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Stealing the Dragon's Heart

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I loved this story. Was super fast paced, romance and action packed scenes. Great read I’d recommend to everyone.
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The is a really fun and quick read.  
A solid 4 star book, I really need to read the rest of the book sin the series!
Our FMC is your typical sunshine heroine however she's also a little on the wild side while the MMC is the typical grump!  This is a story that you will have a really fun time reading, I personally couldn't put it down!  A perfect quick summer read!
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A thrilling read from start to finish. 

It was a refreshing spin on the space-race styled adventure that added a wonderful air of suspense to the story, building on the already gripping run from captivity of Onnika and Caryn. The balance between damsel in distress and confident heroine in Onnika built an allure about her character that made it impossible to stop reading. 

Stealing the Dragon's Heart has created a world that, at the end, had me looking for other Kiersten Fay novels to continue reading her writing.
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What a lovely short read, I did really enjoy it. It kept me hooked from the start. I loved the connection between Onnika and Caryn.  Thankyou again netgalley for the Arc of this. Had the correct amount of romance and storyline flowed so smoothly. Will definitely re read this again
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This book is a short fast read - two magic wielding sisters fleeing slavers manage to get aboard a ship ...... a ship , captained by a dragon shifter , about to set out on a deadly race across the universe .
What could go wrong ?

What follows is a a perfect escapist novel - fast paced , twists and turns aplenty with just the right touch of romance ......... a thoroughly enjoyable read

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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Stealing the Dragon’s Heart was a quick and short read. This a stand-alone in the Dragon Lords series but I did not read the previous two books prior to reading this one (although I probably will now). I enjoyed the characters, romance, and the off-world setting. I will probably read more from the author in the future.
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Not really sure what the point of this being a dragon romance -- combining the genres of shifter and sci-fi really does not work  in this story. There were none of the shifter tropes, it was confusing and could not feel the romance or connection between the two characters. I found it a bit boring and had to skim mostly just to get through it. Just really not for me.
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Stealing the Dragon’s Heart (Dragon Lords) – Kiersten Fay 


I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in order to provide an honest review. 

Kiersten Fay is a best-selling American author of books such as the “Shadow Quest series” and her “Ever Nights Chronicles”. The author writes a lot of science fiction / paranormal romance novels. 


Onnika and her sister Caryn have fallen on hard times. Slaves to a band of heartless, criminal thugs. Using the sisters and their special abilities to pull off heists, easy money for the crew – harsher conditions for the girls. That is until a set of events enabled the girls to escape the crew, and hopefully heading towards freedom. 

So now the sisters must rely on skills they have learnt and honed over the years in order to survive. But as Caryn is the quiet and sensitive one, it yet again falls to Onnika to make sure they survive. 

The planet the sisters have managed to escape to, is hosting the start of a very dangerous, yet very lucrative race. Here the sisters manage to make their way onto a crew, a crew that is captained by Aidan. The mysterious and surly captain who can also turn himself into a dragon. Unfortunately for the sisters Aidan is not the trusting type and this causes a few issues, yet as the race from checkpoint to checkpoint the sisters do their best to earn their place on the crew without giving away much of who they really are. 

Which proves difficult as Onnika and Caryn discover that the leader of the thugs that held the sisters is after them and bent on having the sisters back under this cruel control. But can they gain the trust of the crew before they are captured by the thugs chasing them, or are they doomed to live a miserable life of slavery and pain. 


“Stealing the Dragons Heart” is a short paranormal romance novel that was a real page turner. I found Kiersten Fay’s writing style to be similar to that of Sarah J Maas with a dash of JR Ward. It had what I love in a Sarah J Maas novel – strong female characters who end up fall for alpha type males that at first irritate them but they inevitably ending up falling for. With such intricate character arcs and a captivating story line, I really hope to be able to read more of Onnika and Aidan’s world.
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This was a fun, engaging story that I didn't want to put down. Plenty of action and romance plus humor - a trifecta for me. This is book 3 in the Dragon Lords series but can be read as a stand alone book.

A mish mash of sci-fi and paranormal with dragon shifters, aliens and fae - in space! Plus a dangerous race with deadly competitions thrown in along the way. Even with all of that there was still plenty of levity and fun.

