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A fun book that encourages you to use mixed media to create projects. The book has something for everyone and sparks plenty of new ideas.
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On the way to your own style
Creative influencer, workshop leader, artist, and author Flora Bowley presents the book "Fresh Paint. Discover Your Unique Creative Style Through 100 Small Mixed-Media Paintings" together with fellow artist Lynzee Lynx. The book was published by Quarto Publishing Group – Quarry. Bowley states: "I co-created Fresh Paint with my dear friend and collaborator, Lynzee Lynx, after years of hearing a collective desire from our students to create paintings that were more personal, unique, and true to them - a natural progression for most makers" (p. 9). The book is divided in seven sections: 1) Our Philosophy, 2) Setting the Stage to Create, 3) Gathering Inspiration from Your Internal Landscape, 4) Gathering Inspiration from Your External Landscape, 5) Expansion with New Materials, 6) For the Love of Color, and 7) Incorporating Inspiration from Other Artists. The goal of the book is that student artists find their own voice. To further this there are 100 paintings as a challenge to "do the work" (p. 17). I like it that the authors underline the fact that painting does not have a linear approach but that artists can "circle back" (p. 18-19). This book is more than a book about painting. It is also an encouragement toward the right mindset for being creative. The samples form students in the galleries throughout the book, the tips, and writing inquiries are a help in this regard. I recommend the book for beginners and advanced artists who do not only want to copy the work of others but want to develop their own unique style for their mixed-media art. 
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If you need encouragement to get creative then this is the book you’re looking for! Mixed media but predominantly painting projects, this book aims to help you find your own individual style. Thank you to the authors, Net Galley and Quarry Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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It’s a very cool book full of diy projects to enhance your home. It has lots of step by steps instructions with photos so you can follow along. The projects are modern and with good taste. I would recommend this book as a gift for someone crafty.
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This was a colorful and well illustrated book geared towards new artists.  There were a lot of photos of the artists smiling and holding art and of their work, but the book didn't really speak to me as an artist.  I'm sure it will be a great fit for others.  Not sure why it missed the mark for me.
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This book provides lots of prompts, exercises, and inspiration for an art practice with the goal of finding your own style. The exercises are all suggestive as opposed to prescriptive, leading you to make your own unique artwork as you work through them. It is beautifully illustrated, and well explained.
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This is an open-ended challenge to embrace your unique style by completing 100 paintings. There are writing prompts, scavenger hunts, and stamping making tasks along with other ideas to offer you a way to get creative. Some of the photos in the book were too avante-garde for me. The photos would be focused on hands or have the heads missing from from people or be shots of paints or tools from an angle that I found confusing. I never really grasped why the author's chose 100 for the amount of paintings you need to do. A lot of of the techniques weren't new to me, but they were explained in an exciting way that I might not have explored before. There were more mixed media tips than I care for in a demonstration book themed on painting. This is the second Flora Bowley book I've read and I will say it felt "on-brand".
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This is an interesting book.  It is more for those who love to paint than any other type of craft.  The artists really emphasize working in studies to get to know your supplies and also getting to know yourself and finding your style.  This book was interesting, but since I am not really into painting, I didn’t get as much out of it as others will.  Yes the projects presented are mixed media, but still heavy on the painting.  And while I may not find this book the best for me, I do recognize it’s value and think it will go out quite a bit in a library.
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How to Discover Your Creative Style
The authors believe there are eight key ingredients needed to discover and develop a personal creative style. These ingredients are:

The reader is challenged to create 100 small paintings as a way to connect more deeply to yourself and the world around you, to trust in your own inclinations and preferences, and to "do the work".

My Thoughts
This is not your typical art book. You are not given exact instructions on how to do specific projects. Instead, you are offered a variety of prompts, exercises, and philosophies to consider. 

This book focuses on creativity and how to develop your own unique style. If you follow the guidelines provided by the authors and create 100 small paintings, you will be well on your way to discovering your artistic preferences and specialties.

