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I received a temporary digital advance copy of ‘Speed Reading’ by Kam Knight through Netgalley and the publisher in return for my honest review. Thank you.

I have recently experienced digital eye strain and have soooooooooo many books to read. I LOVE READING. What to do? I saw this little e-book and thought ‘yep, that’ll do nicely. Maybe that’s what I need to start doing - speed-reading’ so that I can [quote] “practically inhale information from written information”. O.K. 

Habits can be difficult to break and we have to repeat new behaviours over and over again. I have heard of and learned about some of the techniques before and apply them already. However, the thing is that I actually enjoy active reading; making notes, reading between the lines and researching as I go along. I like to take my time and escape into books. How can I fairly review a book if I haven’t given my full attention and my ‘all’? Every book is someone’s hard work and dream. Authors rely on honest book reviews. Is it possible for me to speed-read effectively? Yes and no. I’ve learned some new techniques that I will apply henceforth. 

Overall, there’s some great and helpful advice, guidance, instructions, techniques and information on how to speed-read effectively. This book is a small yet comprehensive guide and I highly recommend it. I especially enjoyed Chapter 15 on Eye Health and the Eye Exercises! So important. Thank you!!!
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Do you want to learn speed reading? 
Then - speaking from personal experience - this book is the perfect introduction!



Some people assume that speed reading is hard to master and thus not within their reach.
With just a few interesting examples Kam Knight shows us that our eyes and mind process information at a high level on a daily basis and thus already have the ability to read fast.
Becoming aware of this, helped me to gain confidence in the many tips given throughout the book.
And it's true when he states that:


The key to speed reading is adopting new habits that speed you up, while reducing habits that slow you down.

There's only one catch: old habits can be hard to break.
Even when a behavior isn’t working and a better way exists, habits will make it difficult to apply. 
That's why this book contains practice drills, which involve repeating a routine over and over again, until the body develops a rhythm and habit for it.

Learning new habits is much easier.
Some of the discussed strategies are applicable without much effort and their effect is immediately noticeable.


That may be true in some cases, but in most cases, the factors causing slower reading also cause lower comprehension.
As a child we learned to read word by word. 
But by making simple shifts in the way you look at words – such as looking at spaces, chunking and reducing the habit of subvocalization - you can speed up your rate significantly. And even when you're reading faster than is comfortable, you can still grasp the meaning. To see this for yourself, you can take a look at my <a href="">blog article</a>.


This applies to reading as well.
Kam Knight gives several interestings tips to avoid this phenomenon.

In fact, he gives lots of advice about several topics.
This book contains 5 sections (pre-reading, speed reading techniques, enhancing the techniques, improving comprehension and additional tips) and every section contains 3 chapters that delve deeper into specific subjects.
The presentation is very to-the-point which is why this book is pretty concise in comparison to similar books. But that's also the reason why it resonates with me: no superfluous blablabla, only interesting and hands-on information.


This proved to be true in my case. And apparently lots of other reviewers had the same experience.

At a certain point Kam Knight says: "With commitment, there is no doubt that you will develop the ability to read a 200+ page book in one hour!"
The key words in this phrase are "with commitment".
Some people expect to be able to read at an incredible speed just by reading this book. As mentioned earlier, you'll have to break old habits and this takes time and perseverance. So don't expect to immediately read a 200+ page book in one hour.

But if you're prepared to practice a lot, I'm convinced that there's plenty of room for continuous improvement.
And what nicer way to do so than reading lots of books of your 'to be read'-list?
At least, that's my plan for the coming winter months 😉

*Thanks to NetGalley, Kam Knight and for providing a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was an interesting read. I don't remember where I read it, but the only "speed reading" tip I knew was to read the first and last sentence of each paragraph. As I have way too many books on my TBR, I thought this might give me some great tips.

This book breaks down the different types of texts that you may be reading, and whether or not speed reading will work for it - for example, textbooks vs pleasure reading. As 99% of my reading is for pleasure, speed reading would not work. I still read on to see what was said.

