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Questa di Stephanie Baudet è una trasposizione del romanzo di Charlotte Bronte che, in poco meno di 100 pagine, riesce a riassumere in modo piuttosto soddisfacente la storia di Jane Eyre. La collana è dedicata a un pubblico di piccoli lettori, ma il volumetto è adatto anche a quegli adulti che desiderano rivisitare il romanzo o esercitarsi con l'inglese.
Unica pecca è il non aver raccontato la reazione di Jane alle parole della zia all'inizio della storia, scena secondo me molto importante per far comprendere al lettore il carattere passionale e tutt'altro che sottomesso della protagonista.
Le illustrazioni sono molto simpatiche.
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It is, I deduce, a very abridged version, meant to give children the gist of the story without the more dramatic details or "boring" descriptions that might not be appealing to most kids. I enjoyed it, it was like reading a classic without reading a classic. The language was very accessible and the illustrations were nice as well. I don't particularly enjoy overly sad or dramatic books so these versions are perfect for my reading tastes.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Jane Eyre is one of the new books in a series of easy classics for children. This book is beautifully told and at a level children get the feel of a classic book but without the language being too old fashioned for them to understand. 
The book is the perfect length and has all the main parts of Jane Eyre within it. I really enjoyed reading this children's version and think it will appeal to children aged 10-14.
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of Jane Eyre, originally written by Charlotte Brontë and adapted by Stephanie Baudet. I’ve voluntarily read and reviewed this copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Jane Eyre is part of the Easy Classics Collection where classics are adapted for a younger audience. I haven’t read the original Jane Eyre so I can’t comment on it’s accuracy. 

Unfortunately this isn’t my favorite adaptation that I’ve read by Stephanie Baudet. I found the story to be lacking details and it felt very rushed. The characters weren’t likable for my taste and the story seemed to jump from one place to another. 

Since I have enjoyed Baudet’s other adaptations, I will definitely check out her other work.
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Thank you so much to Sweet Cherry Publishing and Netgalley for having this ebook available to read and review. 

I don’t think I could ever not love this story, it’s so beautiful, sad, interesting and it always grips me in instantly.

Though I love that it was condensed down for the younger readers, giving them a wonderful opportunity to read this wonderful story and to have it in an easier way, I felt that some of the important aspects of the story were missing, it’s a shame they were missing but that’s okay as it happens in shorter condensed books like this. 

I have always and will always love this story of Jane Eyre. It’s great that a true classic like Jane Eyre here can now be read and enjoyed by a younger audience, told in a much simpler way.
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Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to review this e-arc. 

I enjoyed the simplicity of the adaptation. The illustrations offered the added visual needed for the placement of the story, feel and time period. It's adult themes were well addressed, if oversimplified a bit. 

I was surprised to see some parts of the story removed all together, especially the visit Jane needs to make to visit her Aunt. As an introduction to the classics, I do think this is a good adaptation, however would have liked for all the story elements to be present. 

This is one of my favorite stories and I did like this book adaptation.
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The illustrations were a highlight for me - simplistic but really effective for young readers. I think the entire concept is brilliant and I love that literary classics are being made accessible for a younger audience.
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Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books so I was excited to read an adaptation for young children. So many little details in this hit the mark so perfectly, I loved seeing Jane and Helen's friendship and Helen's death was dealt with in such an easy to understand but poignant way for younger readers.

And the illustrations are fantastic, my favourites were the letters and Jane's signature on the painting. I think children would love fun little details like that. And they would have a lovely time reading this book. 

My main issue with this adaptation is Bertha Mason. Bertha Mason was taken from her home country, mistreated and locked in an attic for several years, but the book doesn't even really name her. In the novel the only person to use the word madwoman is Mr Rochester so I was shocked that it was Bertha''s only name in this book. (And even more shocked that Jane referred to her as that!)

