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This is the first novel I've read by Beth Morrey and I found it to be an engaging and joyful read full of interesting characters and with a feelgood plot. Single mother Delphine lives with her widowed father and her 11 year old daughter Em. Since the death of her mother and her pregnancy at the age of 17 Delphine's life has been on hold. Working at a cafe to make ends meet she abandoned her academic dreams and is focused on caring for Em and her father. A new job, blossoming friendships and new hobbies open up Delphine's world and give her the confidence to begin to realise her dreams. This was a lovely read, I really rooted for Delphine and loved the cast of characters including Roz, the teacher who inspires Delphine and Letty the older woman who helps Delphine reconnect with her roots. Beth Morrey shows real love for her characters and writes with ease and empathy. Recommended and I can't wait to read the author's next novel.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this digital ARC.
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Em and Me by Beth Morrey was one of my most anticipated books of 2022 and, I have to say, I absolutely LOVED everything about it.

This book is a total joy from start to finish. It put such a huge smile on my face! From all the fantastic characters and their uplifting personal journeys to the little touches of humour, the music and the wonderful warmth in the writing, I loved every second.

Delphine’s life has not been easy and she’s stuck in a rut that she’s not at all happy with. But we see how she takes control of her own destiny by pushing herself out of her comfort zone, with several strong nudges from her gorgeous, brilliant and precocious 11 year old daughter, Em.

There’s so much love and friendship in here shining from each and every character. I think Letty, the outrageous octogenarian that Delphine agrees to practise French conversation with, was my favourite of Delphine’s new friends but actually I loved them all.

I read that the Bookseller predicted that “Joy” would be a huge theme in next year’s fiction books and, if they’re anything like this one, I am totally here for it – have all the stars!

With thanks to Harper Collins for gifting me a digital copy to review.
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An enjoyable story with lovely characters. The mother/daughter relationship was well written and very poignant but I also really enjoyed the relationship between Em and her father which had real depth
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This book was not my usual genre. But I did enjoy reading it. I did prefer the authors first book.  But this one is also highly recommended. 
There was a lot going on in the book and sometimes I had to flick back and remind myself. 
However, the book was very well written and tugged at my heartstrings In places 
I loved the friendship between the women 
This is recommended and I will look out for more by the same author
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Loveable characters and a really captivating storyline, both in the past and present perspectives. So many different topics were covered within, ranging from the highest celebratory highs, to the lowest rock bottom lows. All were written so beautifully that it truly felt like I was truly with Fifi on her journey. I would have loved an epilogue to find out a bit more about everyone's futures, but I'd definitely still recommend this book to others.
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Em & Me by Beth Morrey 📖⠀⠀
🌟 Big-hearted, hopeful & uplifting! This novel & these characters have stolen a big piece of my heart ❤️⠀
🌟The growth Delphine goes through is inspiring, Em is a loveable booksmart meddler, Roz is the teacher every pupil deserves & Letty is nothing short of absolutely fabulous.⠀
🌟Brimming with book references that won't fail to put a grin on your face or in my case a fair few oops I haven't read that yets 😂⠀
🌟Its heavier topics are dealt with the up most sensitivity & respect they deserve.⠀
🌟I loved Saving Missy so was dubious whether this novel would meet my lofty expectations but I needed have worried it met & in many ways surpassed my expectations. ⠀
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this gem 💎! ⠀
Disclaimer: A huge thanks to Harper Collins & NetGalley for sending me this title for an honest & unbiased review.
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Thank you to the publisher, netgalley and the author for allowing me to read this eARC, I feel so blessed to be able to have critical conversations about great books and recommend books to my book club. 

This is a work of art, I loved the details that were so realistic between the mother and the daughter, I felt like I was inside the novel and it was so compelling. I have never read from this author before but I fell in love with her writing style so I will be reading more in the future.
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There was a time when Delphine had dreams and ambitions for herself and her daughter Em but now she’s a single mum, working in a cafe and barely making ends meet. But when she has the chance to step outside of her little life, she finally finds the space to find herself again. This heartwarming novel features some fantastic characters, namely the bookish 11-year-old Em and the cantankerous, fascinating Letty. Ultimately, it is a simple story about a normal woman trying to do the best with what she has but it is very thoughtful and uplifting. Beth Morrey has a wonderful charming style and I finished it, full of hope.
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I was hoping and praying that I would enjoy Beth Morrey's second book as much as her first and I am pleased to say I adored it! What a story and what a set of characters. From the grumpy but affluent Letty to the caring and nurturing Rosa this book is packed with characters you can't help but love. Em is certainly a chip off the block and her relationship with Delphine was beautiful, both very intelligent and caring women. I couldn't help but cry on a few occasions when reading this one!
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Another excellent book by Beth Morrey.