Aidan meets Onnika when she steals his wallet before the big race begins. And then again when her and her sister use their magic to manipulate their way onto his ship. But its too late to kick them off so they all go off on an adventure together. Along the way there is danger and laughter and the spark of romance, with never a dull moment in the story. I enjoyed the world building with the descriptions of the different spaceports and worlds, and the playful banter among the crew was enjoyable.

Onnika was the real star in this story doing what she does best - surviving. Whether its stealing, fighting or running away she always adapted to what was needed to protect her sister and herself, sometimes to the detriment of her own happiness. Aidan was a grumpy dragon shifter with a traumatic past of his own, but Onnika makes him feel more alive than he has in years, even if its because she drives him crazy.

I plan to read the previous books in this series and look forward to the next one.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and the Victory Editing NetGalley Co-Op for providing this ARC copy for me to read and review!

This was riveting!! I literally couldn't put it down - I read it cover-to-cover, despite starting it after dinner! I wrapped up around midnight. The thing is, I'm a sucker for paranormal romance, and this had three of my favourite things - dragons, magic, and <I>space</i>. Yes, space - this is a paranormal romance, but it's also sci-fi! It added a spark to this novel that set it apart from others I've read, in the best way.

Aidan is a dragon shifter, and is the captain of a ship running in the Phase Nine race - an intergalactic race where anything goes, including shooting your competitors down. He's won it before - and so already has the standing that offers him - and is going for something unheard of in trying for a second title. However, he doesn't particularly want to be there - a deal with another dragon shifter, Lear, Prince of another clan and a rival planet, has left him with no choice. Onnika is a woman of a rare and highly coveted race, with magic that is in her blood. She can read people's intentions, and her sister has a knack for always choosing the right path when provided a series of choices - though it's a running joke between them about what the root of her power actually is. Despite their magic, they start the book as slaves to a bandit group, who is using their powers to find incredibly rare and highly valuable crystals.

Through a series of fateful twists, Onnika and her sister, Caryn, end up on Aidan's ship, on the run from the bandits that held them captive. Aidan doesn't trust them, and for good reason - at their first meeting, Onnika pickpocketed him, stealing ten thousand credits from him in one go. They end up stuck together as the race starts, fighting back from a disadvantage that leaves them firmly in last place to begin with.

This book is <I>spicy</i>. There's an instant attraction between Aidan and Onnika, and Oni uses that to her advantage to stay on the ship, to keep herself and her sister safe. She just wants to go home, and is ready to help Aidan and his crew win if that's what it takes to get what she needs from the race. While that attraction burns hot, neither of them entirely trust the other, but their relationship is forged in fire and blood, and by the end of the story they're inseparable and for good reason. I honestly like the both of them, a lot - they're both flawed, but they fight through it with the best of intentions, and I love that for both of them.

The pacing in this story is good, never making me feel overwhelmed by what was happening, while keeping the heart rate up for the last part of the book where everything reached a head. Coming into a world that has had several novels to grow was very smooth - enough was explained to make it make sense, without being too much that readers who'd been following from the start would get bored. There were hints to the previous books, but not enough that I was lost - which I really like in these sorts of books.

I will be going back and reading the others, as the world is incredibly rich and I want to see more of it! It is, first and foremost, a romance novel, but if you enjoy those, fantasy, and a loveable dragon, this is one for you.

4.5/5 stars, rounded up purely because I had so much fun reading this.
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This was my first book by this author and I immediately want to read her entire back catalogue, it was just such a fun, sexy, thrilling ride. I completely fell for Onnika and her sass and her wildness. I love a wayward badass heroine, and I adored how she was so intent on getting into trouble, and then surprising everyone by saving herself from it the next moment. 

A perfect escapist book, with just the right amount of banter and sexy scenes, balanced with drama and excitement to keep you turning the pages quicker and quicker!
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Im in a wierd how do i rank books mood so good luck haha

