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Police procedural come psychological thriller, The Echo Man worried me at first because it's title has been used before elsewhere for... you guessed it, a police procedural come psychological thriller (on that occassion by Richard Montanari). The difference here is that Sam Holland's serial killer is taking inspiration from real-life murder cases, which adds an interested extra dimension to the story.

There are a lot of content warnings to consider before diving into The Echo Man, so make sure you have a look through other reviews and that you're in the 'right place' before starting. There's plenty of gore, a lot of victims and that pervasive unease that'll stick with you when you've not got your nose buried in it. 

The characters we follow in the book have their own share of dysfunction and issues, as most do in this sort of tale, with one of our police heroes going on the lam briefly as she is considered a suspect. The killer ties the police in knots as he mounts up the violence, getting closer to the detectives than they would like. 

Some parts feel a little formulaic, but that is more of a genre-wide issue with the police procedural than a critique on this specific offering. If you're a fan of the genre though, this should be well worth a look.
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I really enjoyed this book. It gave me Criminal Minds vibes I was hooked from the first few chapters. The characters were likeable which made the book easier to read the story was like nothing I'd really read before it was everything I love and feel a good thriller needs!
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I truly cannot believe that this book is a debut! 
The book is so hard to put down. I literally read it in two sittings, racing through the short chapters (which make it so much easier to just read one more chapter!)
The book is based on a serial killer who is impersonating and copying famous serial killers in the methods he is using to kill his victim
I well and truly had my detective hat on when reading this book, trying to figure out who it was 
The book is gruesome, fast paced, tense and has loveable characters 
I half guessed the ending, which I was pretty proud of, but the huge twist at the end, ended the novel perfect! 
I cannot wait to read more by this author and I’m really hoping that this is a new detective series that we have to look forward to. 
Highly recommended for any crime fans out there.
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3.5 stars rounded up to 4 because this was a racy read over a bank holiday weekend that kept my interest. But not for the faint hearted. The Echo Man is reenacting a succession of brutal crimes as a kind of tribute act to mass murderers of recent times. The body count is unbelievably high and one wonders how anyone would have sufficient time to hold down a day job, prepare meticulously for these multiple crimes yet barely leave a clue behind. Cara is the detective struggling to find the criminal. Jess moves from school toilets to house fire to dating Cara’s brother somehow staying alive as all around are slaughtered.
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Bloody hell! So much happening in this book. The idea of a copycat killer copying numerous murders is great. It was gruesome, gory, graphic and not for the faint hearted. Reading this when you can’t sleep at 2am is more than a little bit scary. 

About a third of the way in I suspected who was behind the murders. By two thirds I was sure of who it was and this is where this book fell down for me. The idea of it being that person was ridiculous and I started to lose interest. By the end when I discovered I was right I felt really disappointed. I really disliked the ending which seemed incredibly far fetched. It was almost as though the author was on a roll with all the violence and ran out of time so went for a “tidy” ending. 

I’d like to know what happens next with these characters so would read a follow up out of curiosity. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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A string of horrifying and brutal murder across England. A woman plunged into the investigation when her house is set ablaze. Disgraced detective Nate Griffin, convinced of her innocence. And then.. the unthinkable. The murderer is a copy-cat, imitating the world's most notorious serial killers. And he's ready to create his own masterpiece, to finish it all.


WOW. This was a solid five star read for me and a firm favorite of the year so far. I knew I’d love this one -  the synopsis grabbed my attention straight away with the intriguing copycat serial killer appealing to my inner true crime nerd and I absolutely cannot believe this is Holland’s debut novel. I can’t describe how chilling and engaging this was and probably won’t do it justice with my review but I’m gonna try! 

