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Unknown assailant by J.L. Doucette.
Unknown Assailant: A Dr. Pepper Hunt Mystery book 3.
Dr. Pepper Hunt and Detective Beau Antelope team up again to investigate a tragic murder/suicide in a prominent ranch family in the small town of Farson, Wyoming. As they explore events leading up to the night of the disturbing crime they are drawn into the dark heart of a troubled family touched by a legacy of trauma.
I really really enjoyed this book.  I loved the story and characters especially Pepper and Beau. They were great. I love a good mystery and this had me guessing. I will definitely be looking at the others in this series.  5*.
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One thing I could say about this book? Solid. Really connected with me in a weird kind of way considering that this is about a crime so heartbreaking. The characters gained my sympathy, I was silently rooting for them, silently praying that my assumptions wouldn't ruin the connection but when the twists was revealed, everything made sense and I was in awe. 

This is the third book in the series and I'm quite pissed because this book is probably one of those series I overlooked over the years and I regret not being updated with their releases, however, I have all the time in the world to catch up. If this is how it's going to be in every book, count me in! 

Thank you Netgalley and She Writes Press for your generosity!
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The third entry in the Dr. Pepper Hunt series is a thrilling ride.  Christmas is a bad time of the year for Dr. Pepper Hunt, forensic psychologist for Sweetwater County, Wyoming.  Having lost her husband and his mistress/her best friend to homicide during the Christmas season, Pepper is hoping to have an uneventful holiday.  Instead, she is called out to a murder-suicide at a local ranch. Pepper is shocked dismayed to find the victims are Dan and Heather Petrangelo, friends of her late husband's that she knew casually back in Massachusetts. A former cop, Dan does not seem like the type to murder his wife and then kill himself. But, as Pepper quickly learns all families have secrets and the Petrangelo family has more than most. She must delve into the history of this wealthy ranch family in order to find out who wanted the members of this family dead and stop them before they kill again. 

This was the first Dr. Pepper Hunt mystery that I read.  I liked it so much that I went back and got the rest of the series.  Pepper and her law enforcement partner, Deputy Sheriff Beau Antelope are great.  Doucette had managed to make Pepper a strong, independent woman without being shrewish or completely unlikeable. Pepper knows her faults and has no problem admitting to them. Still dealing with the fallout of her broken marriage, Pepper is scared of being emotionally vulnerable to another romantic partner.  Beau Antelope is a good match for her.  Trying to break free of a toxic relationship that cycles on and off, he and Pepper are slowly making their way to one another.  This isn't a "will they-won't they" scenario that will last for ten books. Instead, this is a realistic portrayal of two people slowly healing from the wounds of past relationships in order to have a better future. All of this is complicated of course by an old flame of Pepper's who shows up determined to find the murderer of his friend Dan and to also revive his relationship with Pepper. Thankfully, the old flame storyline stays a side story and does not take over the mystery.  In fact, it actually struck me how much this side story adds to Pepper's character.  It adds depth to the characters of both Pepper and Beau.

The setting of the series is Sweetwater County, Wyoming. Isolated but beautiful, the setting reinforces one of the challenges of modern life.  How professionals in rural areas often have to double up jobs in order to serve the community.  Conflicts of interest are a part of life when the population is only about 43,000. These conflicts of interest are handled in a professional, and completely believable, manner. As to the mystery itself, I really like this one.  Trying to figure out who killed Dan and Heather kept me guessing for hours.  Every time I had it figured out, another suspect would raise their head and make me change my mind.  No spoilers, but the ending was fantastic! Internally, I cheered. If you want an engaging mystery series, then this is a great choice. Curl up on the couch and enjoy murder and mayhem in the west.
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This book was sent to me by Netgalley on Kindle for review.  Mystery and intrigue…a quick read that moves at a decent pace…characters one likes…others not so much…I enjoyed this book and look forward to others by the same author…
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Thank you She Writes Press, NetGalley and Author for this advanced ebook copy! 

Dr. Pepper Hunt is an insightful, brave, no-nonsense psychologist who I quickly grew to admire! 
This is my first book from this author and I seen this is book three in the Dr. Pepper Hunt Series! 
(I've said this many times before I hate reading series out of order) but I did with this one! 
I hope I haven't missed much not reading and two but I feel like I haven't! So there is that! 😊

Unknown Assailant by  J.L. Doucette is a fabulous, fast paced, well written suspense mystery! 
The book has a great plot, characters and I loved the entire setting of this story.
My favorite was the whole mystery! Which had me on edge the whole time. 
Detective Beau and Dr. Pepper Hunt's characters were great! The way they work together is really something great and I enjoyed following their story. 
Overall... This story had .e intrigued and interested. I wanted to finish this one to see how this story ended and loved it.... Honestly more than I originally thought I would. 

Thank you for the amazing opportunity to read this ebook copy!
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