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This book is the second book in Tam DeRudder Jackson's Balefire Series but can be read as a standalone. We get a peak into the characters from the first book and it definitely sparked my interest so we'll see if I get the chance to get to it! 

This book is peak rockstar romance. Bad boy lead singer, Blu, sharing women, leaving women satisfied across the globe finally meets his match in the literal girl next door, Ashleigh. Well... next door to his mom, actually.  

Ashleigh is a music reviewer trying to make ends meet. She rents a cute house and spends most of her time gardening and enjoying the friendship of the older woman next door. The older woman also happens to be the mother of the lead singer of one of the hottest bands around, Balefire. And Blu will be crashing at his moms place when he's off tour. Ashleigh is a fan of the band but never imagines that she'd find herself hanging out with Blu Connolly. 

It starts of bumpy, their friendship... they're more like frenemies. Mostly because Ashleigh makes many assumptions about Blu and his rockstar lifestyle and behavior. What soon blossoms, because of Blu's persistence, is a strong friendship with mutual attraction. It's a slow burn because Ashleigh is protecting her heart, not wanting to be another notch on his bedpost. But Blu is determined to make her realize that she's so much more than that to him. 

It was a light, fun read - I was definitely looking for some drama and some angst, to be honest.  Though I enjoyed it, I wasn't as captivated as I had expected. Some things didn't feel fully realized and I wasn't sure I believed that Blu would go from multiple women one night to suddenly being completely into Ashleigh the next... I wanted to buy it but I think I needed more internal dialogue to really see how this progressed for Blu. 

I did like the band members and would love to see stories for the rest of them but also want a little more emotional turmoil - I'm a sucker for the heartache and pain.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed Sing for Me. It was a bit of a slow burn romance but had a great pace. It kept me intrigued the whole time.  
Is the lead singer of one of the biggest rock bands in the country. Because of that he has access to any girl he wants and he takes advantage of it. Until he meets the girl next door to his mom's when he visits after his tour. 
Ashley is perfectly content working her two jobs and working in the garden of her rental house. When she is woken up by someone revving their motorcycle obnoxiously loud she storms out in her robe to discover it's the lead singer of her favorite band. She tries to ignore the attraction she has to him but she soon discovers it's not that easy. 
Blu was such a great character.  I really enjoyed his humor and his aloof attitude.  The level of spice was nice too. 
Ashleigh was also really likeable. You could tell she really was content in her life but also had ambition.  I really liked how their relationship developed and played out. This was my first  book by this author and I will be watching for more.  
This was the second book in the Balefire series but it can definitely be read alone. However,  I already plan to go back and read Jack's story and can't wait for Dakota's story.
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Sing for Me, the second book in the Balefire series gave the reader a front row view into the life of  Blu Connolly, the lead singer for the band Balefire.

The events of Sing for Me coincide with what occurred in the first book, Play for Me. Blu’s fans and the media see him as the type who works and parties hard. However, what they didn’t know is that Blu is a kindhearted soul, who loves his mom world without end. A fact the reader learns when the band went on a break from touring. The first place he headed was home. Little did he know that this time around, it would change his life.

Ashleigh is a music reviewer with the Colorado Music Works blog. She hopes to one work for a top-notch magazine doing what she loves. In the meantime, while waiting to make it big, she works as a substitute teacher. She recently moved to Denver, Colorado, where her new neighbor is none other than Blu Connolly's mother.

Blu and Ashleigh’s first meeting did not go down so well. This, however, did not prevent Blu from being blown away by his mom’s gorgeous new neighbor. For the first time since becoming famous, he had to fight to get a woman to notice him.
I had fun watching Blu trying to win over Ashleigh. Balefire may be her favourite band she, however, was not the stark struck type. Furthermore, she had no interest in becoming another notch on the handsome rock star bed post. However, despite all her efforts to avoid falling, Blu’s charm wore her down.

It took me some time to warm up to Ashleigh. I found her to in relation to. She was quick to believe the worst of him. However, she slowly mellowed out.

