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This book is very useful for all high school children and also their parents. It is very simple to use. Each section goes through a step by step guide explaining fully how to do that particular maths subject. The text and numbered stages are very easy to use and understand, even if your child is struggling to understand that aspect of the curriculum. There is always a key fact box in the top corner of the page to memorise based on the critical points to remember of each topic. The arrows and numbered examples are really easy to follow and understand each method. What I also found really useful is there are multiple methods to use for each topic, so if you don't understand it the first time you could also try the other style and you get the same answer. Each section of this book is in a different colour so it makes it so easy to understand and to locate each section from the index page. I loved the colours used through out this book, it helps engage the reader and makes it so much easier to work through and the consistence of the colours let you go straight to the bit you are looking for without even thinking. This is such a useful book that follows through the whole curriculum that every child should own one, this is by far the best study guide I have ever seen and will be buying this book. This will also make the greatest homework companion for your child an is also very cheap to purchase it will be the best book your ever buy and this is from the mouth of a teaching assistant. Thank you so much DK for producing this brilliant guide and helping children out there to better understand a difficult subject.
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Wow this guide is a must-have for any guardian trying to wrestle their child through from post primary to GCSE Maths! It covers every conceivable topi  in detail with colour illustrations and examples as well as several methods of working out, so every eventuality is covered.  My kids are forever telling me they "don't do it that way in class"! Up until now I have used an array of books to try and help with homeworks, but as they have got older, they are less useful.  I loved this guide so much that after reading this digital arc kindly sent by Netgalley, I immediately went online and purchased a paperback copy and preordained the revision cards due in Feb 2022, just in time for my oldest to sit his transfer tests in March 2022. No hesitation.  I need these guides and revision cards in our lives! As something of a Maths phobe, these will make life so much easier! Thanks Netgalley, DK books for Super Simple Maths that is exactly that - simple! I do love coloured pictures and formulas as a visual appeal too. Simple to follow and dare I say it -fun!
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Bit of a gripe first

This was not available as a mobi and had to read on my phone as a result.  The small screen really does make a difference to me.  I would have given it 5 stars but have taken 1 off - bit harsh possible but reading this on my phone I found irritating

However, this is a fabulous resource.  Set in chapters so you can make it subject specific.  Can follow through or pick and choose chapters.  Love that - really useful for  things like revision

Page set out is fantastic - lots of diagrams so you can see if what you are doing is right

I have taught maths to adults for nearly twenty years and this is a resource I would have no hesitation in recommending
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