Each chapter breaks down a different method to help you speed read. It gives you practice tips and examples of text to understand how to do it. While it was not easy for me to catch on to, as with anything in life it will be easier with the more practice that I do.
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As I found myself starting to be swamped by university assignments and reading list, I asked myself "Is there a way to read all this material faster, without forgetting everything the second I look away?".

This is what led me to this book. If I have to be honest, I didn't find the groundbreaking techniques I was hoping and looking for. It might be because I picked up the right reading style with the passing of years. Despite this, I still think this is a great book for those who don't really have any type of technique while reading or are starting highschool and want/have to read faster to keep up with all subjects.

I appreciated the neat structure of the book, which started with pre-reading activities and ended with activities meant to help retain the material. Other two elements that struck me positively were the practice drills and the fact that comprehension wasn't completely set aside.
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Practical book which explains about the benefits of spped reading, situations which you can use and then how to use it. This book has picked up most of the major researches done in speed reading and combined it into a single place where you can read it, the practice drill at the end of every chapter was very helpful and a good summary on the 'How To' part. The book emphazises on helping people pick up more than a word in a single glance and has provided usefull practices to follow to improve on this.
Its a decent enough book to read, recommended for students and professionals alike, it will at least offer you a new perspective on those who would want to either improve on their reading speed or on their reading comprehension.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me an opportunity to 'speed read' through the book in exchange for my honest feedback.
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An very interesting read that is filled with lots of tips and exercises to help build memory skills.   I am already a very fast reader but was interested in any building skills that can help push me more.   I did enjoy the exercises in the book and will continue using and practicing them.
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I picked up this book in the hope that I would learn something about speed reading. Speed reading can be useful in many situations. Professionally, when I read articles or research papers, I would like to go through them faster. The same applies when I read for fun. It would be nice to read faster so that I can read more books!

Kam Knight brings a not-too-long book about speed reading and shares some techniques and tips that will help you understand it better. The book is made with research behind the techniques and concept of speed reading. You can practice the art of speed reading by following the advice and tips given by the author. There are also some exercises that you can practice.

The book has exceeded my expectations and has taught me one or two things that I will remember. I recommend it for people who are interested in the concept of speed reading, and for those who read a lot, for work or as a hobby. This book can be useful to learn how to read faster and more!
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I was not impressed with this. I'm not saying it can't work, only that I'm very skeptical, and that what works for the author may not be universally applicable. Some of the techniques used are pretty obvious, and are probably in use by thinking readers already. Others seemed problematical, and though I tried employing them, they did not seem work for me. It begs the obvious question: if this is so good and so effective, then why isn't it being widely adopted in schools and colleges?

I also did not trust the references this author gives, some of which are not to scientific studies but to some other guy's book. When I did track down one study that was referenced, it really wasn't applicable - not in the way this author was trying to claim it was. It was a controlled study in a set of school districts that used slide projections, and claimed only a modest subsequent improvement in reading and comprehension, and then only over longer texts. There was no significant improvement over the control group when it came to shorter texts, so this felt dishonest to me and made me question whether the author had actually read the study - or whether he'd just speed read it and misunderstood it because he'd read it too fast for comprehension!

There is a big difference in meeting the stated claim "Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour" when applied to a simple work of fiction, and when attempting to apply that to a more complex work, or to a textbook, so I have no faith in the efficacy of the techniques described here except perhaps in some limited applications. Even the author admits his method has limitations, so on balance I can't commend this as a worthy read.
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Speed Reading is a great book to show methods of learning to read quicker as well as explaining some thing so that may be holding you back from reading quicker. With tasks in each chapter to help with what you have learnt it is a good way to work on reading quicker but it does still require a lot of dedication and effort as trying to change old habits can be challenging. I'm no too convinced this book will get most people reading 200 pages in an hour as the title suggests but if you work at it you can definitely learn to read quicker. This is a great book on this topic and could be beneficial to all.
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Thank you to both #NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for providing me an advance copy of Kam Knight’s manual, Speed Reading: Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour, in exchange for an honest review.

#SpeedReading is essentially a simplified guide on how to…you guessed it, speed read! While the book offers many useful tips for novice speed readers, those who are familiar with the process or who are already avid readers of dense material will not likely learn anything new from the text.

