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The Secrets of Hawthorn Place

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I have never read a book by this author before but was intrigued by the cover and the synopsis. I love dual time period novels.

The story starts with Molly, a young somewhat spoiled woman who has been dumped by her boyfriend and seems to feel that everyone else is responsible for her needs and happiness. So far not a great start for a character, but I am happy to say she grew on me throughout the book. Molly runs home to her mom and step-dad, but they are unable to take her in as they have booked a house swap vacation, so off she goes to her grandfather’s house, Hawthorn Place in Dorset. While in Dorset she discovers through an intriguing twist an identical house to Hawthorn house, only this house is in Norfolk. Through researching the mystery of the two houses. Molly gets the chance to broaden her horizons and most importantly grow up.

I really enjoyed the magical element and the two time periods of this novel, plus the arts and crafts era was such an interesting time in history and architecture. I recommend this book for someone looking for a fun, historical, magical read for a lovely fall day.

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher Headline Accent and the author for a chance to read and review this book.
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The secrets of hawthorn place by Jenni Keer. 
When life throws Molly Butterfield a curveball, she decides to spend some time with her recently widowed granddad, Wally, at Hawthorn Place, his quirky Victorian house on the Dorset coast.
But cosseted Molly struggles to look after herself, never mind her grieving granddad, until the accidental discovery of an identical Arts and Crafts house on the Norfolk coast offers her an unexpected purpose, as well as revealing a bewildering mystery.
Discovering that both Hawthorn Place and Acacia House were designed by architect Percy Gladwell, Molly uncovers the secret of a love which linked them, so powerful it defied reason.
A good read with good characters. I did find the historical bit slow. 4*.
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What a gorgeous story, I loved reading this from when we first met temperamental Molly to the very last page. A story full of love, hope and forgiveness spanning from late 1800's to present day.

When Molly arrives at her Grandad's as broken and temperamental as him she has no idea of the magic that is at her finger tips and how the history of Hawthorn Place combined with her discovery will totally change her outlook on life.

Once again Jenni Keer has written a wonderful story, that just sweeps you along and leaves you longing to read late into the night. I loved the historical elements and the way the romance is wound within the two significant houses in this story. 

A superb read from start to finish and one that will leave you wanting to know more as I was nowhere near ready for this to end.
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In this book there were different time lines and different characters, so thought I was going to get lost but it was surprisingly easy to keep up, all the characters were very well written and I did enjoy this book and got hooked quite easily
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I loved this magical dual timeline story with its two houses and four fabulous characters. I wasn’t sure about Molly to begin with and enjoyed Percy’s story much more - as she grew in character though, I found myself routing for her and loved how she became invested in the history of the house.
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This multilayered story with love at its centre and a myriad of everyday and magical occurrences draws the reader into two believably created worlds. In the present day, Molly returns to her family when her relationship fails, she is difficult to warm to initially, but her character development is satisfying as the story progresses. Taken to a late Victorian world, the reader sees the constraints of society and the pain of true love evident for Percy, an architect and his true love.

Two houses in Dorset and Norfolk are the setting for this dual timeline story. There's intrigue, magic and self-realisation as Molly uncovers family secrets and finds herself in the process. Cleverly crafted relatable characters, vividly described settings rich in contemporary and historical detail make this lovely story a resonating reading experience.

I received a copy of this book from Headline Accent via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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What a marvelous read!.  A timeless story involving two architect-designed houses, two couples, and two eras.  

Molly goes to stay at her recently widowed Granddads home, the beautiful Hawthorn Place in Dorset,  She sets 

off on a journey of self-discovery and finds out what is important in life . There is magic in the air. with the 

Language of Flowers. passed down through the years. Love is never to be taken for granted.

This book is full of romance, secrets, and mystery. I enjoyed the story immensely.
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I loved this book. It's a dual-narrative with both the Victorian and contemporary elements captivating me and thoroughly pulling me in. The characters were really well-drawn and as a reader, I quickly fell in love with them all, screeching when Molly was spending time with Harrison and willing her to get back Acacia House. The use of two Art and Crafts houses on the Dorset and Norfolk coasts as the setting also really appealed – I adore William Morris – and I found Molly's method of travelling between the two, quirky and endearing. Who wouldn't love to make such a marvellous discovery? The book was fast-paced, indeed it had me racing to get back to it, and I loved watching all the characters grow. The author writes both strands of romance in an insightful way, indeed she covers a range of human experience with a deft but empathetic touch, and I felt true satisfaction as we reached the resolution and saw how Percy's life had panned out and the decisions that Molly and Rory make. This novel has it all, romance, history, mystery and magic, all told in a light-hearted style that makes this a beautiful easy and satisfying read. Highly recommended.
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Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a free ARC of this book. I have chosen to write this honest review voluntarily.
The book starts with Molly in the present day; I thought her character was very well-drawn with all the behaviours expected of her generation - focused on her image within social media, unable to perform the basics of home management and an expectation that the support of others will always carry her through. (Don't get me wrong, whilst I am of an older generation, I have experience of educating young people and this overarching example was perfect). There are several very cleverly - written strands to the story, around Molly's development, the building of the houses, the love story in the past, the present-day romance and the paranormal element. I loved it, recommend it as brilliantly - crafted, and intend to follow this author from now on.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

Absolutely loved this book. A very fast paced read. 

