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Thank you for the ARC in return an honest review. 
Unfortunately I could not even finish this book. It started strong, but quickly turned boring & disappointing. I was not a fan of their characters.
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher HQ, HQ Digital, for the electronic copy.

Now this is a chillingly atmospheric thriller.  What it reminded me of immediately was the cult folk horror movie "The Wicker Man" (1976) (British Lion Films).

PC Michael Prescott resigns from his force following his involvement in an avoidable riot.  At the same time he receives a message from Green Acres' hospital to say his father Thomas had died; he'd been involved in a fire.  Michael's older sister Bella (a psychic who's only goal is to help people) refuses to go back to their childhood village.  She has a fairly simple life living in her caravan in a seaside town.  Michael and partner Lucy have a shaky relationship but he promises they will talk about their future when he returns as he heads off hundreds of miles away on his motorbike to Green Acres to make arrangements for his father and try to discover what exactly happened to him.  His aunt and uncle still live there and make him welcome - he settles into his father's house (which is still standing) and tries to discover what happened.  His father didn't die IN a fire - he was ON fire - but no one seems worried about investigating any further, except to say that he had been suffering from dementia.

There's a new commune in situ just outside the village; the phone lines are always unreliable; he's told of local break-ins and the blame rests solely on outsiders.

Green Acres has a rich history involving witchcraft (some of the narrative covering this is, I thought, too lengthy).
Then weird things start to happen.  Once she'd learned of her father's death Bella cannot shake her blinding headaches and experiences terrifying hallucinations.  Michael starts to experience similar things - including a break-in and his mobile phone being taken.

When a property developer is found smouldering in the village square - well, what next?

Despite the set-backs Michael continues to try to solve the mystery of his father's death, whilst Bella's waking nightmares lead her to engage the help of her friend Ashley to take her to Green Acres - she's sure her brother is in danger.

Can they get there in time to save him?  

There are lots of tense and creepy moments in this, although I didn't much care for Michael's character - a bit of a wimp one would say - until the twists come and you start to understand what's going on.

An horrific ending - but look out for the final twist!
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"A scream cut through the night as they watched flames engulf the woodland. Fire ripped through the trees, leaving only charred branches behind. And then they saw it… on the ashen forest floor… was a body." - GoodReads 

Did you get goosebumps reading that? I know I sure did! 

I am so excited for The Family Lie to hit shelves on September 17, so I can purchase a couple of copies for my reading group. 

The storyline was fluid, the chapters perfectly narrated and characters so well developed, you loved to hate them! I was not a huge fan of Mitch and I found him to be a bit repetitive and annoying BUT I thoroughly enjoyed his sister Bella. 

At times I did find this novel to be a bit predictable but it did not ruin the story at all. The twist was a bit out of left field but it contributed to the story and left me completely satisfied when it concluded. 

If you are a fan of family drama thrillers, this is the book for you!
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I don't think I've ever known such a powerful start to a book, and when Mitch discovers how his father died has some shocking and hard hitting moments. Bella is a great character and I enjoyed her moments. This definitely has some unique moments, and I don't think I've read a book involving cults before. If you fancy reading something very unusual, and quite different, this is the book for you.
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This was an interesting read, but the plottwist might be a bit farfetched for some. I must admit I didn’t really care much for Mitch and found his sister Bella much more interesting.  But nevertheless an entertaining story.
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An enjoyable thriller that I loved reading. It was gripping and captivating I couldnt put it down. A really good book
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Thank you HQ Digital, NetGalley and Author for this gripping suspense novel!

I read Her Husbands Grave and when seen a new release I had to get it. 
A fast paced, spine tingling read that will have you holding your breath with every twist and turn of the plot.
Mitch I loved his character. Going back home to bury his father after a fire accident he discovers this .at not have been an accident after all! And when no will in his old small town will talk to him about it..... Weird things start happening to Mitch! Did his father discover something that would have gotten him killed?
This story was amazing! And had me hooked from beginning to end. 
The writing flowed effortlessly and the story was packed with mystery and twists as it spiralled its way to a compelling climax!
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Gripping, thrilling, suspenseful. Drew me in and couldn't put it down, literally! Finished in one day. Highly recommended.
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#TheFamilyLie by #PLKane 

⏩for synopsis 

Ahh so I really tried hard with this one as I just felt like there was a good story bubbling away about to get going any moment… but I got to around 40% of the way through and well by now we really should have been getting into the nitty gritty by now right? 

So it starts out strong with a good hook; your desperate for more information - how does that happen? What’s going on etc? With all the hints of witchcraft and cults made it all very interesting reading and then you meet Mitch and it goes a bit pants. 

So Mitch is the main character and he a police officer and he is going to investigate his dads death, lovely you think, except Mitch comes across as a bit of a knob tbh and I found it very hard to gel with him. His attitude stinks, his sarcasm inappropriate and just his whole getting off his face drunk / acceptance of things just didn’t ring true for me. But I persevered as some things do take time but I’m sad to say at 40% of the way in my feeling haven’t changed, he was plain doing my head in and his investigation was at zero points. 

Now, Mitch’s sister Bella parts of the story, I loved - being in touch with the spirts etc I really enjoyed, found it refreshing and felt it was definitely leading up to something good but as I say there just wasn’t enough overall to make me carry on to find out what, which is a shame. 

I found overall the writing to a bit haphazard with inserts of information not really having any context and felt it was trying really hard to be something but I’m not sure what. It had promise, but just didn’t work out for me unfortunately. 

As always this is just my opinion guys…

With thanks to #HQStories and #Netgalley for allowing us to read this one early! 

-Emily @the_book_girls_1
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I am afraid this novel was just not my cup of tea. Far too far fetched. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to review it.
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Wow this is such a brilliant thriller, I am so looking forward to reading more by this author as this book blew me away. If this book got made into a film it would be awesome. The story takes you on a journey where you never really know where it will lead, the story builds up and up to a dramatic and shocking climax. After Mitch's father dies, he tries to piece together what really happened to him, a few incidents have left him wondering if all was at piece before he died, but can Mitch really find out what was going on. I liked the pace of this book and how tense it made me feel, I wanted to discover if foul play was on the cards or something else. There are a few parts that are a bit graphic like when they mention the body but I expected it. I now am going to keep P L Kane's name and look out for more books by this awesome author. It was my kind of thriller and I would recommend it. It deserves more than five stars.
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#TheFamilyLie #NetGalley 
P L Kane is the master of suspense. Excellent writing. Wow I loved it. 
Police officer, Mitchel Prescott answered the phone with a shaking hand. It was the one call he had been dreading. It was the hospital at Green Acres… his father Thomas, had died in the night.
Returning to the small town he had been avoiding since he was a child, Mitch must lay his father to rest.
When he arrives, the close-knit residents refuse to speak about Thomas’ death, other to explain he was found burnt to death in the woods and his dementia was the likely cause.
But when Mitch discovers traces of accelerant on his father’s body, he’s certain it wasn’t an accident. Then his childhood home is broken into, his father’s study ransacked, and a rock thrown through the window warning him to leave. Mitch is convinced Thomas had discovered something that had got him into trouble… something that would threaten his entire family. But what secret is worth killing for?
I was so so gripped by the narration that it was hard for me to put my Kindle down. He wrote a good book with good characters. 
Definitely recommend this book to all. 
Thanks to NetGalley and HQ for giving me an advance copy.
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