Prepare yourself for some sizzling intimate scenes. Blu and Ashleigh together burned up the pages.

Blu’s relationship with his mom was so sweet. Also enjoyed how he treated Ashleigh. No wonder she couldn’t resist him.

Conflict with two of the secondary characters arose. A conflict, which, came as no surprise given the setting of the story. However, the story ended with the issues unresolved. I expected there would be consequences for their actions, but this was not the case. That, for me, took away from the authenticity of the story.


To conclude, Sing For Me was a quick read. Although it didn’t wow me as I expected, it entertained me and provided the escape needed during the lockdown period.
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ARC received for review

This one takes place during the first book Play For Me: The Balefire Series, but it is a complete stand alone. You don't need to read the first one to enjoy this one.

Blu as a rock star always gets the girls easy, but with Ashleigh he really has to work for it. I loved how their relationship progressed and developed as they fell in love. Loved seeing all the other band mates again. I wish the drama with (sshhh not telling you who) had been cleaned up a little better. That could have been done better.

Oh, Dakota, you have your work cut out for you.
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The second installment follows another member of Balefire Rock Band.

Blu is the lead singer of the successful Band. He has quite the reputation with the ladies. He likes variety. He is the life of the party, on and off stage.

Ashleigh is his mother's neighbour and does not do one night stands. Balefire might well be her favourite band, but she isn't prepared to be another notch on somebody's bedpost.

Blu is on hiatus and is spending the time with his mum. He decides to persue Ashleigh. He is attracted to her from the first time they meet and is not prepared for the cold reception that she gives him. He always gets what he wants which makes him more determined. Can she be swayed?

The storyline is good. Blu is on the receiving end of chasing instead of being chased. Ashley gradually warms up to him and the push and pull between them is entertaining and frustrating at the same time. There is more about the band's rapport than there was in the first book. The romance is sweet, although it doesn't reflect the full effects of their fallout. In the end all is well. A quick and easy read.

I received an eARC from Netgalley and the views expressed are my personal opinion.
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This book went on and on, I felt that I was never going to be able to end it. 
The heroine was really really prejudice and felt that the hero liked to get hurt. 
I didn't like it at all. Too much drama, prejudice, and straight-up annoying leading lady.
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Boom chick-a-bow wow! This book is hot!

Romance lovers will quickly fall for Blu, a rock star with a gentle heart who finds himself falling for the sweet literal girl-next-door Ash. Together, they overcome their insecurities to try and find a happily ever after.

The story takes place largely in Colorado even though the characters feel like they belong in a southern romance. (Use of the endearment darlin', sweetheart..." The fact that he drives a motorcycle which seems like an impractical choice in a snowy cold state...) Blu is your typical playboy until he meets the charming Ash, who can't believe someone like Blu would ever be interested in her.

So here's what you need to know:

There's juicy sex scenes. On a scale of "We're going to hold hands" to "Shield your eyes and get the children out if the room!!," it's 100% on the far end of X rated. 
This is a "macho man takes possession of his woman" troupe. Readers who don't like the hero using terms like "my woman" or commanding the heroine (it's all consensual) might not connect with plot. 
It's a quick easy read that whisks you away for a few hours and lets you escape reality.

If this works for you, enjoy!
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I loved every second of this read! Blu and Ash are a fantastic couple, and every second of their story had me either laughing, crying, yelling, or sighing! I can't wait to see what happens to the rest of the band!
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3.5 Stars for Sing to Me 

Blu is the lead singer for legendary rock band Balefire. He's all about sex, booze, and rock 'n' roll. With the band on a break from tour, Blu heads home to spend time with his mom. He manages to piss off the neighbor next door, who is most definitely not Old Man Smith. Ashleigh is a music reviewer who loves gardening and the band Balefire. But when she meet's Blu, of course she's drawn to him - the man's voice causes hundreds of women to shed their panties - but she wants nothing to do with him. She can't be a one-night stand, groupie kind of girl. What will it take for Ashleigh to give Blu a chance? Can he convince her he wants her for more than one night?

