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Another Louise Allen good read, I have really enjoyed all her books and this one really pulls at the heart strings.

The story of a  young boy who has been ignored and neglected since birth.  But he is such a likable child and
with the help of a good social worker, Louise tries her best to help.
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My thanks to #Netgalley and #Mirrorbooks for the opportunity to read this book.
 What a heartbreaking read. I hadn’t read any of the ‘Thrown away children’ series but I will definitely look for the other books that have been written.
An excellent book well written and thought provoking. A must read.
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What a cruel but wonderful book this is - Jacob is found living in squalor in a dogs bed. He goes to live with Louise a foster carer who has her own children. Thanks to her and Mary a social worker Jacob starts to meet a lot of his milestones. He is happy and secure for the first time in his short life. Throughout the story, you can feel the tenacity of Louise, when Mary retires the children coming into the care system will be bereft without her. They are portrayed as the right people who care enough to do the best they can for children who have nobody on their side.
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Another must read by Louise Allen.  Read it in one was well written as always.  Poor Jacob.  What a life he led before being placed in the care of Louise and her family.  With support she can try to help him cope in the world. I definitely  recommend if you like this genre of book. 

Thanks to #NetGalley for the advance copy in return for an honest review
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When the RSPA turn up at a deserted farmhouse after a tip off about neglected animals the officer is shocked  to find a small boy curled up in a dog basket. Jacob is nearly five but cannot do anything apart from curl up where he is.. Mary, the social worker who becomes involved is approaching retirement & if this is to be her last case she knows exactly who she wants on her side to foster Jacob.- Louise Allen who has come from a 'looked after' background.. Louise, along with Dara, the social worked who oversees her fostering & Mary do everything in their power to try & give Jacob the opportunity to fulfil his potential in spite of the hurdles from the system & the difficulties for Louise in juggling her own family- especially adopted Lily who still struggles with her own history..

Louise Allen's series of books are always a heart breaking but life affirming read. In spite of all the hoops & red tape it is wonderful to see there are people out there who are willing to give children a better start in life. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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A great read that starts with an RSPCA officer in her way to a farm, after a report of animal neglect. Upon arrival she finds a little boy called Jacob, curled up in a dog bed, unable to move or speak.
Although this book obviously starts as heart breaking, the book is actually full of hope, and follows Jacob's journey over the next 6 months as his life changes.
Also pin points a lot or problems within the Social Care system which you can't help but get annoyed at.
Great book, and in my opinion not too brutal if you struggle to read these kind of books if they aren't too brutal/explicit.
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A touching and heart breaking story. I was captivated from the first chapter. The people were wonderfully represented through the writing. I shared in their trials and tribulations throughout. This book takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions, you will cheer along with Louise and Jacob and cry along with them too. A story about struggle and perseverance after profound neglect. A touching, well written read.
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Another really interesting book from Louise Allen. It tells the story of a boy called Jacob, who is found living in a dog bed under a kitchen table on a remote farm, by an RSPCA inspector investigating reports of animal cruelty. It also tells the story of Mary, a soon-to-be-retired social worker, who is determined to make sure her department does the very best for Jacob, even if this doesn't mean always taking the cheapest option. 

I was a bit confused by this statement at the beginning (see below) because the author states that the books are based on true events.

Publisher's note: All individuals featured in this book, other than the author and her family, are fictionalised. Any resemblance to actual persons, living ar dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental. 

These types of book are always changed to protect those involved, as they should be, but I think it's the idea that only Louise and her family are real, that bothered me, largely because of Mary. As someone who trained to be a social worker but never practised (because of my own experiences during training, of the awful system I'd be working in) and instead went into education, I really hope there are Marys out there and that I was just unfortunate not to meet any. I can be reassured though, that Louise Allen is real and that she clearly will do anything within her power to provide the very best for the children in her care.

I would love to think that Jacob's story is a work of fiction, but sadly, I found it all too believable.
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This is where Jacob is found on a farm
He was in neglect and he was asleep with a dog in amongst filth
He arrives in the Allen household
And they give him there support that he needs
I had an ARC
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Jacobs story is both heart-wrenching and heart warming in equal measure. Jacob is a little boy who has been neglected for the first 5 years of his life before being found by an RSPCA inspector and subsequently taken into care. He is written off by the doctors but his Social Worker has other ideas.

As a survivor of the care system myself, who was not as lucky as Jacob, I wish I had a social worker like this, who was willing to fight and bend the rules to ensure Jacob got the care he needed and then a foster carer like Louise who gave him all the time and care he needed too.

Jacobs story is sadly more common than people realise, and many like his first fostered who were only interested in the money (my own included). So I am glad Louise has written his story to make people aware.

I would love to know how Jacob is doing now, 

Well written and engaging throughout.
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I’d like to thank Mirror Books and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘Jacob’s Story’ another in the ‘Thrown Away Children’ series written by Louise Allen, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

The RSPCA receive a report of animal maltreatment at Five Stones Farm and when one of their officers visits she’s shocked to find a boy aged around four years lying curled up in a dog basket on the floor.  She calls Social Services who reluctantly take the boy, Jacob, into care and a temporary foster home is found for him with Louise and Lloyd Allen.  

‘Jacob’s Story’ is the heart-breaking account of Jacob and the hoops Louise Allen has to jump through to get Jacob the best care possible for a young boy who’s had such an appalling start in life.  The first time Jacob’s taken to see a children’s health specialist they’re told to keep him warm and give him milk because he’ll never amount to anything but Louise intends to prove them wrong.  She isn’t alone in her endeavours as Social Workers Mary and Dara are at her side every step of the way to ensure Jacob reaches his full potential.  The last few chapters are damning in how under-resourced Social Services are and the poor financial remuneration foster carers receive despite the majority of them not doing the job for the money. This is in parts a shocking eye-opener of how foster parents have to fight for the children in their care but it’s also a story of an amazing young boy who’s growing up to be as independent as his condition allows and I wish him a wonderful future. This is another inspiring and tear-jerking story by Ms Allen that’s left me with a lump in my throat and my best wishes for her future fostering; the children are so lucky to have her in their corner.
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My first book by this author and I found it to be a heartbreaking story of how some children live in such squalor and neglect and sometimes social services don't always intervene.Unfortunately this still happens in this day and age which is truly upsetting. Although I can't say I enjoyed the book because of the suffering of a child but it was very well written and quite emotional in places. I would definitely recommend this book.
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This is the first one of louises books I have read and I will now be reading the previous ones. Jacobs story is an absolutely heartbreaking story, highlighting the injustices of the social care system and the poor conditions that too many children are born into. Very well written and definitely worth reading
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This is a heart wrenching storyline. Makes my heart break because Jacobs story is one of many that happens around the country. 
This book was rather emotional but I enjoyed it
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Jacob's Story by Louise Allen

A hearbreaking story of children that are found living in extremely horrendous conditions , and not being cared for in the way you'd expect for every child . Whilst parts of ' Jacobs ' story may be an amalgamation of other foster children stories, it doesn't take away the care & love and time spent on them by kind , loving foster parents.
It is not a book you can say you have enjoyed due to the suffering of children , but it is a book that gives you an insight to the happenings of what fostering can all be about.
Foster parents - I take my hat off to you.
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This is another book from Louise Allen telling the story of one of the many foster children that have passed through her doors.
 Like many of the children that Louise and her husband foster, Jacob’s start in life is traumatic. A story that reads like it’s from the 1950s not recent years. However with the right support from dedicated social workers and a specialist foster carer, he goes on to thrive. 
 Thank you Louise and your family for everything you do to support children like Jacob – I just wish there were more Mary’s out there! 

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