I like the way the written exercises and prompts encourage you to go outside of your comfort zone and try new techniques with new materials. There are no mistakes when you are expanding and exploring your artistic skills. This book offers a framework that will lead both beginners and experienced artists to consider a fresh outlook and mindset.

One of my favorite ideas from this book is to let your ancestry and family traditions inspire your art. I hope to let my German ancestry and my rural upbring come out in my future art projects. 

The ambitious goal of creating 100 small paintings is a bit overwhelming but I am sure it can be done with some gentleness and dedication. I read a digital copy of this book and plan to order a print copy so I can dive in a little deeper.

Highly recommended.
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This book is so fun; it takes you on a journey through different mediums, and it's jam-packed with inspirational ways to be creative.
I loved the photos throughout and think it's a great way to connect to your creative side as well as the world!
Now to start on 1 out of 100...

[I received a copy of this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review]
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Fresh Paint is a fantastic instructional book for creative mixed media projects to help artists determine their personal style. This book gives a straightforward, but detailed overview from needed materials, methods, inspiration, and a variety of vibrant projects. Stunning, colorful, step-by-step pictures accompany all of the projects. This would be a great guide for those seeking inspiration or feeling stuck in their current endeavors. A perfect guide for artists and beginners looking to expand and hone their skill set and creativity!

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing this ARC.
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Fresh Paint by Flora Bowley and Lynzee Lynx does have some good techniques for newer artists. Creativity can find inspiration in many different forms and we shouldn't allow fear to hold us back from trying new things. Using unorthodox art supplies can be incredibly beneficial in our creativity. However, beyond that, the book tends to focus way too much on getting in touch with your feelings and meditating. The overexaggerated neo-zen messages took up more of the book than actual paint techniques, preventing me from ever handing this over to a student. I recommend books more focused on techniques.
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This is like a free art class. I love the aesthetic, the focus on our personal journeys and truths, and the encouragement to be inspired by our imaginations and our surroundings. Full of tutorials while also providing plenty of room to explore mixed media as a craft, I'm very excited to try out a few of these exercises myself.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Fresh Paint is a unique book by two artists to help you nurture, find and grow your own unique style as an artist. The book is supportive of you creating 100 small paintings using different styles and mixed media to help you discover what your more comfortable with and more inspired by.
This book is truly inspirational and I lived the photographs included throughout of all the projects and types of art as the book progresses. 
These two women have a fantastic idea to help aspiring artists nurture their hobby, passion and talents and I for one can't wait to start some of these!
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This book really does stimulate the creative mind with plenty of projects to encourage experimentation with many different materials. Well written and illustrated it is a fun book suitable for anyone interested in art projects. This book would make a great gift for young and old alike.
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The Fresh Paint book is an art book that encourages you to do it yourself. The main point here is to find your own tonality. And discovering how to express yourself through art. To do this, the authors guide you through different focus chapters, which are always accompanied by some practical examples.

In the first moment I found the book, as an art book something to get used to. This was probably more due to the layout.  When I got used to it, however, I was absolutely thrilled. I found the ideas very creative, something quite apart from what you find everywhere else and really a great idea to make. again something creative.

A really great book, rich in ideas, although at the beginning a little getting used to from the presentation. Therefore, there is really good 4.5 of 5 stars from me.
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A great book for working and experiment with color and color theory. It also includes great tips, tricks, and techniques any artist can implement.

You can expand your palate with confidence after reading this book.
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A delightful book for those looking to experiment with and explore their artistic style. This is just about painting, so be aware of that. The photographs included are bright and fun. The journal prompts open up a deeper dive into our own symbology and language. Even if you already have a distinct creative voice and style, these exercises are a chance to experiment and have some lighthearted fun.
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I didn't really care for this book. I guess I was just expecting something different but it didn't really inspire me or explain how to do anything well enough.
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As a longtime fan of Flora Bowley, I was thrilled to receive access to this delightful book. It walks you through the creation of 100 small mixed media paintings using a variety of tools, as well as soul work. I love this and have a physical copy on my Christmas list. I’d recommend this to anyone interested in mixed media art.
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