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The Christmas Wedding Guest

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The perfect book to read as we near the holiday season!

 I really enjoyed this book, a really sweet and lovely romance, I love second chances of love.

I really loved the main characters, so so cute together in their couples.I’m really looking forward to reading more by the author.
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The Christmas Wedding Guest for me was perfectly Christmassy,  heartwarming and romantic. I devoured it!  A must read book this winter.
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The Christmas Wedding Guest by Susan Mallery was a fab book. It left me feeling all Christmassy and believing in family, friendships and community spirit. I loved all the traditions and celebrations and did not want this book to end.
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When Reggie's parents announce that they want a Christmas wedding she must go back to her childhood hometown. She is not prepared to run into her first love again. Reggie's sister Dena has always wanted a family of her own and plans to raise a baby by herself. She does not expect to fall for a musician. 

This is the first book in a series from Susan Mallery; The Wishing Tree series. I enjoy Susan Mallery's writing and she writes really good small-town romances which I really enjoy. The town of Wishing Tree gave me Star's Hollow vibes. The town celebrates the first snowfall and is Christmas mad. I really liked this setting and I can't wait to see more books set in this wonderful town.
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*bangs head on table*

Someone pass me the gin…


I am a wreck!

*reluctantly sits up*

Good lawd *waves hand*, that is too many emotions to pack into the one story. 

Must. Pull. Yourself. Together. Laura. 
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year… especially when you can call Wishing Tree home, isn’t it?

*screams into the void* Isn’t it?!

Well, I don’t know if Reggie Somerville will agree with that sentiment. Not this year anyway *snorts*. 

Being unceremoniously dumped by her fiancé of just two days the previous year has kinda taken the shine off returning home this festive season. *sings* Understatement! But needs must and all that, eh? With her parents’ wedding vow renewal ceremony to help plan and her pregnant teacher-sister, Dena, needing assistance with a school charity project, it’s all hands-on deck!

These sisters are doing it for themselves! *snaps fingers* (Quite literally in Dena’s case – why wait for Mr Right to start a family?!)

Oh la la, where do I even begin? Susan Mallery has done it again! Knocked it right outta the park. BAM! Right in the feels! Honestly, this story is like getting a plate for an all you can eat buffet! It was a veritable feast. 

I have to make a confession. I fell a little in love with a certain character (*whispers* Micah). He brought the swoon. I just couldn’t help myself. Not when there were pressure points involved… *zips lips*

If you love second-chance romance, single-parent romance, love after loss, family relationships/dynamics, friendships (that resonate), humour, a touch of suspense along with one of the best dog characters EVER to appear in a book, then TCWG is the read for you!

Heartwarming festive feel-good fun. You can’t ask for more. Am I right?
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The Christmas Wedding Guest is a beautiful and emotional story full of love, family and Christmas spirit. As a Christmas fanatic, this book did not disappoint on filling my soul with the perfect amount of holiday spirit and the love stories were truly fantastic. Here are my thoughts: 

I loved Reggie and Toby, two high school sweethearts reunited many years later with lots of misunderstandings and unanswered questions between them. I adored how they slowly got to know each other again & Mallery did a fantastic job of highlighting the fact that just because you knew someone a long time ago, it doesn’t mean they are the same person now. It was beautiful to see them fall in love with each other again and realise just how truly perfect they are for one another. Toby was an amazing father to Harrison - who was such a little cutie - I LOVED the relationship he built with Reggie & how encouraging he was of their relationship!!

I felt the exact same way about Dena, Reggie’s sister, and Micah, her very swoon beau. It was so heartwarming to see them go from being strangers to being friends, resisting their feelings for each other, and finally to being lovers - it was definitely a long time coming! Micah had his baggage which was the main reason the whole ‘will-they-won’t-they’ situation happened but I loved him so much. He was so sweet, caring, and romantic especially with Dena’s pregnancy. They were just so perfect for each other and I really adored seeing their relationship blossom into something so magnificent, it will melt your heart.

This was the first book of Mallery’s I have read and it’s safe to say I will definitely be reading more.

4.25⭐️ | 1💧

Thank you to Netgalley and Mills & Boon for approving me an arc of this book!!
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What a lovely heart warming read. Who would not want to spend Christmas in Wishing tree?  Reggie is a lovable character and as a reader you just want things to work out for her. A wedding, dogs, children, a baby, a cosy B and B, what more could one want. A great read for the festive season.
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5 Word Review: Family, love, belonging, Christmas.

