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Rescuing Titanic

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This graphic novel provides a quick yet beautiful and informative insight to how the Carpathia saved 705 passengers from the sinking Titanic ship, and from a certain tragic death in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Each page was stunningly illustrated with full-page artwork that fully brought this infamous and tragic maritime event to vivid life. The text that accompanied each sketch managed to be brief and yet also provided all of the necessary details. 

I have read a handful of non-fiction books and watched a number of documentaries relating to this event, and yet have never seen a graphic guide to it before. The format, along with the purely fact-based accompanying text, makes learning about this historical event accessible to many. 

I also thought the focus on the Carpathia, rather than solely on the Titanic, provided some information that many other sources do not also feature. I appreciated how its lens remained there and also revealed far more than just the tragic facts. Its initial focus was on a variety of related knowledge, such as the morse code used to communicate, an overview of the crew on-board the Carpathia, and how they navigated the vessel. I enjoyed learning about these areas before the harrowing tale of the Titanic sinking and the bravery shown by the Captain, Arthur Rostron, and the crew of the Carpathia was revealed.
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As someone who knows quite a bit about the Titanic, I appreciate how this book focuses on a part of the story often side-lined - The Carpathia and its heroes.

The contents of the book is detailed from the offset (explaining how ships work, how they find other ships, technology of the day), but still accessible enough for children to read and understand. 

It is beautifully illustrated, educational and would fit just as well in a school library as it would on a coffee table. 

I received an e-copy, but I recommend and will myself be purchasing a physical copy of the book to see the wonderful illustrations up close.

* Thank you to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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