Dark, gritty, disturbing and brutal, this is not for the faint-hearted: filled to the brim with descriptive and brutal murders from start to finish, this is one of the most addictive books I’ve read for a while. (I will say I’m personally fine with graphic gore in books but there is quite descriptive hanging content which did throw me so be aware if this is also triggering for you.) Despite being a chunky 458 pages, I read this SO fast, starting it yesterday and finishing this morning, only putting it down to sleep. It was compelling, immersive, gripping, incredibly fast paced and I physically couldn’t tap my kindle fast enough to fly through the pages.
I’m a huge lover of police procedural books and loved the aspect of the reports interspersed throughout the plot. The characterization was brilliant – I especially felt a real connection to Griffin, who was flawed and emotionally broken but headstrong and feisty. Throughout I thought it was super obvious who the killer was but oh my god was I blindsided.. just when I thought I’d put my finger on it, another crazy twist is thrown in. And that KILLER ending (pun intended!) was a real jaw-dropper. I’d highly recommending reading this if you like these kind of thrillers - Holland is for sure an author I’ll be keeping my eye out for and immediately purchasing any of her future books.

A huge thank you to Sam Holland and Harper Collins for an advanced digital copy of this brilliant book in return for my honest opinions. 

𝗥𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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The murders have begun…
But the killer is just getting started…
And he’s going to shock the world

Across England, a string of murders are taking place at a terrifying pace. Every murder has a different method, but all are brutal. Jess loses her husband in a house fire and becomes the prime suspect in the case. Terrified, she runs, and her only hope is Nate Griffin, a disgraced detective who is determined that she’s innocent. They soon realise that the murders are connected and the killer is copying the most infamous serial killers in history. Nicknamed The Echo Man by the press, the killer is ready to create his own masterpiece that will shock the world.

Holland’s debut novel is an absolute page-turner and this is an author that thriller fans will need to watch out for in the future!

Holland has created one of the darkest and most disturbing serial killers that I’ve read. The pace of the story and the revelations held within are relentless; the reader is constantly confronted by the gruesome acts of the killer at every turn. This book is not for the faint-hearted but it is the perfect read for thriller addicts. Be prepared to be shocked to your core!

Holland’s self-confessed love of all things relating to serial killers shines through in this novel. The attention to the macabre details and the picking apart of the signatures of the infamous serial killers chosen are superbly written. 

The characters are perfectly imperfect and the inclusion of their back stories really adds to the story. Griffin is my favourite character- a disgraced detective determined to apprehend the killer who is battling his own demons. 

A stunning debut that will make you leave the lights on at night. Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins UK for the arc. The Echo Man is out now!
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What can I say? I absolutely loved this and it is one of my favourite reads of 2022 so far.  I was hooked from the very first page to the last and completely and utterly devoured it!

With excellent characters, an engrossing story line and a plot with twists that at least one of which I didn't see coming, this is a great read however, be warned, there is a lot of violence and gore from the beginning but, to be honest, that's to be expected given it's about serial killers although it may be a bit much for some.
This is a great debut and I will certainly be looking out for more by this author in the future and I have no hesitation recommending to lovers of this genre.

My thanks go to HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction and NetGalley for my copy in return for an honest, unbiased and unedited review.
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I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in return for an honest review. This review is based entirely on my own thoughts and feelings. 

Overall rating : 5*
Writing skill : 5*
Plot: 5*
Pace: 4*
Characters: 5*
Twist: 4*

Now first off I can’t stop talking about this book to anyone who’ll listen, if a book could be written just for me and my likes then this is it!
Secondly, how is this a debut?!! This is up there with many of the dark sick and twisted thrillers that I have loved for a long long time. The way the stories of the characters intertwine is very impressive (I think Griffin is my fave) and complex and just so good.
Oh btw that prologue is probably my favourite of all time!!
This is out now and if you’re a fan of serial killers (who bloody isn’t?!) then this is deffo for you!!
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What a excellent read,one of the best murder mystery novels I've had the privilege to read.A well written story congratulations to the author.Kept me guessing from start to finish,would have love to have seen the real killer brought to justice,but that's just me.Would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes murder mystery novels.A great storyline.
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Oh my days! 