I loved Saving Missy and this has the same feel, despite the story being very different. Beth creates characters for the reader to care about. Grief has hurt Delphine and her dad, and they need to move forward with their lives.

I loved how the love of books runs through the story, as Emily and Delphine enjoy reading. Letty was my favourite character - and what a fabulous character she is.

Thank you for the opportunity to read and review.
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Oh what a beautiful story. Em and Me is a wonderful, emotional love story between mother and daughter. 
This was one of our Tsundoku Squad reads for the month and I loved it from the very beginning. 
A story of understanding why things happen in our lives and what we need to do to make things better for ourselves and our loved ones. 
With strong and determined female characters, this warm and uplifting story is a delight to read.
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Beth Morrey is definitely going on my list of authors not to miss.  She know how to weave a story together and when you think you know what’s happening she throws a curveball.  Delphine is struggling to keep her head above water but with a change of job her luck begins to change with the help of an inspirational teacher of her daughter’s she begins to start living her life and thinking of the future for her and her incredibly intelligent daughter Em. With the secrets of her past catching up with her can they ever get a fresh start? Really great read with some fantastic characters
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I enjoyed this but I do think it needed a bit more work , especially on the characters which seemed to lack depth at times. However, I loved it’s message that it’s never too late to make a change and  itsok to need and ask for help, this isn’t always covered as well as it is in this book. Overall 3.5 stars, it’s a debut so I do think with work this could easily be a 5 star read

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Producing a second book with the uplifting qualities and emotional impact of Saving Missy must have been an immense challenge – and it must have been a tremendous temptation to remain in similar territory, with a quirky older heroine and the interactions that change the direction of her life. But the author didn’t do that – instead her heroine is Delphine, a young mother struggling with life, wanting only to make sure that her daughter Em has the opportunities that evaded her when she became pregnant at 16 and had to give up on her own hopes and dreams.

Em has the same love of books and passion for life that her mother once had – until her life took a series of turns that forced a change of course. One of those was the loss of her vibrant French mother – and as well as daughter Em, she now cares for her father who has withdrawn from life and is still consumed by grief many years later. There’s very little money – and things take a turn for the worse when she loses her barista job at the cafe and her main source of income. But another opportunity comes up – working as a waitress at Merhaba, her daughter’s favourite coffee shop run by a wonderful Eritrean couple who show her real kindness – and she begins to really live her life rather than going through the motions, rediscovering the strength within her that she’d kept buried for so long.

This whole book is packed with the most wonderful characters, and moments that you feel in your heart. The relationship between Delphine and Em is quite beautifully drawn, and you can feel the love between them – and Em herself is a very real teen but with the wisdom at times of someone twice her age, sometimes rather better at adulting than her mother. The situation with her grieving father is wonderfully drawn too – the emotional connection between them, his inability to cope with his memories, the exchanges and interactions that tear at your heart. But as Delphine begins to live her life, a whole cast of characters cross her path and enable her to change and grow. Her former English teacher Roz becomes a friend and urges her on when she decides to return to her studies and get the qualifications she missed out on – and she introduces her to Sanjay and Dylan, who in turn invite her to sing with their band (I really loved this storyline…), belting out the classic songs that her mother loved. And then there’s Letty – an elderly (and rather outrageous – but magnificent) lady who finds Delphine when looking for someone with whom to practice her French conversation, and helps extend the narrowed boundaries of her life.