Though I fall into the latter category of readers, I did find the sections on peripheral vision techniques and eye-strengthening exercises interesting. If nothing else, it may give readers some information about speed reading that they did not know prior to reading this book.
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This is a very useful book with some great techniques.  All in all I would definitely recommend this book for those of us who have lots of reading to do for work/study and not much time to spend!  I particularly like how this book is concise, recognising that we gravitate towards this book to save us time!

My thanks to NetGalley, author and publisher for the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was so fun and taught me so many small hints and tips on how to improve my reading speed! I highly recommend this one to anyone wanting to read quicker without skipping words!
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I am already a pretty fast reader, but I picked up this book out of a desire to improve my speed even more.  I always feel as though I don't have enough time to read everything I want to.   I already identified with some of the techniques outlined in the book, that, after reading this book, I realize I already do - space reading, for example, and things that I don't do (e.g. subvocalization), that clearly are already contributing to my speed of reading.  I was most interested in improving speed and comprehension.   Based on what I've read, I can see the usefulness of several of the techniques which, with practice, I am confident will improve the quantity and quality of my reading experience.  This book is a great resource for learning and for going back and refreshing existing skills.
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This book helped me read faster though I still have a lot of practicing to do! Highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to get through that to-be-read pile faster!
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This was OK. Ironically, I skimmed much of it, either because it didn't apply to me (e.g. reading text books) or I wanted to get the "meat". The author's approach is very logical, and suspect it will help many readers. I'm not sure I got a lot out of it. But, maybe worth a try.

I really appreciate the free review copy!
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Very impressive read. I am sure it took  a lot of effort on the author’s part because the book is well organized and broken into sections in a certain order that allows for organized learning. There are five sections and each section has three chapters that provide numerous tips and insight to help improve reading speed, comprehension and memory. The various techniques make sense and will require effort on the readers part. Readers will have to be hands on with the training techniques and definitely have to put the advice into practice. I appreciate the tips and will definitely work on adding the methods when I am reading. As the author stated “speed reading is about increasing habits that speed you up while decreasing habits that slow you down.”

The author not only give tips but he makes sure that you understand and absorb what's been written, as well as being able to recall what you've learned. He gives a deeper dive into the art of reading. A lot of useful information on previewing before you start reading, methods to use for different reading materials, space reading and using visual range in addition to various eye exercises. He offer advice on what questions readers should ask while reading so that they can get the bigger meaning or purpose of what is being read. Again a lot of information that never crossed my mind and will surely make me a better reader and also be able to comprehend what I’ve read. The author  explains  each technique by defining it, explaining it along with illustrations and practice drills that the reader can perform.

Reading faster and retaining more information deeply affects many aspects of life so why not give the useful concepts a try. I am sure you will find several useful tips that will help you with your quality of reading.   I highly recommend this book!
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While this book is great in theory, I cannot speed read now. I have never been a slow reader but it may be that fibromyalgia (fibro fog) limits my speed at reading.
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I’ve always been interested in speed reading. It was a class my mother had taken in school many years ago and I was always interested in learning the process myself.
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This is a great book for anyone that wants to read faster, however, do not expect it to happen straight after reading this book. It is full of useful techniques to get you there but it does take time and commitment to learning to read faster. What I did like about this book is that it doesn't teach you to skim books, but actually take everything in
Overall it was a good book and I will continue practising the techniques and hopefully, I will manage to read faster in the, not too distant future.
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This may be the most practical book I have read on increasing reading speed. Rather than nearly impossible exercises, Knight concentrates on slight changes, shifts in habits that speed up reading and ones that slow you down. He says what is important is not how fast you make it through the text but how fast facts and ideas are understood.

Knight writes about setting a clear purpose for your reading, identifying what you hope to gain from reading the material. He suggests previewing the material to give your mind a framework for the reading process. He gives practical instruction for chunking, using peripheral vision, reducing sub-vocalization, and much, much more.

The one suggestion that struck me was adjusting the reading speed for the type of book. I have been practicing that especially as I tend to read fiction and nonfiction in the same way. I am making good progress.

I recommend this small book to readers who would like some practical ideas for increasing reading speed and absorbing what is read.

I received an egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.
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