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Remembering the Holocaust and the Impact on Societies Today

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This book is packed full of information on Holocaust, which countries were involved, and how legislation today has viewed hate speech and even Holocaust deniers. The up-to-date information information is a valuable part of this book. The author has done tremendous research and wrote an important and well written book.
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I've read numerous books about the Holocaust over the years, and I was quite impressed with this one.

It's a highly emotional read, though an important one, as the Holocaust is something that should never be forgotten. It's a heartbreaking read in many ways, particularly the realization that the world didn't learn as much from this dark time in history as one would have hoped. This should be recommended reading, as we, as a society, need to do better.
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This was such an interesting and highly emotive read. I am fascinated by the Holocaust, the macabre in general actually but one of the things that really fascinates me is the holocaust and the suffereing that human beings can inflict upon other human beings. 
One of the things that I found really interesting about this book is that it didnt just talk about or blame the Nazis, I mean obviously they are hugely to blame but this book goes into details that others dont do which is to explain about the other people/countries that were also instrumental and grossly abhorant in the holocaust through collusion and attrocities against the Jewish people and other communities. Through the facilitation of the Nazis in business and industry , to refusal to assist the jews as well as cruel, hostile and barbaric crimes against humanity. 
It was interesting to see the dark sides of other nations/groups of people for a period of history where one group of perpetrators is specifically mentioned and it was heatrtbreaking realising that this is still happening in the world to some scale, in relation to the Jewish population, anti semitism still exists, not to that extent but it is still there which just goes to show that the world has learnt nothing from this dark and disturbing era , but also holocausts are still happening all over the world now. 
I dont think that I will ever forget this book.
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This is a clear and concise overview of a difficult subject.  Simon Bell takes as his starting point the Polish government's recent legislation that Poland wasn't responsible for what happened on its territory during World War Two, and then looks at the attitudes and actions of all the countries involved before, during and since the Holocaust, including the impact of Holocaust denial.

Definitely not an easy subject to read about, but this book is well worth reading.  Recommended.

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This book is not for a sensitive heart as this book explores some very dark themes, as you can imagine. And should carry a severe content warning.
'Remembering the Holocaust and the Impact on Societies Today' is a brilliant yet horrendous account of a terrible period in human history.
The author has written a complete account using up to date research and factual based evidence. Pointing the finger where necessary to those guilty of all of its horrors and atrocities.
As the nightmare experiences unfold, no country is left untarnished. And this is what vividly illustrates the uniqueness of this book. I have read plenty of horror books in my time, and seeing the crimes and atrocities mount up filled me with disgust.  But to see how it was not just the Nazis who were guilty is a real eye-opener.
'Remembering the Holocaust and the Impact on Societies Today' should be on every school curriculum and in every library. So we never make the same mistake again.
I found this book extremely interesting and thought-provoking.
Thank you, NetGalley and Pen & Sword, for the ADC of the book.
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