I really liked Blu & Ashleigh, they had such cute/funny banter! I just felt that the progression from "frenemies" to dating happened so quick. Blu goes from sharing groupies with his band mates to a committed relationship in the blink of an eye. I wish we got to see more of his internal deliberation and growth into only wanting to be with Ash. 

I wish we got to see more of how the band comes to accept Ash with Blu. I definitely wanted to know more about the other band members, what little the reader got of them in this book didn't really sell me on the rest of the series. I wasn't chomping at the bit to read the other books to get their storylines. The big "plot twist" that separates our main characters was almost too easily resolved and nothing was really done in response to it. I felt like with rockstars there would have been more drama!

All in all, this was a quick and easy read that made me wish for my own rockstar next door neighbor!
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Sing for me

This rockstar romance relatable characters and solid character and plot development.

Ashleigh and Blu are likable and well written. I enjoy the build of their relationship and Blu's determination. 

I particularly liked Blu and Ashleigh’s relationship with Blu's mother.

This book is part of an interconnected series, but can be read as a standalone.
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Rockstar romance anyone??

This book was a fun and quick read for those who like their classic romance books. It's fun to just see the guy fall in lust with a girl he can't have because she's just so darn hard to get so that he does everything in his power to change his mind. It's super cheesy, but I'm also super here for it! We all need some cheese at some point!

Overall, it was fun, there was music, lots of cat and mouse chasing on Blu's part (also I love his name, Blu Blu Blu), and very steamy for the lovers of spice!

Thank you to NetGalley and Warrior Romance Press for the earc in return for an honest review.
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Ashleigh and Blu are the typical player man-whore celeb and quiet girl next door story line.  Which is a storyline i usually get excited about. They had some good banter tho I just didn't love them.  I wished for more drama and surprises.
Overall it was a sweet romance book it was a nice light read. The storyline was good but I found it very predictable. It's got a lot of missed potential. I felt like there were important parts that were missing, skipped over and rushed. Which made it hard to fully connect with the characters. I did really like Blu’s mom and her being Ash’s neighbour. I enjoyed their friendship.
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That was absolutely adorable. 
I loved that they had some difficulties setting up their relationship as most books just fall into one and of course they had a fight and a temporary break up. I would’ve liked though for the fight to be a bit longer seeing as he did agree to do something he shouldn’t have and he should have said no. He also should’ve at least fired him or something. I loved her relationship with Diane and I wish we could’ve gotten something about her at the end, but the Dakota teaser is bringing me unprecedented amounts of joy and I simply cannot wait!!
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This fantastic rockstar meets girl next door (literally!) romance story is fast paced, believable and engaging. Tam DeRudder Jackson has used the perceived stereotype of rockstars to great effect and created a very worthy second book in the Balefire series. 

Ashleigh loves the garden at her rental place and she has negotiated a reduction in her rent in exchange for maintaining it. When she's not gardening she is working as a substitute teacher or writing concert reviews for a local paper. She fast becomes friends with her neighbour Diane who loves having Ashleigh around and they regularly eat together whilst making small talk. 

Blu is the lead singer in the famous band Balefire and after a gruelling first leg of their world tour, he returns home to spend some time with his mother before hitting the road again. He's never liked the neighbours so he makes sure his arrival on his Harley Davidson is as noisy as possible, only this time it's Ashleigh who wakes up!

Ashleigh takes him for the obnoxious self-centred rock star the media has made him out to be and cannot understand how her lovely neighbour can be his mother. Ashleigh goes to great efforts to avoid Blu, but Blu will have nothing of it. 

Thank you for a lovely story with a happy ending. Looking forward to Dakota's story next.
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Thank you NetGalley and Warrior Romance Press for providing me with an e-arc in exchange for an honest review. 

