to get each figure right. Additionally, this book focuses on drawing a few specific characters, and does not teach how to customize or free draw anime. This book is great little workshop that teaches how to refine rough sketching, and how Yoai approaches drawing. Yoai has an anime style that is fun to emulate, and there is a lot of helpful line and coloring styling in this book.
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I really enjoyed this book.  I'm not a huge fan of anime, and I am not familiar with the author's work, but I think this book is great for beginners like me.  It includes advice on material (pens, pencils, paper, ink & paints) as well as easy to follow instructions on how to create your own anime "cuties."

I am a complete beginner in drawing & was interested in this book to see if I could pick up some pointers to get started. I did learn a lot from this book about how to draw anime characters. It will be easy to use the techniques I learned and adapt them into my own style (once I figure out what my own style is!).

5/5 Stars
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This book packed at surprising punch.
It went into a lot more detail than I was expecting while remaining dynamic.
From covering types of materials, their best use case scenarios, what's easiest for beginners to showing you how characters come together piece by piece.

This is a very handy guide to have if you want to explore drawing in the Anime style.
I found it to cover all the most popular designs, breaking down options and stylistic choices without overwhelming the reader.

I look forward to more from this author and artist!
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I misunderstood the purpose of this book. I was thinking it was a tutorial of how to draw anime, but it is not for beginners. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just something to be aware of. I liked the character descriptions and the explanations of different mediums and I think the coloring  pages at the end are nice and will encourage she creativity and exploration. I’m not sure there is anything very rich about the book, however. It’s fine, just nothing exciting or groundbreaking. A middle of the road score for a middle of the road book.
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I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I am not an artist by any means. I just like anime and thought I would like to see how it is done. The book gives a list of materials that is needed for each type of style. I enjoyed that characters they used and introduced. It was nice that they have their own backgrounds and personalities. There are step by step instructions for each one with pictures. This did take me back to some of the shows and movies I have watched. It gave me more of an appreciation for the artists that create some of the series that I love and the ones that I will discover in the future.
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The book "Anime Art Class" uses drawings and illustrations to show how to draw bodies, faces, clothes and many other details. At the beginning you will find a clear presentation of the materials. The second part of the book explains how to color the drawings with different materials, for example, markers or even watercolor.

This book is really a great introduction for anyone who has ever wanted to try drawing anime characters. The step-by-step instructions are great and offer a great basis to get started. Especially the second part of the book, in which individual characters are traced, is very helpful for practicing.

A great book to get started right away. This gives a well deserved 5 out of 5 stars. A very clear recommendation!
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This book is shorter than I expected. This can be good though because it didn't waste too much time on over explaining certain elements of drawing. The other side of that is that it might be too short and thus the patrons that might be interested in checking it out from my library could skip it because they'd rather check the internet. There are some great resources in this book to draw along. I'm no artist so I'm unsure as to what else could be useful. I'm on the fence on the content quality of this title.
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What a great tool.
I love the breakdown of each of the elements and all the added tips. There is a ton of attention to detail. I'm sure I will go back to this book over and over. It's a must have for anime beginners.
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great book to start drawing anime with all the basics easily displayed to teach drawing eyes, mouths, ears, stance,  etc.
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This book is simply amazing. So many ideas and easy to follow examples. I am sure that after going through this book you'll improve your drawing skills and will be even more ready to create your own characters. 
Warmly recomment to everyone, not just lovers of anime.
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What a super cute tutorial book! This has got hints, tips, and instructions for drawing and colouring a whole range of adorable Anime characters. 
It goes into depth telling you about each joint / strand of hair so you can get a feel for how a certain arm needs to be drawn, or how to add texture or depth. The sketching instructions and illustrations are clear, simple, and easy to follow - perfect for a total beginner for me. Each one has a step by step to follow, adding more detail each time, and you are told what materials you need to replicate each of the tutorial ideas..
This book also covers a whole range of media - whether you love to sketch using felts, crayons, inks, pencils - this book covers it, and teaches you how to make the most of your chosen materials.
I love the section at the end where you're given a heap of ideas and inspiration to create your own characters after completing the fantastic tutorials throughout the rest of the book.
All in all, a lovely book to help you draw and create your own anime characters.

Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group and Netgalley for an eARC of this book to read and review.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read  in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Anime Art Class is a cute book to teach children and adults alike, how to draw anime characters.
I loved the beginning of the book which show s you which tools you need, different media you can use and the tips section such as how long to leave pen to dry before using another type of pen near it etc. 
The character drawing did get rather repetitive as I went through the book though, but I did like the clothing section at the back! 
There's some great details within this book and it's a great follow on to the chibi drawing book.
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I was able to read this book in exchange for an honest review. I would give his book four out of five stars. Good for the beginner artist who has already mastered certain elements like eyes, poses, hair, etc. But overall not for the complete beginner. Overall, I would recommend it.
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This was an interesting and informative guide to drawing anime. The things I found most useful were the tip sections on working with different media and tools (pencil, fineliner, alcohol marker, watercolor, prismacolor pencil). There were general tips on which type of eraser to use, how long to let pen lines dry before using another media, etc. There were also guides for common anime hairstyles, clothing types, facial expressions, and postures. It did get a bit repetitive as it went through the same steps for each character, but there was definitely some valuable info to be gleaned. I feel like I have a better handle now on how to take a 'finished' drawing and improve it by adding more shading and highlights, and how best to do that.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group for providing an e-arc for review.
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Anime Art Class is a really nice style guide with tutorials by artist and youtuber Anny Zhou (yoaihime). Due out 24th Aug 2021 from Quarto on their Rock Point imprint, it's 144 pages and available in paperback and ebook formats (ebook available now).

This a fun and accessible tutorial guide aimed at beginners to slightly more advanced readers and usable for all-ages. The author has an engaging and encouraging style of teaching and writes understandably. The book includes an abbreviated introduction with a (very) short primer on tools and supplies, followed by very general anime anatomy and physiological features and how to progress from rough sketch through the refining process.

The technique chapters include general tips on shading, inking,coloring, blending, troubleshooting, and a worthwhile tip on safety and ergonomics. The book's tutorial chapters include step by step tutorials for different characters focusing on facial features, character personalities (see cover), and step by step instructions (including materials and tools) for producing a finished sketch.

There are a number of template pages at the end for practicing eyes, hairstyles, clothes, and accessories as well as silhouette poses for inspiration.

This would make a good choice for public or school library acquisition, home use, or gift giving (perhaps bundled with some basic drawing supplies).

Four stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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Great book to start drawing Anime. All the basic in one short book Eyes, mouths, ears, stance. Once you are confident in drawing these example you will be well on the way to developing you very own Amine characters.
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This is a perfect gift for anyone interested in drawing! It does a really good job of running through the basics! I love reading it and I'm so excited to try for myself and see what I can create!
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