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2022 Guide to the Night Sky

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This is a fantastic guide to use. It's was so useful. It is packed full of everything you will need to watch the night sky. I especially loved all the brilliant diagrams to help with positioning. Everything was explained in full in easy to understand language. There was brilliant month by month tables with significant events and which day is best to view them. This book can save lots of time as they have done all the research for you. I loved the glossary at the end as sometimes you just forget the meaning of words like I do lol. What I also loved about the book is the price it's so affordable. Saving time equals more time doing other things like reading more books. 

Many thanks to the authors and publishers for producing this wonderful and insightful guide that is perfect for all star watchers.
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Night sky comes alive 
Teaching reader about our beautiful stunning solar system
Extremely informative 
By time finish this book you will know every star etc in the sky
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This book is well laid out (in the main) and I found it attractive to look at. It is a handy little book to guide you to areas of interest in the sky each month. Also it will be helpful to those who have little astronomical knowledge, as it guides the reader in locating constellations and specific stars.
The diagrams are very clear and easy to follow, and the photographs enhance the reading experience.
It will make a lovely gift for someone with any hint of interest in sky watching, or for yourself.
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The 2022 Guide To The Night Sky.
I've been fortunate, like I said to get access to these books and they never disappoint as they offer the rookie astronomer reading them an insight into the skies above for the year ahead, and does it so well.

Giving us comprehensive guides to the stars for the year, this book covers every month with incredible detail throughout, giving us calendars, maps of the skies, and a glossary that includes the language you'll need to know to get the most out of this book and is a perfect book for someone who maybe is just getting started, or just wants to know when to sit in the garden for a meteor shower.

I love the maps, which make it easy to find the horizon and to find what you're looking for, I love how easy this book is to figure out when and what things are happening above us and I look forward to finding out what is coming next year, as these guides always are accurate and I've never been disappointed.
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It''s an informative book, it shows you how the star will appear in the different seasons and what will happen.
There's a lot of information and maps.
It you are interested in astronomy it's a must read.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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