Molly, in the present, now at her parents house, after going through a bad breakup. Her mother is thinking that maybe visiting her grandad will take her mind if what’s happened. 

Then we have Lucy and Violet from a  hundred years ago, as the story progresses we learn how the three of them relate to each other. 

Hooked in by both timelines and the mystery surrounding it all. The setting was lovely of Dorset coast and the way the storyline flowed was lovely. 

I felt that a lot of feelings were put into writing this book. Leaving me with a smile on my face when I finished it.

Highly Recommend This.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this dual timeline story about two houses 200 miles apart that are connected, as we read we find out the secrets and the magic that connects the two.
Found Molly at the start expecting hand outs and help from her step father but further on in the book she learns how to stand on her own two feet and also be there for her grandad to help him out of his grief.
Some lovely characters in this book with a little bit of magic thrown in, I really enjoyed it
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I usually love a dual timeline read but I found this one disappointing. I couldn’t get attached to the characters and the use of a door to link the stories, I found confusing.
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I was really excited to read this book but, unfortunately it didn’t do anything for me. I disliked the main character immensely she was always moaning and miserable and it made me uncomfortable to read it. I finally gave up at about 40%. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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This book sounded like the perfect holiday read and just what I was looking for. Sadly it didn't work for me. I found it hard to relate to Molly and just found her annoying and I struggled to get into the story. I DNF at 30%
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This book is absolutely wonderful! I was well and truly captivated by the intriguing and mysterious story. 

I loved the dual time element of this book, the more I read the more I didn’t want to put this book down. 
Alongside a plot that was ever changing, I was hooked! 

The setting was beautiful, the characters were unique and unforgettable and the story was enchanting. This is definitely up there as one of the best books that i have read. It’s got a special place in my heart . Just amazing! 

I felt every emotion throughout this book. So many powerful and heartwarming moments. 

The perfect cosy autumn book. Light some candles, make a warm drink, grab a blanket and escape into this wonderfully, enchanting story
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Set in Dorset and Norfolk this is a charming novel set in two houses in the 1890s and present day. There is fascinating period detail of the Arts and Crafts style and the language of flowers that was understood by the Victorians. It is essentially a heartwarming  story about the power of love to overcome obstacles. I found the main character, Molly, rather overdone at the start, but she developed into a more credible character as the book progressed. Definitely a feelgood read.
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This book just started off bad for me. The main character was completely unlikeable. Very whiney and wanted to blame everyone else for her laziness. Wanted to ask her parents for money and yet blame them for the way the world is. I'm sorry but I just can't read stuff like that. So, unfortunately I didn't get very far into the book. I don't finish books that I can't get into within the first chapter.
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I thought this book was fascinating and original, despite initially finding the heroine difficult to relate to. As the story unfolded, her character changed and I soon became engrossed in the book. I loved the mystery and magic surrounding the two houses and couldn’t wait to unravel it. This is one of those books that leaves you pondering it’s message and thinking about the nature of love.
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This book seriously ticked so many of my “what I love in a book list”, it’s such a brilliant storyline and idea, so different and a little quirky, it’s what I enjoy to read - I adore books that are a little magical and mysterious. 
Straight away I was caught up in the duel timeline stories, and I liked how they flowed between the past and present happenings. 
Molly at the start isn’t someone I particularly liked, but as the book progresses I found myself becoming attached to her and by the end I was definitely a fan. It was a clever story that intrigued me and had me thinking about the characters, even when I had dragged myself away from reading it! 
I won’t go into much detail, there are secrets that you have to find out as you read, and I don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of finding them out! 
Just to say that this book was perfect for me, and I just love it so so much!
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My thanks to netgalley for the ARC. it is a dual time read. I do love these books. it is Now & 1896. Molly in the 'now' has been dumped by her boyfriend. He has thrown her out of the flat they shared as he moved a new girlfriend in. She goes home to her Mum & Step Dad but they are going on holiday so she can not stay. Molly does not know anything about her biological father, her Mum has never told her. She goes to stay with her grandfather, who needs help as her Grandmother had died a few months before

I have mixed feelings about this. It began very well and was easy to read. After a few chapters, it seemed very tedious and was hard going. The way that Molly got from her grandfathers house in Dorset to an identical house in Norfolk was a bit silly, but I hoped all would be revealed later in the story. Which it was.

It was an enjoyable read.
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