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This book is absolutely bursting full of information, but I think my favourite section was the bit on photography and how best to take photos (and then edit photos) of the Northern Lights and stars. This is something I’ve always wished I could do better so will be keeping this book close by whenever I go out with my camera at night time again!

There is so much history and science facts in this book that I can see myself picking it up a few times to read through different sections again and again
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This book will take me a while to read through as I am not of much as a scientist as I would like to be. The mythology behind the auroras was really interesting and the history of mans recording of the phenonomen . One thing this book did for me is make me want to see the lights NOW . I shall continue enjoying this book until I can travel to see them in person. Inspiring
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Such a fantastic book on everything you've ever wanted to know about the aurora borealis. 
I thought I knew quite a lot about this magical phenomenon, but I was so wrong.
Recommended for everyone who wants to know more, or is traveling to the North to see this light show.
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After living in interior Alaska for 30 years, I thought there was nothing I could learn about the Northern lights.  I was wrong.  The University of Alaska Fairbanks offers many classes on the aurora.  I went through them all and still Tom Kerss has shared a new look at some of the most beautiful naturally occuring phenomenom anyone could see.  So whether you've set in the snow and ice for hours to watch the aurora or just hope to some day, this book is definitely a winner.
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Northern Lights is a rich and extensive guide to the phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis and everything associated with it. Every (pandemic-free) year, hundreds of thousands of people travel to arctic climes with the goal of witnessing the Northern Lights. It is a verified ‘must see’ natural wonder, which has cemented itself on every major bucket list. Many mysteries remain about the behaviour of auroras, but the major facts about their formation have been established. Yet, none of their magic has been eroded. A playful display of the Northern Lights remains an overwhelmingly wonderful sight, even for seasoned aurora-chasers. It is no surprise that, throughout history, they inspired so many creative legends and stories, not just limited to people native to high latitudes. 

In the ancient Greek age of natural philosophy, scrutiny into the origin of the Northern Lights was surprisingly prevalent but constrained by a limited picture of the Earth. Much later, with the scientific revolution in 17th Century Europe, they were discussed extensively, and as knowledge about our planet grew, so too did our understanding of the intimate, unbroken relationship between it and its parent star. Yet, even as polar explorers ventured beneath the auroras, and physicists developed increasingly more sophisticated models for their origin, some aspects continued to puzzle scientists well into the space age. 

This book presents research into the history of the Northern Lights. We’ll see how the Lights were interpreted and studied throughout history, and how key breakthroughs have advanced our understanding of the space weather environment, as well as solar and terrestrial atmospheric physics. Along the way, we’ll meet the important figures – some of whom deserve more credit than they currently receive – that unlocked the mysteries of this strange and beautiful phenomenon through ingenuity of thought and clever technology. A comprehensive guide perfect for both a beginner’s overview and a refresher for those who perhaps want to brush up on their knowledge of the topic, this is a fascinating, authoritative and well-researched book with text complemented by vivid, full-colour photography. Highly recommended.
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This book has all the information you need on northern lights and aurora in general. Myth and legends, early maps and drawings. Northern and southern hemisphere and the difference in colours etc. Fascinating book with many diagrams and photographs. There is also a whole section dedicated to taking photographs, what kit you need, speed, light, settings, special effects such as silhouette and even light-room techniques.  All you ever need to know is here in this book. Thank you #NetGalley for the copy to review.
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