I know issues of race, colonialism and misogyny are complicated to dive into in a children's book but I would have liked to have seen something fun done with her story. I would have loved if Bertha Mason was more sympathetic here instead of being brushed off as a "madmwoman" and Mr Rochester was depicted as more evil in his actions. Because that nuance is in the original novel and I think there would be away to get that across to younger children.
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I found this book on NetGalley and wanted to try it out since in all honesty, I haven't ever read a classic apart from the ones I got made to read for my English Literature GCSE and they made me believe that classics were a chore to read. So, as a result, I started off simple and read this Easy Classics version of Jane Eyre and it was good to get the basic idea of what happened in Jane Eyre.
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Another wonderful opportunity for young readers to access classic literature. Easily accessible to my 8 and 9 year old without losing any of its beauty and depth.  This adaptation of Jane Eyre will have young readers enthralled. The dark tapestry is weaved with such sadness, but also kindness and love and most importantly a happy ending.  Jane is orphaned with the loss of both parents and her beloved uncle. She is living under the shadow of an uncaring aunt and suffering under the cruelty and bullying of her cousin John and his spiteful sisters. Jane is sent off to the Lowood Institution- a school for orphans under the mean spirited amr Brocklehurst. Eventually finding friendship and kindness in Miss Temple and Mr Lloyd  Jane flourishes. She becomes a governess in Thornfied, a grey battlement amid the rolling moors. Her employer My Rochester is a serious man, but not to be feared. So begins an adventure for Jane with many perils. A superb story not lost in adaptation.  With thanks to Easy Classics and Stephanie Baudet for this adaptation,  Arianna Bellucci for the beautiful illustrations, and Sweet Cherry Publishing and Netgalley for allowing access to this wonderful story.
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Don't come here for any of the over-the-top, redundant gothic nonsense of the full shebang, for you won't find any of that.  You will find a snappy read that successfully feels quite fresh and modern, and that hits all the relevant points of the story as a ten-year-old would need to see them.  And yes, it includes that quote towards the end.  I could never really be a huge fan of the artwork, but the text is what counts, and it's a pretty reasonable version for a young reader, before some horrid governess type thrusts the original into their hands.
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I have never read Jane Eyre so I don't know how accurate this adaptation is but I enjoyed it and think illustrated adaptations are a fantastic way of introducing the classics to young readers (and old ones like me).

Thank you to NetGalley and Sweet Cherry Publishing for my ARC.
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Thanks to Netgalley, Sweet Cherry and Stephanie Baudet for this ARC in return for my honest review. Jane Eyre is an iconic classic that I first read many years ago.  It's a much loved story and one that I return to again and again. This edition opens up the story to a new era of readers that hopefully go on to read Charlotte's version in years to come. I enjoyed the story and the illustrations.
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Thank you to the publisher for granting me access to Jane Eyre (easy classics) by Stephanie Baeuet 

I’ve never been one for the classics and I’ve also never read Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Here seemed like a good place to start but I was disappointed by exactly what it said on the tin. This book is written for children with illustrations and has condemned Bronte’s classic into 59 pages. I hoped it would be written like a middle grade, perhaps a little longer but it was written very much like a children’s book. Again, exactly what was advertised but it tainted my enjoyment. Respectfully, the writing was bad. At the root of my miss-enjoyment with classics is the old timely beliefs and behaviours. Now let’s talk about the love story if we can call it that. I’d like to again point out that this book is marketed towards children and Jane is 18 years old and Mr Rochester is around 40, whilst Jane would be seen as an adult in some countries, she is still technically a teenager. What message does this send to children? Not one I want to send out. I understand that the author is  simplifying a classic for children, but this could’ve been changed, there could’ve been a appropriate twist. Alternatively, I understand that marrying an older man, a master marrying his employee would be accepted in the 18000s, but not in 2000s. 
I found it hard to see the Rochester/Eyre relationship as romance, more of power play and grooming.
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Easy Classics- Jane Eyre
Based on the original story By Charlotte Bronte

Adapted by Stephanie Baudet./ Illustrated by Arianna Bellucci
Published by Sweet Cherry Publishing Limited 2021

What a great idea! 