This book is like a Hallmark film come to life. I freaking loved it.

I'm the type of person that has Channel 5 every day in December to catch all of the Christmas films, and I settle into the Netflix Christmas Universe every evening for a re-watch of A Christmas Prince or The Holiday Calendar. On weekends I watch Hjem Til Jul over and over so I don't need the subtitles any more.

I'm a simple being. I love Christmas. Bring me all of the festive.

The Christmas Wedding Guest by Susan Mallery fit the bill just right.

This was a perfect return to hometown romance, and I loved how the complications of the tropes caused all sorts of complications in the story. We had a return to Reggie's hometown for the first time since the breakdown of her relationship, and a second chance at love, and I loved the shared history, the resentment, the care that it brought. Wishing Tree is a small town where everyone knows everybody, and their business. And it's also festive AF.

I have to say that out of the two sisters, Dena was my favourite. I loved her personality and her drive and how she thought she had it all worked out. She's independent and happily defying expectations, and I loved to read it. Reggie was excellent too, and the moments of her with Belle were so cute and heart-warming - reminded me of me with my own Belle.

Family in books tends to mean mess, and there was plenty of it to go around. I liked the drama and the petty squabbles and the deep love.

The setting in this book really leans in to the festive. Christmas is SUCH A BIG DEAL and  I wanted to so desperately to experience it at Wishing Tree. It's the perfect Christmassy setting and was a gorgeous backdrop to the story.

I am glad that this is part of a series, as I definitely want more! The Christmas Wedding Guest is sure to fill your heart to bursting with feel good festive cheer.
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Perhaps a little predictable but a lovely, warm, romantic Christmas read! Wishing Tree sounds like a great place to celebrate Christmas! I enjoyed all the characters and the sisters separate relationships developing against the backdrop of their parents vow renewal was very sweet.
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This was actually my very first read by Susan and it most definitely won't be the last. What a book to start my festive reading of 2021! 

In the magical setting of Wishing Tree in the festive season, we meet Reggie and Dena two sisters who are both after one thing and that's true love. Reggie travels from Seattle to help with her parents big  wedding. Dena is a school teacher who also owns the local B&B. The story focuses on their journeys to love. We also meet Toby and Michah who are both determined to win the sisters hearts in very different ways. 

I was engrossed with Reggie and Dena's story from the very first page. I adored how close they are as sisters and friends. The other characters add many layers to the story in a lot of various ways. 

Susan's writing makes you want to hop on a plane straight to Wishing Tree to be part of this fantastic community. I especially enjoyed Harrison and Belle's special friendship. 

'The Christmas Wedding Guest' is about love, friendships and second chances. I give 'The Christmas Wedding Guest' 5*/5* 🙂 

Thank you to Mills and Boon for an advanced copy of this book.
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I've always loved festive books, and this one didn't let me down. So get a warm drink and curl up and read this book.
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What can be better than having a wedding at Christmas?After reading these lovely books, even I would love to marry again at the sweet village of Wishing Tree, believe me!
The story is told between 4 characters; the two sisters Reggie and Dena Somerville and Toby and Micah; some very interesting characters that will make you smile through all the book, believe me!
But, possibly what I enjoyed most about the book is the brave and cute Great Dane, Belle, she even has her own dresses, can you imagine?
I really don’t want to make spoilers about the story; it’s romantic and sweet, full of Christmassy moments and family love; but I’ll re-read it again this December, this much I enjoyed it!
I think there are books that make you happy and see life with a rainbow; this book is one of these special cases, it makes you believe in good people and love.
This is a book I would recommend to anyone that wants to disconnect and have a warm heart after reading it; it’s so sweet!Are you ready to be one of the guests at “The Christmas Wedding Guest”?
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What an absolute hug in a book! 😍 This one just has all the cozy vibes and set me right up for autumn/Christmas season! 

This one follows the romantic lives of two sisters, Reggie and Dena, who live in a small town called Wishing Tree and are busy organising their parents wedding renewal. Reggie is back in town for the first time after the breakup of her engagement and Dena is single and pregnant, on purpose, and trying not to fall in love with the super famous musician who is staying in town at her B&B

All the characters were so loveable and funny, the dogs may have been my favourite part? I loved how all the scenarios were realistic and not overly dramatised as can sometimes happen in a romance novel. The lack of insta-love was also a big plus for me, this is definitely a slow burn for sure!