Emotionally, this book is simply perfect – there were certainly times I cried, but there are also times when it’s extremely funny (often involving Letty), and the whole story has exceptional warmth, overflowing with love and uplifting moments that can’t help but bring a smile to your face and an ache to your heart. I engaged particularly strongly with Delphine, urging her on when her courage sometimes wavered, desperately wanting her life to continue improving, wanting her to live her best life. I enjoyed too the insights into Delphine’s early life – the experiences that shaped her and took away her confidence, woven quite perfectly into the story, only making you feel for her even more. And every single relationship in this book is beautifully drawn, along with the impact the individuals have on her life – the supportive friendships, the challenges and fierce love of family, along with the beginnings of a romance I really believed in.

This is such a life-affirming read, inspiring and full of hope, quite beautifully written, and I loved every moment – recommended very highly to all.
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Having adored Morrey’s debut Saving Missy, I’ve been waiting in restless anticipation of this, her second novel, for two years. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely!  In Em & Me, Morrey has created yet another spellbinding story of friendships and second chances, with characters that worm their way into your heart and prose so dazzling it makes your eyes hurt. 

Delphine is a single mum to 11 year-old Em, the daughter she gave birth to at the age of just 17. They live with Delphie’s widowed dad, a man still locked in grief after 15 years. As the breadwinner and lynchpin of this small family, Delphie’s life is a daily grind for survival; a colorless existence devoid of joy. Until, that is, one small act of rebellion sets her on a course of at first tentative, then reckless, joyous transformation.  

In the most unexpected way, Delphie finds herself forging new friendships, reprising long buried talents and ambitions, and like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, unfolding her wings and taking flight. And in so doing, she effects transformation not just in herself but in her father and in Em and in the lives of everyone she touches. 

The dual timeline works beautifully, giving us insight into Delphie’s teenage years as a gifted student with glittering prospects, and her ill-fated romance with fellow student Adam. We learn of the sacrifices she makes to keep her baby and the guilt she carries over her mother’s death. All of which makes her a hugely sympathetic protagonist.

There are also secrets and mysteries to unravel, which add an extra frisson to an already absorbing tale. 

As in Saving Missy, Morrey’s characterization is sublime. Here, once again, she presents a cast of unforgettable individuals. All of them unique, all of them wonderful, all of them drawn from the rich tapestry that makes up humankind. I loved them all. 

But it is not individuals that sit at the heart of this novel; it is the connections that bind them — love in all its forms; the kindness of strangers; and friendship, especially that found in the unlikeliest of places.  

I’m already looking forward to Morrey’s next offering, even if I do have to wait another two years.
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This story opens with an incredibly gripping first chapter. It hooked me in right away, wanting to know more about the main character and her life, her history and where this was all going. 

It was such an easy read but also with great depth. At its core it’s the story of a mother and daughter, but it’s so much more. It’s hopeful and heartwarming, celebrating real personal growth. It’s also beautifully written!
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Deeply moving….. A big-hearted, hopeful novel about finding second chances – and taking them.  The author wrote a story that was interesting and moved at a pace that kept me engaged. The characters were easy to invest in. Simply lovely!
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I loved Beth Morrey's debut novel "Saving Missy" so I was eager to read her new book "Em & Me". It definitely didn't disappoint. 

What I enjoy most about this author's writing is her ability to create quirky characters that you can't help but love.

This story is emotional, funny and uplifting.  Definitely to be read with a box of tissues to hand.
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A great book that explores people taking second chances at life. Sad in places but turns out old in the end. Lovely well written book.
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I've been sitting staring at this page for a while, because I can't figure out how to review this book. It's not a romcom; it's not a thriller; it's not meant as an inspirational, although it is quite. It's something all of its own, this book.

These trigger warnings are spoilers, so read at your own risk: arguably non consensual relationship between a teacher and pupil; death of a(n elderly) character.)

I loved this book. It's beautiful. Delphine just never gives up, she keeps plugging away even when things look grim. Em is clever, if slightly alarming, and I love the group of friends she builds around herself as the story moves on. I don't want to give too much away by mentioning names, but they were all fantastic, and I loved the oldest one the most. I did cry several times during this! Make of that what you will.

I can't really say this has an overall plot. It's a year, more or less, in Delphine's life - a fairly tumultuous year, which she finishes in a very different place than she started it. I enjoyed watching along as things change for her. There are frequent flashbacks, but I never found them jarring or confusing, as can sometimes happen.

Definitely buy this as soon as it's available. Also buy some tissues, because if you're anything like me you will cry.
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