3/5 stars

Ash and Blu are the typical high profile celeb and girl next door story line. They had some good banter. And I enjoyed that Ash didn’t fall head over heals with him right away. I do wish Ash had a bit more of a back bone as whatever Blu wanted she just went with. They were dating and it was hard to tell if she was okay with it or just going with it. 

I really liked Blu’s mom and her being Ash’s neighbor. That was a fun dynamic. I also enjoyed that the band members were wary of Ash. 

Lastly the main antagonist really should have had some consequences. It felt like the story wasn’t finished as there wasn’t any conclusion with that plot line. I also would have liked to see some scenes with how they handled being apart. There wasn’t really any angst for the reader. They fought and then boom got back together. 

Overall it was a sweet romance book. I love the girl next door trope and this one was a fun read.
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This is the second book in this series but can definitely be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed it but it definitely could use some editing to tighten it all up. It does have potential to be better. It is an enjoyable , quick read. Thank you to netgalley for the ARC.
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I love a good rocker love story and really looked forward to my first book by author Tam DeRudder Jackson.

Sing for Me is about Blu, who is the lead singer for the rock band Balefire and he lives up to his rockstar status with a different groupie (or two) every night, 
When the band goes on hiatus after a tour, Blu goes home to spend time with his mother. When he is introduced to the cute teacher next door, he is attracted to her instantly and will do everything in his power to get her into his bed. Ashleigh's favorite band is Balefire and she's shocked to find out that the lead singer's mother is her neighbour. When she meets Blu, she is drawn to him but doesn't want anything to do with him because she is not a one-night stand kinda girl. 

I liked this book, but I felt like something was missing.
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Brilliant. Sexy, romantic and not at all clichéd. Some great writing to get you really pulling for for Blu and Ash to get their stuff together. The plot is not new but it is told really well and the twists are woven in to the story. The sex scenes are steamy and hot and add to the growing relationship and give you more reason to have everything crossed for our couple. Making it work is made possible and you really do believe that Blu can put his hedonistic lifestyle behind and put it all on the line for Ash. And who hasn’t wanted to up and disappear and run when a loved one really makes an idiot of your and himself.
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Let me start off this review by saying - I had high expectations after not being able to read for pleasure for a year. Also, I like a good rockstar meets and falls in love with down-to-earth girl book. So, I feel a mix of happiness, frustration and disappointment after finishing the book in one day. 

Frustration began to build up from the beginning of the book. I felt cheated out of their encounter in Ash's garden and their first kiss. I wanted to read what had happened, how they both felt about it, what had been said exactly. Instead, I got a retelling of some cryptic clues about the situation. I feel like this also contributed to me not understanding why Blu did an 180 from player to committed boyfriend. It didn't seem very natural to me. I also couldn't quite get why Ashleigh was so cold to him, it couldn't have been from him revving up his engine that one time. That explanation only came after I had read half of the book, which is way too late in my opinion. 

A lot of the time, I couldn't quite get the transitions between chapters. It wasn't always clear to me where and when they were, what had happened, etc. The storyline, however, was quite predictable and follows in the line of what I'd already read before in this genre.

Overall, I enjoyed the setting, the banter, and the story, but it felt like I was beta reading instead of reviewing, like it was still in the writing and editing stages and needed a lot of work to really become a great book. It's got a lot of missed potential, I guess... That explains the 3 stars.
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Rock Star Next Door!!
Balefire is the hottest rock band out there and Blu is the lead singer. When he comes home off a long tour his mother’s next door neighbor just blows him off but he’s used to getting what he wants.He wants her bad!!

“Beautiful, gorgeous, pretty woman, sweetheart—why bother learning the names of the women who can’t wait to get naked with you

Ashleigh is not about to fall into bed with him even if he is her celebrity crush.
I love watching these bad boy rockers get hit with the love stick.

“I know exactly who you are and who I’m with. You’re my girl, Ash.” Because I couldn’t help it,

“I’m going to spend the rest of the night proving to you that you’re my girl, Ash. I hope you’re up for that.”
This is another winner. Slow burn perfection.
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