Sweet Cherry Publishing adapts classic literature into illustrated stories for children of all ages-  no wonder they won Small press of the Year at the 2021 British Book awards.
As well as being such a simple and great idea, its execution is remarkable -  due to the classic novel itself and the paired down adaptation and stunning illustrations.
The chapters are short and sweet and the drawings pack a serious emotive impact. This version of Jane Eyre is an excellent distillation of the brilliant Bronte novel. The ageless and powerful love story is now an easy read without losing any of the impact of each character and the drama of the storyline. 
The touch of her employment letters being illustrated was ingenious - as though we were Jane reading them for the first time. The handsome Mr Rochester comes alive in all his brooding glory as does the terrifying Grace Poole. Wuthering Heights is on the way and Anna Karenina- collect them all.
Miranda Y, Reviewer. 4.5 stars
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*thank you to Netgalley, Stephanie Baudet and Sweet Cherry Publishing for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

3 stars.

I always appreciate when a well known classic has been retold in an easy to read kids version. So when I saw this I knew I wanted to read it. I find the original adult versions rather difficult to take in. 

Jane Eyre is one rare classic I actually managed to finish in the original text. So I am able to compare the two. I found this version was well told. It includes enough basics of the story and I think kids will enjoy it.

What I wasn't keen on were the illustrations. The illustrations themselves just weren't for me. I do like that they were kept basic to match the story. As in, the story is simplified down to the basics and you could say the illustrations were too. I would have just prefered them to be a bit more detail and not have that rushed look.

Overall though, it was enjoyable.
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An excellent telling of this classic for a younger audience. The story was not lost and I enjoyed revisiting Jane and  her story having read the full version many years ago.. I thoroughly recommend this book to engage children and get them interested in reading some of these classic stories.  Well done!
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I'd like to preface this by saying that there are a lot of typo's in the arc, (soften/often/after, etc are all missing the ft) which made the beginning of the book confusing - however by about chapter 6 I realised what was going on, and managed to auto-correct as I read. However I really hope that this will be picked up and sorted for the printing as it would be very confusing for children.

I like this format, which follows that of the Tolstoy and Austen easy classics which I have also reviewed, with pictures of the main characters and throughout that help with the story. I felt that this classic was potentially reduced slightly too far, and a few more chapters would have helped the flow be slightly more consistent, but in general this is easy to understand. 

My main worry, is that a lot of the themes within classics of this era, is that a lot of themes are outdated - marrying cousins, locking children in their rooms (and threatening to tie them up at that), beatings at school and locking up those who need medical attention (though granted in this era, that was probably better than actually going to an asylum). 

I am glad that even in this reduced version, it is obvious that Jane knew she was worth more than what her family and bullies said she was - and her horrid "cousin"... well he can go look for someone else to put up with him haha.
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This book is for children and I would definitely recommend it for children. The illustrations are wonderful and the writing is simplistic and very easy to understand. I have never read Jayne Eyre and I think this book helps people to gain a basic understanding of the plot and characters. The cover is sweet too.
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Firstly, I’m going to start by saying that I am not part of the intended audience for this book. I read it only because I struggle with being interested in classics; I often find them boring and the language outdated. I managed to get through this one quickly, which is always a bonus. However, words like ‘after’ ‘soften’ and ‘often’ were spelt like ‘aer’ ‘soen’ and ‘oen’. I found this really confusing as nearly all of the words with ‘ft’’ in them were spelt like this. I spent half the time trying to decipher what the word was. 

Secondly, I found the story a bit too fast paced. Obviously I know this written for children so that is expected, but I was shocked at just how fast the story moved along. Also, some of themes in here were outdated and mostly unacceptable in today’s modern society. A quick google search showed that Mr Rochester was 35 and Jane Eyre was 18! That’s an age gap of 17 years. I suppose that is to be expected from the time period it was written in, but still, that’s not a good thing for children to read about. On that note, Jane’s cousin asked her to marry him! I bet cousinly incest was acceptable then, but it certainly isn’t now.

So overall, I have given this book 2 stars because of the confusing writing style and inappropriate, outdated themes. I will certainly pick up the original and see if that one is any better.
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