What a heart thumping, gut churning, jaw dropper of a read! If dark, violent and gruesome is your jam, then this is one white-knuckle ride you won’t want to get off. Meticulously researched and written with the sleight of hand of a puppet master, this astonishing debut had me at its mercy from start to finish. 

There’s a serial killer on the loose. And not just any serial killer, but a copy cat who’s “echoing” the MO’s of infamous serial killers from the past. He’s cold blooded and canny, sick and twisted, and he’s toying with the investigation team like a cat with a mouse. 

Conducting their own investigation are suspended maverick detective Nate Griffin and true crime nerd Jess Ambrose, who are thrown together when Jess goes into hiding after becoming a suspect in the murder of her husband. With Nate having his own personal links to the case as well, the two have a vested interest in tracking down the ‘Echo Man’.

What follows is a tense, adrenaline-charged, helter skelter of a ride, as the Echo Man’s killing spree ratchets up to what we know is going to be a humdinger of a finale. And how do we know? Because we hear it straight from the killer’s mouth in a series of chilling first-person interventions. 

Holland’s control of the plot is masterful, tugging you this way and that, and piling twist upon twist, and murder scene upon murder scene, until the spectacular double bluff at the end that knocked me for six. 

I loved the gruesomeness of this story. I loved the crime procedural element too. But what really elevated this for me were the characters, who completely owned and drove their own narrative. This was very cleverly done and added a whole extra layer of intrigue and investment. 

Be warned, this book is not for the squeamish. Holland pulls no punches when it comes to describing the gory work of the ‘Echo Man’. It is graphic in the extreme. Some might say gratuitous. For me, though, the detail is not only horrific but horrifically compelling. And I’m already hungry for more.
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Brilliant book, utterly gory, gruesome, sinister and I loved it. C
ara and Griffin I felt were great characters, Jess less so.
But I was completely gripped and blindsided by the twists and turns and usually quite wrong in my suspicions.
Loved the outrageously high body count and the Echo Mans homage to past serial killers was interesting and not something I've seen before despite the amount of books I've read in this genre.
I'd enjoy another book with Cara & Griffin making a return.
My thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for my eARC in return for my honest review.
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It’s been a while since I’ve read such a bloodthirsty police procedural - not since my last Chris Carter novel!

The echo man is killing people in the style of notorious serial killers and DCI Cara Elliott is the woman who’s trying to catch him, along with her DS brother - Nate Griffin- who’s suspended from duty and has demons of his own.

This was a great debut with some real gusty characters and some gruesome murders - certainly not for the faint hearted.

Each murder was linked and it was so addictive trying to put all the pieces of the macabre puzzle together. Real crime fans will certainly have a field day with the references (the Charles Manson and Ted Bundy were really good and so clever!)

The twists and turns just left me wanting more and the ending had me on tenterhooks- can’t wait for the next instalment (there HAS to be one!)
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Wow utterly brilliant.  Such a clever plot, loved it!  A real page turner that kept me on the edge of my seat.
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I don't know how to review The Echo Man. On one hand it clearly contains a vast amount of deep research into true crime stories of the past. That diligence is reflected in this fast-paced horror show on wheels containing quite a lot of graphic violence of every sort imaginable. On the other hand the story played out in a relatively predictable manner. I've said in many previous reviews that the books I like best are those where I cannot figure out who the killer is. Here I nailed it pretty early on and could even suss the twist. Not to say it wasn't shocking and, well, graphic. It was but the 'ah ha!' moment fell a bit short for me.

