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Breakfast with Seneca

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Fiona B, Reviewer

Over the years, I've read snippets here and there about Stoicism and always thought it the most sensible and appealing philosophy to live by. And then moved on to something else.

I didn't realise till reading Breakfast with Seneca how much those snippets and insights have actually affected my entire world view. Reading about the Stoic's 8 core teachings, I felt a strong sense of recognition, of 'well of course, that's the only way to live and be happy.'

And of course, I'm not the only one. Much of what is covered in this book, that originated with the Stoics or Seneca in particular, has found its way into the modern world. Much of it may strike you as plain common sense. Much of it will be very familiar if you read a lot of pyschology or self help books.

In fact, you'll find yourself forgetting that you're reading about an ancient philosopher. Stoicism is as relevant and valid today as it was during the Roman Empire. As Fideler writes, "Seneca's world is our world." We're surrounded with (maybe we ourselves are) consumerists, self-indulgent attention seekers, etc. We are all subject to the basic human drives such as anger, greed, ambition, and so on. Seneca explored the whole range of human emotions and his insights are as relevant today as then, because we're all just people.

One thing I liked about this book is it's so easy to read and digest, either in a few long sittings are in snippets from time to time. Either in concentrated bursts with a lot of reflection or idle reading and rereadings. It's a timeless work that brings stoicism into the present world.

Breakfast With Seneca covers the gamut: friendship, anger, death, grief and more, and ends with some interesting exercises.

Highly recommended.
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