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Dr Tony Redmond is an amazing human being. 
He has sacrificed his working life and his own health to travel to scenes of humanitarian crisis to offer his medical skill. 
His is a fascinating insight into not only the work that goes on in situations as diverse as the Lockerbie air crash, dealing with Ebola in Africa, working in Sarajevo and the Philippines, but also why aid is sometimes misplaced and the behind the scenes politics. 
I found the second half of the book more about Dr Redmond himself and the personal toll of aid work, and this was especially interesting. 
I had no idea of the conditions medical aid workers deal with and this was such an eye opener. 
Thoroughly recommended - the story of amazing sacrifice and an amazing career in service to others.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this autobiography of Dr Tony Redmond where he describes his experiences in frontline medicine. I admire the honesty in his writing. This was the first time that I've read read an account of medicine in war or natural disasters and this book made me respect the sacrifices and the courage that frontline medical personnel must show to help their fellow human beings.
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From The Manchester’s Nightingale hospital to Kosovo, from Sierra Leone’s Ebola outbreak to Kashmir, and from Haiti to the Philippines, Dr Tony Redmond risked his life to help others. Of tireless hard work and about making life and death decisions.  
This book gives us hope that in difficult times there is help from the most humanitarian people who put their lives on the line to help.  This honest account of front line medicine and the physical and mental strain on those who choose to be involved with the medical side of life... 
A hero in my eyes and hope for us all
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Thanks to NetGalley UK and the publisher for an audiobook.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting hearing about the Doctor’s experiences particularly in times of war, countries stricken with poverty and politics.

I would recommend if you are interested in professionals experiences.
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An honest and emotional story.
This is a frank account of the personal toll – physical, mental and social – frontline medicine levies on those who choose to do it. But ultimately, it offers a tale of optimism, persistence and triumph over adversity, speaking to the resilience and fortitude of those who help and those whose lives they save. Amazing read and one I’m sure I’ll read/listen to again.  Top marks from me!
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The autobiography of Dr. Tony Redmond is an informative book about his experiences on humanitarian missions carried out in disaster struck areas throughout the world.  It is a stunning mix of factual information and harrowing personal experiences.  From Sierra Leone to Sarajevo to Lockerbie each of the missions Dr Redmond attended as an emergency physician took it's mental and often physical toll.  The stories of those affected are both heartwarming and harrowing. 

The UK government has politicised many humanitarian missions, sending people to areas where they were not needed & not providing help to others where a real difference could have been made.

This was a real eye opener about how expectations are managed, sometimes exceeded and, unfortunately, sometimes left wanting.

An fantastic listen & one that I would definitely recommend.
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A humanitarian of global crisis Dr Redmond is absolutely outstanding as a person. The biography begins at the end and goes through the most recent work of setting up the Nightingale NW Hospital. There is a section on his early life and family and the drive to become not just a doctor of medicine but someone qualified and respected to have authority to help others. Dr Redmond is not political (difficult in todays NHS) and totally people focussed and goes through his life chapters through the areas of the world where he made a difference. War zones, natural disasters, virus outbreaks and famines, is there no end to this mans dedication to helping others. Read by the author himself, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his life. Thank you #NetGalley for the audiobook to review.
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