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Brilliant book for cyclists, traveling across the globe to all sorts of places! This book is definitely going to be for you if you love a sense of adventure! If you're not a cyclist, it's a good book to have in your lounge to flick through or to have a look at some of the beautiful pictures, I struggle myself to read maps but I'm guessing that it's a lot easier to read these maps if you're familiar with the areas.

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If you’re a cyclist, after adventure and you’re looking for inspiration look no further! If you’re not a cyclist, it’s still a wonderful book. This is packed with wonderful cycle routes from all around the world. There are one hundred rides and they are are arranged by continent. Each ride gives details of distance, elevation and type of ride. There is an illustration of the elevation profile, photos, a clear explanation of the ride, a map along with top tips. I will be investing in a hard copy. Thank you to Net Galley and Dorling Kindersley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Oh my - I adored this. So much so, I have already read it twice! This book has some beautiful photography and it is just such a joy - I defy you to read it and not daydream! We have put in an order for a finished copy of this novel for the school library. Hopefully this will help showcase different modes of (sustainable) travel to the pupils, as well as foster an adventurous spirit
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A big ol' chunk of bike rides here, ranging from the six-mile long to those in the high two thousands – and even tougher, the ones that take you to Jim Beam and Glenmorangie distilleries and seems to expect you leave them the same state you arrived.  It doesn't pretend the shortest ride demands the same content as the longest, but all get an elevation profile (my favourite being the dead flat one in Key Largo, for obvious reasons), sensible survival tips, ways to alter or extend the route, and just enough text to give you the highlights of the trip.

If anything, however, it is impractically in-depth – with so many diverse and quite lengthy rides, it might have chosen the coffee table format and given up on trying to goad you to do them all.  Cover everything, if time and energy allow (which is doubtful), and you'll witness the Berlin Wall route, Great War memorials, southern Albania, and visit both Torquay and Middlemarch – just not the ones that immediately come to mind.  In fact, getting to and from a lot of the starts and finishes would defeat some people drawn to this by the idea of a bike ride, further proof that this falls down a bit of a hole halfway between a hint-for-the-hardy volume and one for the affirmed stay-at-homes.  I appreciated the browse, though.
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Brilliant book, I was so excited to get an advanced copy of this and can’t wait to try some of these these rides. 

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