Regardless, the story gripped me and even the heavy-handed distribution of gore, violence, abuse all described very graphically didn't put me off. That's saying something. A good story, with characters a reader can get behind is king.
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A dark and intriguing plot about a serial killer who copies other notorious serial killers' methods, while Jessica teams up with a suspended police officer to try and solve the murder of her husband. This is a very gory and graphic novel which was sometimes a little too much for me but overall the story was intense and made me want to keep on reading. I liked both Jessica and Griffin's characters who have had troubling pasts and their connection grows as the murders become more gruesome. It becomes a race against time to catch the killer making for a fast paced novel with a twist at the end for an impressive debut.
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I found this book just too dark, disturbing and graphic for me, so didn't finish it. However, if you like brutal serial killers, this is definitely the book for you! 

Thank you to NetGalley for the advance copy for an honest (and rather wimpy) review!
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I can sincerely say that this is one of the best books I have read in a very long time and you have to read it!

What a debut novel for Sam Holland. Dark, twisted, fast paced, a true roller coaster of a ride, keeping your heart rate up, and breathing fast.

Brilliant storyline, brilliant characters, loved Cara and her brother Griffin.  Couldn´t put this down, didn´t want it to end.

Quite simply, a masterpiece!

My thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced copy in return for an honest review.
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My thanks to HarperCollins U.K. for an eARC via NetGalley of ‘The Echo Man’ by Sam Holland in exchange for an honest review.

This extremely dark crime thriller is Sam Holland’s debut. I usually feel that content warnings are not necessary when it comes to crime fiction, as by its nature the genre is dealing with violence and disturbing topics. However, ‘The Echo Man’ is extremely graphic in terms of descriptions.

It is told from various perspectives and opens with the murderer giving an chilling account of his  latest grisly murders. Then we are introduced to 
Jessica (Jess) Ambrose, who announces herself as bored. Well not for long as soon after her home is set ablaze in the night and while she manages to escape with her young daughter, her husband dies in the fire. Despite this narrow escape, Jess appears to be the police’s main suspect! 

So Jess runs and finds refuge with suspended police detective Nate Griffin, who is convinced that Jess is innocent as he suspects that the arson links to his wife’s unsolved murder.

DCI Cara Elliott, Nate’s sister, is working on the murders that opened the novel. It’s not long before Cara and her partner, DS Noah Deakin, have  another murder scene that echoes an infamous 1969 case. 

Jess and Nate in their own investigation come up with the theory that a single perpetrator is responsible for a string of murders across England copying the world’s most notorious serial killers. Nate passes this information to Cara, who takes him seriously. Before long the unsub is dubbed by the Press as The Echo Man…..

I have to admit that as the novel progressed the body count became rather bonkers. Also, such a high profile case would undoubtedly not remain with the local police. A touch of debut novel over enthusiasm? 

In terms of its characters I quickly took to both Cara and Nate. At first Jessica was more problematic though she certainly demonstrated that her time watching True Crime documentaries was well spent.

The author cites their love of the macabre and enthusiasm for authors whose work that I also enjoy. I felt that ‘The Echo Man’ straddled the line between crime and horror.  

‘The Echo Man’ was undoubtedly a gripping twisty police procedural that kept me guessing from start to finish. I definitely will be on the look out for Sam Holland’s future projects.

4.5 stars rounded up to 5.
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After the death of a man in an arson fire , Detective Cara Elliot and her partner Noah Deakin suspect his wife (Jess) of the murder . She is in hospital along with their young daughter Alice and awaiting interview. Cara's brother Nate (who is also a detective but has been suspended from work , after an incident) does not believe she did this as he has his suspicions that started after his wife Mia had been murdered and he had been seriously hurt after an attack at his house . He is now living in a scruffy basement flat and treating his aches with prescription drugs and alcohol . Jess flees the hospital and Nate hides her and tells Cara of his suspicions about somebody recreating famous murder scenes, she does not believe him but starts to look into the theory , which becomes confirmed after a number of heads are found in the fridge at a flat they raid. 
The race is on to find the killer before other lives are lost , sadly this is not the case but a message tracked to inside the police station points to somebody on the inside being responsible .
A deeply graphic novel and well written with an unexpected ending .
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