My only gripe would be that the ending felt slightly rushed and there wasn’t a lot of coverage of the actual wedding which felt a bit strange given it’s in the title. However, despite that I would still 100% recommend to everyone who loves romance and looking for a cozy read in the festive period
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The story of sisters Reggie and Dena who might both be finding love this Christmas when they least expect it. Things are complicated for both of them, so will they take a chance?
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What a delicious book.
I really want to live in that town, all Christmas themed and pretty and perfect.
Reggie and her gorgeous pooch Belle are adorable, the return of Reggie to her town for the holidays heralds the history of her past. Alongside her sister Dena’s story to become a mum via artificial insemination is the future.
I love how interwoven the stories are and the characters.
This was a great book.
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I loved the fact that you get two romances for the price of one. With Reggie back in town to celebrate her parents  wedding renewal she bumps into her highschool sweetheart and must overcome his fears of getting into a relationship. It also tells the story of her pregnant and single sister Dena.

I loved the relationship between the sisters and how they always had each others back and wanted the best for each other. 

Wishing Tree itself was just magical and I would love to read more about the town, its traditions and people
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#TheChristmasWeddingGuest by Susan Mallery is a delight. It's so good that I didn't want it to finish and rationed chapters to make it last longer.

Sisters Dena and Reggie navigate new love and rekindled romance against the backdrop of Wishing Tree - a location so joyfully steeped in Christmas traditions you'll want to book into Dena's inn to experience them for yourself.

This is a gorgeous treat of a book with loveable characters and a fantastic setting. It's steeped in love. 

It navigates modern issues including artificial insemination, single parenthood, child abuse and loss with a realistic but light touch. It's a thoroughly modern romance that will restore your faith in love and make you want to start some new Christmas traditions of your own.

Thanks to #NetGalley for my review copy.
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What a wonderful book. This is the first I’ve read from this author and I will now be heading to buy more. I loved that the plot centred around two female leads, not one. It meant that the plot never became stale and kept me wanting more. The author had cleverly included relevant but difficult topics and I believe she addressed them sensitively and with humour. A heartwarming Christmas plot with pleasing, endearing characters and a wonderful ending.
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There’s just something about romance stories which are set in a small town community and filled with festive cheer that I just can’t resist and Susan Mallery gave me everything I could have wished for with The Christmas Wedding Guest!

The story follows two sisters, Reggie and Dena, who haven’t been the luckiest when it comes to finding love but during the run up to their parents wedding things begin to change as we are introduced to Toby and Micah, who are completely and utterly swoon worthy!

Each of the characters you are introduced to were just wonderful and I connected to them all immediately, especially the standout character, who also happens to be a dog, Belle the Great Dane! I rooted for both Reggie and Dena from the start and they had such an authentic relationship – the hilarious exchanges they had together were great and were exactly what sisters would do.

Both of the romances were lovely to read about, each with their own problems that will having you asking ‘Will they or won’t they?’ and I also found that it wasn’t too cheesy. It all felt believable and it was wonderful to get swept away in this romantic bubble.

Overall this was a glorious romance that completely warmed my heart and has me pining to live in Wishing Tree. If you’re looking for a wonderful romance with great characters and a sprinkling of Christmas magic then I urge you to give this a read.
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The Christmas Wedding Guest - Susan Mallery

I received an advance review copy for free thanks to NetGalley and Mills & Boon and I am leaving this review voluntarily

A year since she was dumped by her fiancé, the last thing Reggie Somerville wants is to come back home for Christmas. But when her parents announce their plans for a lavish Christmas wedding she has no choice. She expects to face town gossip, she does not expect to run into her first love Toby, or deal with the feelings he stirs in her…

Dena Somerville is single and pregnant-on purpose. Wanting a family her way she's determined to do it alone. She didn’t expect the distraction of a handsome musician checking into her inn-and one snow-kissed moment-to make her question what she really wants this Christmas…

Last year I was lucky enough to read an ARC of Happily this Christmas which I absolutely loved, so when I saw the opportunity to read her latest Christmas novel I jumped at the chance - and let me tell you that I am very glad that I did! This is a very festive, Christmassy tale of both romance and friendship that I would highly recommend.

Set in an adorable, Christmas mad village - where Reggie is hesitant to return too following the breakdown of her relationship the previous Christmas. The plot flows really well and you can't help but root for both Reggie and Dena. I recommend reading this book with a nice hot chocolate and snuggle in for the duration. I could easily see this lovely book being adapted for a TV movie. 

Rating 5/5
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