Did i accidentally read book 3 without knowing of the series.. yes
did it affect it.. very lightly
did i like the romance.. yes
did i liek the length.. no this could have been shorter
did i like the aventure HECK YES
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I really enjoyed this story and will be reading more by Kiersten Fay. However, there were some discrepancies, mostly in the first half of the book that had me flipping back and forth quite a bit trying to figure it out, specifically which phase they were in between 1 and 5. There were also enough typos to be annoying. The characters, however, were great. I loved Onnika's humor SO much. This is the first book by Kiersten Fay that I've read and I didn't have any trouble following along with the story or felt like I was missing anything by  not reading the rest of the series.  I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Stealing the Dragon's Heart was not what I expected. I see dragons and I’m thinking this is going to be medieval-ish. I mean look at that cover. Yes, please do look at that cover because it is quite delish! But seriously, he’s holding a sword. Hello, medieval-ish. What I got was PNR served with a side of Sci-Fi. EEKS! My two favorites rolled into one. On top of that, this book definitely touched on most everything that gets me going. Great characters that mesh and interact so well. Dialog that was powerful at times and during others, giggles. Intense, edge of your seat moments of action, adventure, and heat. If it wasn’t for the need for sleep, I would have devoured this in one sitting.

Onnika and Aidan, Yikes and WooHoo! They were quite the exciting couple. She’s incredibly strong surviving for so long with her sister, both having been on the run forever. Aidan, OMG he’s a DRAGON! What more do I have to say?! Oh yes, he also has a horrid past that has him unable forgive himself for. Together it’s push/pull, hot/cold, secrets to discover, all of it fast-paced and non-stop excitement. The rest of the crew I absolutely adored. And could someone please tell me if Caryn gets her own story because I would love to find out who she ends up with. Let’s not forget they have entered Phase Nine race. Which, if what is going on between Onnika and Aidan isn’t exciting enough for you, that race certainly will be.

I’m new to author Kiersten Fay and I’m so glad I decided to pick up her book, even if it was mid-series. I plan on rectifying that soon which thankfully will give me something to read while I wait for the next in the Dragon Lord series.

Stars: 4.5
I received this book from Netgalley. I was not compensated for the book other than the entertainment it provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I absolutely love to find new fantasy romance worlds to fall in love with. This novel was so deep, fast paced, and I was so disappointed that it had to end!
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This was not what I expected, but I got exactly what I wanted. 

I fully expected a dragon enemies to lovers romance, and I got that. But I didn't expect the fact that it was in space, which added a whole extra layer to unpack. 

Onnika and her sister Caryn have been on their own since they were children. Their past experiences have shown them that no one can be trusted with their deepest secrets. Onnika will do anything to protect her sister, including stealing from their captors. Caryn can determine their next best step, leading them onto a ship captained by a man Onnika had just stolen from.

Aiden never wanted to run this race again, but to protect his people, he has partnered with a dragon prince for the race. Upon finding Onnika and Caryn on his ship, he vows to drop them off at the first stop. However, his attraction and protective nature stop him repeatedly from leaving Onnika and Caryn behind. 

This is a fantastic story that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end.
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I loved reading this book. It was compelling and I didn't put it down until I finished. It was a lovely fast-paced, adventurous romance and I can't wait to read more of her books.
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My rating:  4-1/4 stars!  This was a well written novel.  The character interaction was smart, witty and resourceful.   From start to finish, the book moved swiftly through to a very satisfying conclusion.  This novel had all the right elements of a good book  …good plot line, good character development plus hot steamy scenes!  This is my first outing with this author and I would definitely check her out again!

I would like to thank the author, the publisher and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in return for an honest and unbiased review
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This book really hit the mark with the amount of romance and adventure. Onnika surprised me. I enjoyed her character so much. She was smart and capable, yet loving when it came to family. Aidan was strong and dependable. He also didn't dwell overly on things. I was entranced with the different species and futuristic worlds. The sci-fi aspect is top notch. I can't wait to check out other books in this series. I did notice a couple typos, but it didn't take away from the story.
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I was lucky enough to read the first two books in this series and thoroughly enjoyed them, so when I got the opportunity to read the third, I jumped at the chance. It did not disappoint. In fact, I think these books get better as the series progresses.

This is a fast-paced story with likable characters. An easy read that kept me interested throughout. 

Onnika, the main female character in the book was a strong, bold and always managed to find trouble! I liked the fact that she wasn’t shy and was in your face tough but was not beyond a flirt to get what she needed.

Aiden the was the moody alpha male and although he was hesitant to begin with, he soon became protective of her.

The race they were involved in had plenty of challenges and the different stops were imaginative, as were the other characters. 

This really was a well written story that kept me wanting more. I would definitely recommend this and I cant wait for the next one.
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